Best Accessories for Dell Inspiron 15 Windows Central 2022

The Dell Inspiron 15 5570 is an excellent mid-range laptop for business needs while being able to run games fairly well. With any laptop though, a few helpful accessories will make using it a lot more enjoyable. We have spent hours searching through bags, batteries and anything you can think of to bring you the best accessories for your Dell.

Portable Power: Dell Power Companion

While there are cheaper options out there for power banks, the Dell power companion is custom made for your Inspiron 5570. With a 18000mAh battery tucked in its slim exterior, the power companion has enough power to keep you going even when there is no power socket available. It even has two USB-A connectors to charge your phone and tablet at the same time.

$126 at Dell

Stylish and secure: XD Design Bobby bag

I'm always on the lookout for that something that makes me rethink the way I approach a product. The Bobby Original from XD Design is a different, more secure take on the laptop bag. Instead of having all the zips on the back of the bag where they can be easily opened by anybody, they have tucked them into the rear of the bag, so only you can get them easily. With the inclusion of a USB-A pass-through port for charging your phone from a power bank inside the bag, the Bobby is one of my favorite accessories.

$95 at Amazon

Fully adjustable: Contour Unimouse

I have been using this mouse since January and I've fallen in love with it. This wireless mouse has a battery that seemingly lasts for months on one charge and is ergonomically designed to adjust to the best position for your hand. I have mine almost vertical to relieve the pressure on my wrist, and it has made a real difference to the length of time I can comfortably work.

$80 at Amazon

Comfortable audio: Trekz Titanium headphones

My editor Russell Holly helped me out with this selection as I don't use headphones all that often. The Trekz Titanium Bone conductive headphones are his go-to headphones when travelling with a laptop. The bone conduction audio sounds excellent while still giving you the chance to hear whats happening around you. Bluetooth connectivity means you can use the Trekz on your phone as well as your laptop while staying tangle free on the train or in the hotel room.

$100 at Amazon

Full HD conferencing: Logitech C920 webcam

While the Inspiron is a great laptop all round, the 720p webcam is a little lackluster. If you're often in meetings, traveling, or want to talk to love ones, then you will want something a little more rubust. The C920 from Logitech is the webcam I use at home and has excellent 1080p visuals and a good quality mic for making your video calls a pleasure rather than a chore.

$50 at Amazon

Expandable storage: Samsung EVO Select 128GB

I have been raving about this microSD for a while now. With over 90MBps speeds, the EVO Select is a very fast card at an extremely good price. The 128GB model is the best value in terms of how many gigabytes you get for your dollar so it's the one I reccomend you get. Having portable storage makes life much simplier when you are on the go.

$30 at Amazon

Old fashioned drives: VersionTECH optical drive USB 3

Like almost all laptops these days, the 5570 no longer has an optical drive for playing discs. However, streaming is the future sometimes means you have to go old school and use a disc to get what you need. This optical drive is USB 3.0, slim and has the same style of finish as the 5570, making it a great choice if you need to add some old-fashioned hardware to your futuristic laptop.

$36 at Amazon

Accesories are an important part of any laptop purchase. These items will make your life far easier and increase the usability of your Inspiron 15 5570, especially when you are on the go or out of your office. The Contour Unimouse is the stand-out product in the list for me as it keeps my wrist comfortable while still being a great mouse.

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