AMD R7 265

It's no secret that pricing for graphics cards (GPUs) has gone into the territory of insanity but that doesn't mean you need to spend hundreds on a new component to play a few games and get more done on your PC. We rounded up some awesome budget GPUs that cost less than $100.

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AMD RX 550

AMD RX 550

The RX 550 is one of AMD's current-gen budget cards, costing more than the super-affordable RX 540 but packing in more performance for gaming and other intensive computing tasks. You'll never be able to run Crysis at max settings but you will be able to enjoy excellent value.

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The series comes rocking DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort to hook up all your monitors. This GPU can usually be found for less than $100, but due to stock issues, you may have to hit the budget limit or surpass it slightly to pick one up immediately.

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GT 710

No one should really expect to game on the GT 710. Actually, you'll be able to play some games at very low settings with only a few minor problems, but these cards are only meant to allow for a specific output to be used. For example, your motherboard may have an HDMI port but you need to use DisplayPort.

This GT 710 has both DisplayPort and DVI options available. The best part is the price, coming in at $49.99.

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GTX 1030

The GTX 1030 may be the lowest card in the GTX 10 series, but it's no slouch. The GTX 1030 is about as high as you'll be able to go in the green camp for under $100. This card will offer the ability to play even more demanding titles at reduced settings and frame rates.

Much like the GT 710, we have a DisplayPort and DVI for connectivity. This card also usually costs less than $100 but prices may be slightly inflated at the moment.

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