Best iPhones for Windows Mobile converts

There are a few different iPhones to choose from — depending on your needs and what you're coming from, there's an iPhone to meet your demands. Choosing the right phone might be a tough thing but we will help you along the way. So let's approach this from the Windows Phone you're using today.

Big phones: Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and HP Elite x3

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Some people need big phones as they have big hands or simply prefer to see more content on the screen. Apple does offer a big phone which is the iPhone 7 Plus. While the screen-to-body ratio is garbage in comparison to the Elite x3 or the Lumia 950 XL, it still has a big 5.5-inch screen. This is a tad smaller than the 6-inch HP Elite x3 and the 5.7-inch Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, though the difference shouldn't be too noticeable and you should still have plenty of room on the screen.

Another benefit that bigger phones bring is bigger batteries. While Apple doesn't offer a single device which could beat the HP Elite x3 battery life, beating the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is an easier nut to crack. If you don't care about the screen size, and only about the battery, surprisingly, the smallest phone Apple has available does an outstanding job in lasting a whole day with heavy usage. The iPhone SE is definitely a longevity beast, but the little 4-inch screen may be a deal breaker. If you're on a budget and don't mind a slightly less-attractive design around back, the last generation iPhone 6s Plus should be more than enough for you.

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In the middle: Microsoft Lumia 950 and Nokia Lumia 930

If you're looking for a smaller iPhone, but not a too small one, then the regular iPhone 7 may be what you're looking for. If you happen to own a regular Microsoft Lumia 950 or the older Lumia 930, then you'll feel right at home with the regular variants of the iPhone. While the screen size is smaller than both of the Windows competitors, sitting at 4.7 inches, it doesn't feel small while going from a slightly bigger display. The biggest disadvantage of the iPhone 7 is the lack of the headphone jack (an adapter is included), and if that's a very important feature for you, buying the last-generation iPhone 6s may be a better option.

The iPhone 7 is a very fast phone which still performs wonderfully on latest versions of iOS, and the difference between it and the iPhone 7 is unnoticeable which leaves it with only one con of going with it over the iPhone 7: the support. The iPhone 6s will be discontinued a year earlier than the iPhone 7 if Apple keeps their current strategy — though Apple has historically supported older iPhones with new software updates on launch for at least a few years, the iPhone 6s will still stop getting updates before the iPhone 7 does.

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Fun-sized: Microsoft Lumia 640 and Microsoft Lumia 650

The Microsoft Lumia 640 and the 650 are both low-to-mid-end phones that amazed with their value. While Apple may not be the most affordable alternative out there, and maybe not the best bang for you buck, there is a budget iPhone with some good specifications and quality. The iPhone SE is Apple's answer to everyone asking for a compact and affordable iPhone, packing the powerful specifications found in the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE is definitely the most inexpensive iPhone to date, and if you're on a budget then the iPhone SE is your best iPhone option.

The biggest drawback of this iPhone SE is its screen size, at a mere 4 inches. If you happen to like small screens, then it's great for you, but it might feel claustrophobic compared to the 5-inch displays of the Microsoft Lumia 640 or 650.

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If none of the options Apple offers at the moment seems appealing, then waiting can be your best option. Apple is expected to release a new iPhone in the fall, and the iPhone 8 is expected to bring huge design changes to the long-stable iPhone line. Of course, you should take those rumors with a grain of salt — nothing is official until it's announced — but they're all looking quite promising.


The iPhone is a great alternative for Windows phone users who feel left out and abandoned. It's getting constant support and attention from Apple, it supports a multitude of apps and is easy to navigate. Different models fit different people and hopefully, you should now b able to make a choice which model of the iPhone is the best for you.

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Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • Here we go again!
  • There should be a way to filter all android and ios news in the app. I don't like to open the app and see apple bs greeting me.
  • Yep, I would love a news section appropriate to this stuff so we could keep it from making me spit out my tea each morning at work. The works monitor can't take the punishment any more. Or, you know, you could put it on the sister sites dedicated to Apple and Google. Windows users looking to migrate will naturally take a look at those sites to make their decisions of course, it's a shame the articles relevant to them get misfiled so consistently.
  • LOL! Windowscentral don't have any file system, they just dump everything in one place. :-P
  • Tired of this s*. Want Spyware OS? Want 1890s OS? That's fine! Just stop the f* evangelisms'! I don't care! I'm very happy with my Lumia.
  • It needs to stay on the proper mobile nations portal. This is getting old.
  • If you like the walled garden experience and limited customization options of Windows phone then iPhone will probably be a great fit. You might also want to try a Mac. They also give the locked down experience that some people prefer. What Macs would Windows Central suggest?
  • I don't know about Windows Central, but I recommend a Mac with pockets big enough to keep your Lumia 950XL or HP Elite handset safe and dry.
  • The Surface Laptop. Oh wait. That's not a Mac? My bad.
  • I was disappointed a bit by the build quality of the Surface Laptop. The Alcantara is cool, just the seam around the edges is rough. Hopefully they will clean that up for shipping devices. The Surface Pro looks really good. I am not inspired to replace my Pro 3 yet. It still performs fine and is in great shape after a couple years.
  • My SP3 is also fine. My only complaint is the fans that kick off a lot and it becomes way too noisy... But I'm also not only skeptical about a fanless i5 processor... I sure as Hell won't pay more for a tablet that no longer even brings the pen than I paid for the SP3. Prices up and features down is the right recipe for me to not buy it.
  • Macs can run Windows, so getting a Mac is actually a great idea, IMO. You can run Windows 10 on it with full support, while still keeping the benefits of macOS - and it has many benefits, particularly when used in tandem with an iPhone (no other device combination comes close). Secondly, I don't see an issue with the Walled Garden Approach. As long as their platforms continue to be ground zero for start-ups (and this includes macOS, which seems to be getting more support from entrant developers than Windows 10 at this point), it doesn't need to change. It does make support considerably easier, and their manner of vetting apps does have positive security implications - even if it may tick off some developers (i.e. lag times in getting updates to show up on the App Stores). A lot of the malware on mobile devices come from infected apps installed from outside of the Official App Stores for those respective ecosystems (Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Amazon Appstore, etc.). Windows Central doesn't need to suggest Macs. Apple has partitioned off their PCs into fairly self-evident categories of the market. The PCs suggest themselves, as long as you have a clue what you need a PC for... No one who needs a workstation will buy an iMac, they will buy a Mac Pro. No one who needs a desktop-class Laptop will buy a MacBook or MacBook Air. They will buy a MacBook Pro. People on strict budgets would buy a Mac Mini, etc. "Suggestions" apply only to the Windows and Android markets, where you have an overflow of devices coming from disparate vendors. This plethora of choice confuses consumers, so they scrounge the internet for reviews and "suggestions." In any case, suggesting Macs isn't a bad thing. They can run Windows, and the OS is fully supported on those machines. Any arguments beyond that are predominantly straw mans, trolling, and posturing. A Mac isn't just a Mac. It's literally a Windows PC, as well. You just have to supply your own copy of Windows for it.
  • Yeah, touch bar to rule the world... for what a touch screen and pen support, when you can have a bar. FTR, I will never give any money to a company that is in the incompatible mess business. Apple can air-kiss my arse.
  • No, never look a iPhone as my future Phone.
  • I think apple and Microsoft have some kind of arrangement in the mobile business maybe a store share program in both ecosystem
  • Meh, unless you really want to keep the pointlessly restricted, planned obsolescence ( | ) haven experience of Windows phones, especially on an outdated, feature-lacking, wall hugger hardware ( ) selling at a premium, Android is the way out of the Windows Mobile platform....
  • ffs
  • Spineless twats... That's the problem with people today. Many don't stand for anything. ~ if you live for people's acceptance, you'll die from their rejection....
  • whiney ***** 10 moible is done....they are not making phones.  ******* FANBOYS.   
  • WTF?
  • I agree. One of these days, we'll all get fed up and quit WC together as a crowd. I'm certain a good percentage of users will fall off the radar if this continues.
  • Not sure I'd call those iphones "different", very little variation apart from screen size.
  • There's also storage capacity (which you can't augment) and price. Oh yea, and color. ;)
  • I would agree with this guide. The iPhone SE is solid though, it would be nice if Microsoft had something similar, along with similar specs.
  • No doubt iPhone SE is a good phone, but you'll be sorry for buying a device with such a small screen! Not only will you be constantly tapping on the wrong letter when using the keyboard, you will be forced to rotate the phone for landscape orientation to see the rest of the text result when searching in Safari!
  • yeah.  i find the se screen too small...the iphone 6s is the sweet spot.  small enough,  but not to small....big enough but not too big,  plus it has headphone jack, and all the cool features like touch id, touch sense etc....all very cool!
  • SE has headphone jack and touch ID, but no 3D touch. But the touch ID is much faster in 6s than in SE.
  • Oh i know....I was just commenting on size,  and how much I like the features in my 6s.  I would get an se for on  motorcycle using it in a lifeproof case for GPS/topo, music etc through my helmet,  kayaking etc where I want to keep my 6s at home.
  • I don't have either of those issues.  Works well for me.  After a week it just seems normal.
  • I have had my SE for slightly more than a year and I can't say that I have ever felt that way.
  • You know I agree, and it is a suitable replacement device even as long as you don't need the screen size of a 950XL or X3.
  • There are two things which make sure I'll never have an iPhone: -No MicroSD card slot and no back button (and also on iPhone 7 no headphone jack). I'll never get a phone without storage expansion possiblity.  MicroSD is essential to me.  And the back button, I'm always lost when gets time to go back on iPhone, you can in an app if they put themselves a back button, but that won't take you back from one app to the other like it can on Windows and Android. I know all about iPhones because I'm stuck with that as business phone, that's what they give at the office.  But I've got my lovely 950xl as my personal phone, so the iPhone gets used only for business matter.
  • After about a dozen Windows Phones over the past decade, I finally switched to an iPhone 7 late last year, due to lack of apps on WP. I totally agree on the lack of a back button.  At least a few times a day, I find myself staring at an app, wondering where (if) there's a software back button somewhere. As to the lack of a headphone jack, this too has become a problem for me.  I bought an adaptor so I could charge the phone while listening to music in my car (via my car's AUX port.)  Then, a couple of months ago, Apple pushed an update to the iPhone that KILLED the adaptor because it wasn't made by Apple.  That's a dick move, even for pathologically paternalistic Apple.
  • "Then, a couple of months ago, Apple pushed an update to the iPhone that KILLED the adaptor because it wasn't made by Apple" Hahahaha, such "courage". Yet another prime example of why I say iPhones are a pointlessly restricted and planned obsolescence haven (on top of my over half a decade of using them jailbroken). Also further proves that JerryRigEverthing was right about their stupid removal of the headphone jack: Eitherway, what accessory was it? Mind posting a link to it?
  • Here's the adaptor I was using, which worked perfectly until Apple killed it:  
  • They put out an update a few years ago that stopped many lightning cords from working so you had to buy an Apple certified charger and cable.
  • Stop wondering. If at the top left there isn't an option to go 'back to [whatever app you came from]' there isn't a way beyond double tap into task manager/switcher.
  • you can just swype from the left....instant back "button"...much better actually.   
  • It's a press & swipe, actually, and that isn't the same as a back button.
  • Yeah, I totally agree. Swype right is the back button. Press on left side of screen and switch or close apps.
  • It isn't the same as the WP back button.  Swipe right just switches apps.  The WP back button also backs up within apps.
  • when i swipe without pressing it goes back IN THE APP.  don't know about you but you must be doing something wrong.
  • I lost my Lumia 929 so I bought an iPhone 6S. I wanted the 7 but the lack of the headphone jack was too much to overcome. I ended up purchasing a used 929 for $75 and since the SIM siez is identical I go back and forth.  I also do the back button stare from time to time. I really enjoy using the iPhone but there are many things (mainly in regards to UI) such as navigation, typing and sharing that is done much better on Windows 10 mobile. I will continue to swap back and forth but I've definitely got one toe in the iOS pool simply because Microsoft is so cagey on the mobile question. I'm glad they aren't revealing any secrets but I would like a glimmer of hope. What I'd like to see: I want to see the app store growing and developers getting incentives (such as fee-free publication on the store for a year and then a normal rate afterwards) to get the store stocked along with the release of Windows 10 S. Even encourage them to port using the iOS bridge like instagram did. That app is fantastic. It could use an update later on to better fit the Windows interface but as it stands I'm glad it is here. 
  • Just pay Apple the extra arm and leg to get the higher storage I'm with you on that.
  • I can say that back button is absolutely no issue for me, in iOS there exists this awesome gesture that makes the back action for you, just by swiping right from the left border of the screen, although there are developers that don't implement this gesture.
  • Fun fact: The iPhone SE is faster than Lumia 950 XL, HP X3 or Idol 4S.
  • More Win Central bs.
  • Blasphemy
  • I don't understand the persistence with these articles. If people want to convert shouldn't they be converting to your other blogs where they can learn about converting to that platform there. Clearly this is nothing more than flame driven disdain for the W10 Phone platform. If you actually have a heads up that MS is dumping mobile outright, then just put out the goods. If you want to speculate that's good too, but these types of articles are simply categorically misplaced, and only serve to flame, and bait silly controversy. Moderate comments appropriately, and drive the interested to the blogs that handle the platforms folks are interested in. That's my $.02.
  • We are no longer the Windows Phone Central. We are Windows Central. The "general Microsoft hub for everything Microsoft". As Microsoft is pushing out a lot of work on iOS and Android, it's natural that we cover these platforms here. People need to understand that we would even write about a Chromebook if it ran full Office 365, and Android Central would, without a doubt, write about Chrome appearing in the Windows Store if that was the case. We are not bout to platforms. We cover everything Microsoft. We are not going to start writing about updates for Apple Music or how to change your wallpaper on a Mac. Where is Microsoft in that? However, if Microsoft suddenly decided to release the Edge browser for Mac, what is the reason we shouldn't cover it? I've noticed that Windows 10 Mobile users are literally avoiding information about iOS and Android. I've done that myself back when I used Windows Phone 7.0-Windows 10 Mobile. By not looking at how well these platforms are doing, we are reducing the pain that Microsoft gave us by destroying something such beautiful as Windows Phone. This is obviously just speculation, but that is how I see it. People here don't want any coverage about other platforms as it feels like a punch, where Android fans had zero problems with Android Central covering Apple Music for Android. I am not expecting this situation to change. But these are my two cents. I expect to get really downvoted but I feel like everyone should have the right to express their mind. Even people telling me to "go kill myself" through Twitter DMs.
  • Very well said.👍
  • I downvoted you because you asked to. :)
  • It's cool. I don't care about internet points.
  • Really? People telling you to go kill yourself? Some really do need to grow the ! up!
  • I think people don't want ios out android information here because you can get it any and everywhere else... but Windows news, not so much.
    IOS is crammed down people's throat everywhere, if we wanted it, we would not be here.
  • See the points that you bring here in your comment makes sense. If Microsoft makes something for Apple or Android, then okay, post it here and let us know about it, but this article is not that. This article is talking about switching from Windows Mobile to iPhone, and I agree with a lot of people that say you should have posted this on the Apple page so people looking into iPhones would see it there.
  • We posted it to both iMore and Windows Central
  • iOS is just too locked and never changes, which is annoying. I'm going with Android.
  • Jeez... what an indictment of MS!
  • NO it's not.   Its reality.  windows mobile is DONE.  god knows when or if there is another windows based phone ever coming is more stable, has better quality apps, OS's a great fit for a device to go along with your windows 10 computer!
  • Look up Mobile PC in yesterday's news. Microsoft working on to get the next Snapdragon 835 on their ultra small pocket mobile PC that will run Windows 10 on the ARM processor. Yes, it's news but it's progress. They haven't stopped.
  • That wasn't the news. The rumor is Microsoft is working on a new mobile platform with a new UI to replace W10M. It isn't connected to WoA according to Paul Thurrott.
  • ^ And they knew this months ago with CShell. When WP8.1 died and getting replaced with W10m, they didn't do articles like this. These dumb "the sky is falling articles". All because W10m is dead because it is going to be replaced with W10, doesn't mean the whole ecosystem is dead and abandon ship.
  • No, again, the recent rumor isn't CShell. It is a new platform to replace W10M. These are just projects at this point though. It will be at least a year before any of this stuff is announced or released. For the moment, the ecosystem is dead for mobile. When even Windows Central is telling you to buy a different platform, you know the future isn't looking bright.
  • Apple Central...
  • NO it's windows central...they have PLENTY of windows based articles about windows products STILL IN PRODUCTION.   Too bad fanboys have such clouded vision and cannot see that.
  • Find me Android or Windows news on imore website, owned by Mobile Nation.
  • Clue's in the name... WINDOWS central...
  • i bought a 6s :) and really happy. still have my Lumia 640xl with me using it as my work phone
  • best iPhone for converts is no iPhone, if i had too (which will most likely never happen) it'll be android for me.
  • I would go back to Blackberry!
  • Which news site is best for Windows central converts... I'm tired of these articles and Cortana seems to be doing a better job at getting me info than this.
  • No
  • I am REQUIRED to use an iPhone 5 SE for my work and I can say without reservation that I HATE IT!
    I have a 950 for my personal use and I cannot WAIT until my work day is done and I can drop this little **** and start using my 950 again (I cannot use my 950 for work because our Enterprise Control system does not support Windows 10 Phones.)
    The iPhone 5 SE is slow, inconsistent, and Safari has to be the absolute WORST BROWSER in history.
    Sure I have access to 30 million (slightly different) versions of IM apps, anything a 13-year-old-Girl would crave, and 2 million versions of Candy Crush Saga, and yes, all the Microsoft Apps are available: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Skype for Business, etc.
    It's just that I HATE the dinky little screen and fiddly touch response that randomly swerves from Poor to Awful at will.
    Safari SUCKS and the built-in Mail app is a PITA to use.
    The only GOOD thing about it is the wonderful battery life. Compared to the 950 it runs a good 2x the battery of the 950.
    There are also TONS of accessories available in every shape and size.
    If you just want to use the latest and greatest Snapchat and Pintrist apps and don't want to think about using your phone, then the iPhone is for you (and I really would recommend it for your kids.)
    If you really want to control things, go with a GOOD Android phone, not the low cost junk, they are just terrible.
    Again, just my opinion, but I have to use this 5 SE daily.......sigh.
  • Thanks. I'll make sure my kids never get iPhone so they can stay away from those chat apps as much as possible.
  • Ah, 5 SE. I'm still having to put up with an 4S! That thing does not die easy....
  • The problem is: there is no dual SIM iPhone!
  • Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!  If MS can't do decent fix for mobile or dithers around with its software issues that just shows that or when it comes out with its next greatest fiasco the surface phone there will be no takers. It's like pulling the plug on XP when OEM did not provide drivers for win 10 OS upgrade and you were forced to go back. The hardware is fine  spec wise but MS can't get its act together ie.  on Win 10 mobile. Thank god  8.1 mobile works great still on lumias 1020 and 1520s but wait MS will surely pull the rug out one of these days. 
  • why Iphones? I made the jump from my lumia 720 to a galaxy grand prime, then a S7 edge, best decision ever
  • Is this article for real? I guess I figured that choosing a device size is just a matter of preference.
    All iPhones still run iOS. Are there skins now, like Android? If you want an iPhone, you just want one. I don't see the need for all the breakdown.
  • Excellent info supporting WC loyal fans... way to go!! Today I'll buy an iphone 7 after many many nokia phones and windows phones, my last one RIP was a L950 (I bought it nov-2015) which was a crap phone with a crap OS, it stopped working and several times tried to returnt it but it had a crack on the screen and they wouldn't exchange it. TODAY I'LL SAY BYE BYE TO many years of a being a loyal customer to MSFT, I already switched to google chrome (I even was loyal to explorer and edge). NO more MSFT, no more Edge, no more groove suscription, etc, etc. MSFT has turned its back to their customer and now I contribute to their policy of turning your back to someone to support you.     
  • Funny to go from Lumia 950 xl to iPhone 6 mmmh Samsung galaxy s7 and 8 rocks.. I have s7 and I don't use it much as I use my Lumia
  • Is this fool being paid by apple? Once again this is a Microsoft forum. Go away with your Apple crap. We are not interested. If we wanted to know about iphones we would read the apple forum.
  • Agree, this is getting old!
  • Not that hard to pick from the latest two iPhones to be released.
  • These articles are starting to get stupid. Like there's a multitude of iphones to choose from.
  • There are,  you can buy the SE, 6s 6s plus, 7 and 7 plus.....There are more IPHONE variants available right now than windows 10 moible agian please.....
  • LOL you're right!!
  • I know!
  • You missed an option--I'm waiting for the iPhone 8. I normally would have preferred the openess of Android but Googlle has allowed it to become a morass of malware, mostly spyware, as are Google services so not that is not an option. I'll grudingly decide on which iPhone once I see the iPhone8 options
  • If/when the day comes to leave my 640 XL, it will be for Android.
  • Hello Mr. editor. This comment is for you. You cannot say to a girl to abandon her father with whom she shares an unbreakable bond just for the reason that her father is ill and she just let him die in peace likewise you cannot tell windows users to switch to iPhone just because there are very less possibilities of hope. If you have developed a disease then you will also be having its cure. Instead of suggesting people the right iPhone you better take out the flaws and elimimate the obstacles that are stopping Microsoft to succeed. I am a die heart fan of Windows and I am literally waiting for the Surface Phone by Microsoft. I use Lumia 640 and you can never influence me to switch to any other device. Andriods were **** and will always be **** whether they come up with 4gigs of ram or 8gigs of ram, the consumer ultimately gets to use only 10% of ram rest is already used by the system. But here with Windows i am so happy. Lumia 640 has only 1GB of ram but it still works the best, no lags no hang ups nothing. Iphone is a different thing. Its is more like a status symbol and also not affordable by everyone. I say to you guyz who all love windows should stay with it no matter how much time it takes to introduce a new piece and rest who feel like switching can surely go for iPhone or whatever. But I am gonna be waiting because I know that this company has potential and it would surely come up with a very advance device and which everyone would love. Thats all.
  • Please, stop pushing us to other platforms!
  • I joined this WindowsCentral to support Windows community. This bribed crooked is writing things what I don't think suitable for enthusiasm and love for Windows & Microsoft. So I am leaving such a harsh comment for you pal. I was thinking to leave this WS but then I thought of keep reading your Anti Microsoft comments until we have Surface Phone. I like my freedom and I cant leave Windows even by the Dooms Day. And I would rather choose Sillindroids then ShyPhones. I just have brand new MacBook Pro with Touch bar. And in my opinion, I neither liked hardware or software. Reasons I don't like,
    1. There are many applications not compatible with this MacBook and their OS.
    2. I found many features missing in Macbook version of Applications compare to Applications made for Windows.
    3. Where is my Touch screen?
    4. If there is no touch screen then how do I do all cool and productive tasks I do with Windows? I can write more but I gotta go.
  • This is an article about iOS, not macOS or MacBooks.
  • The only iPhone worth having is the iPhone SE... And even that one doesn't make an iPhone worth having.
  • These articles consistently get 100 or more comments each time they pop up. As long as people keep taking the bait every time, I'm sure they will continue
  • Conclusion: Im not buying an iPhone.
  • This is, if people need to change to some iRobot device, let them go to or instead. Yes, I'm a fanboy. If you people want me continue reading this site, stop the iRobot (fake) news. If I wanted that I'd just read EVERY SINGLE MOBILE website there is. But I don't. I'm here for the Microsoft and Windows news. Did you ever see iCrapCentral.*** write how to move from iCrap to Windows phones? NO! I'll keep using Windows phones, even if I have to scavage the last used phone on earth, and when I do I still want to read the latest news about that phone...
  • Wow. You truly are dumb. 
  • What!? I spend a few days off reading Windows Central and when I came back Windows Phone is  not only dead but WC is doing advertising for Apple!?!? Really????  This time I'm actually surprised.... 
  • The entire concept is an oxymoron.
  • Very good article. I was thinking of replacing my Lumia 1520 with the upcoming iPhone anniversary edition. My top priority is camera and I think the latest of what apple has to offer will definitely do justice to my aging Lumia 1520.
  • Finally, someone the article is targeted towards and not someone who just comes here to hate on the reality that a lot of people are indeed looking for new phones.
  • You have to expect it, I mean it was a pretty crappy, nearly useless article.
  • arghhhh! I am a windows phone convert but I ain't buying no iPhone. I would rather read headlines like great windows phones for windows converts...What's up with you?!! 😡 
  • I don't believe that you know what a "convert" means
  • Lot of people hating on another article with recommendations of different phones. Seriously, butt hurt folks need to chill. Just because they post an article about iPhones, because let's face it, W10M isn't exactly a shining star right now. My 735 is not going to hold out and will no longer be supported. I have no reason to stick with W10M for the next year and a half. I'll get an iPhone and still get my Microsoft services like office, Xbox, groove, etc. People need to chill with the torches and pitchforks every time Windows Central pushes a non-Microsoft article. And I don't feel like holding onto my 735 for the next 18 months so I'll go to a pasture with better hardware than what W10M can offer right now.
  • Even so, does that make any relevance to make original posts like this on WC? I think it's better to make such posts obviously branded by iMore and share it here like they have done before. Or better make a review of that iMore posts. Just to be 'politically' safe. These articles hurt the WC brand in my opinion.
  • Maybe you could share your email address with the writers and editors here at Windows Central. That way they could run all their articles by you first and you could tell them how and where they should post it.
  • This comment makes no sense whatsoever. Everybody is now dumber for having taken the time to read what you just wrote.
  • WTF?! Seriously?! If I wanted a phone with Spyware OS or 1890s OS, I would get one. I love my Lumia and I'm here to stay. Sick of this crappy "articles".
  • Aww. If only MS and developers felt the same way. 
  • If you are using windows 10 are using a spyware 1890s os.   since,  1,  Microsoft has already said they used data logging,  2.  there are little to no apps on your windows 10 mobile devices....please.  enough with the fanboy crap.
  • If this stuff can't be grouped into an existing section, it shouldn't be on the site.
  • First of all, Windows 10 mobile is not a collapsing platform, it is exactly where it is now. It get its OS update, apps also get their update too.
  • Android & IPhone articles are gonna go down about as well as a fart in a broom cupboard! Whatever platform they should be posted in the right forum, like you say Android Central & Imore. It's a bit like telling people to jump ship on purpose.
  • Beware of crapple is having a lot of quaily issues because of using poor quailty components in their phones.  The touching disease was issue with screen components now they are having charging port issues (some folks I talk to have said has been an issues effecting cipods as well). I would consider iOS on a Nokia or Samsung phone but, not ciphone.
  • I just made this switch last week, my Lumia 950 conked out, none of the MS stores had another one in stock, ATT doesn't stock them, and the online MS store was sold out. I needed a phone, so I jumped to the iPHone 7. There was an article here on Windows Central a while ago, making an iPhone work in a Windows ecosystem. I've migrated as much as possible all functions to the MS apps written for iOS, there's been a little pain, but over all, not too bad.
  • I am lucky to have my Lumia 950xl up and running, if it ever breaks down, I'll buy another one from eBay. Or I will the HP Elite X3 or Alcatel idol 4s
  • Please stop to get money from apple, so you can break with this art of news. Thx
  • One more article like this and I'll unsubscribe.
  • I don't get why so many people are butt hurt about them writing an article about phones to upgrade to. When you have a 2 year old windows phone and you can't upgrade without leaving windows what are you supposed to do? Should they write articles about why it's better to buy a used or low end windows phone instead of a flagship device? Should they write about windows phone only and have a compete lack of articles? Blame Microsoft for dropping the ball and failing, don't blame the authors for writing helpful content.
  • Thank you.
  • Great article man, very helpful for somebody like me who needs to jump ship to a more seaworthy mobile device until Microsoft can get their stuff together
  • Preach!!! I don't normally comment on articles here but the hating here is getting out of control
  • I'm glad to see that the article is reaching the people it's supposed to.
  • There are flagships out that aren't really any older than the latest iPhone, HP's phone for instance.
  • It's June 1st not April 1st! This ain't funny.
  • Agree with L0n3N1nja... Only the worst of the Windows Phone community is left here, for the most part. Spoiled, bratty, immature people who think they should have the right to dictate how everyone else does their job. They're completely unhinged from reality. Answer the question: What flagship Windows Phone device should they be pushing right now? Should they seriously tell people to hold on to 2 year old devices, because I sure as hell can't find a carrier selling a Windows Phone worth replacing an iPhone 6 (or later, includes 5S) model with? Also, some of the "issues" people are talking about with these iPhones are either completely fabrications, FUD, or things blown completely out of proportion. It takes 5 seconds for someone to go into a carrier store and realize an SE is too small for their liking. No one here wants to hear about how awful you think the tiny screen is. I got an iPhone 5S, and you know what I did when I didn't like how small the screen was? I returned it the next day, got a Note 3, and waited until the next update cycle to get the 6 Plus. Use some common sense. Also, Safari is the greatest browser on the face of the planet when you can install a content blocker and surf the web in relative peace. It's impossible to go back to another phone or use a different browser after you've used a "set it and forget it" content blocker for months. The internet is pretty much unusable for me without it. Love how Mobile Nations have intentionally crippled their sites for people with AdBlock or Content Blockers, BTW! (No, I'm not turning mine off, but thanks for asking...)
  • Plus 1 million for you n8ter.   mobile nations are bastards for blocking content for people using ad blockers.  They bombard you with ads so that your computer slows to a crawl on their sites.  "not just WC".   It's brutal.  
  • Just go android, and preferably not Samsung (because of the one million apps blotware). IPhone has so many first party crapware and you can't integrate the Microsoft account in the system. Also, it hasn't a back button (seriously no back button). So maybe the best choice is a midrange Sony or Nokia or the vfm one plus 3t with the minimum blotware, if you want to come back when the new phones arrive. Maybe Samsung Note 5 is also a good choice (because of the pen, a must for many windows fans). If you want to fully migrate then you have to think samsung and iPhone, and use many of their services instead of Microsoft Imo.
  • Thanks for the advice, but I think I'd rather shove a red hot poker up my anus instead.
  • These articles need to stop so annoyed with them about to delete this app!!!!
  • No thanks
  • No such thing as a best iphone....
  • This is a really odd article as there isn't exactly a vast range of different iPhones and ultimately they are all running the same thing it's just a difference in screen size and a few minor hardware features. So it doesn't matter which iPhone. Also why does everyone think the iPhone 8 is coming out this year, do people just assume that after over a decade of devices Apple are going to up and change the structure of their naming system? This seems to happen ever year after a new number pops up. Obviously the next phone will be a 7S.
  • Android only
  • Wow!  On WP forum we are discussing what other brand to go to? Why not just recomment to going to an Apple forum over reading this one....
  • Look like time to uninstall Windows Central from my phone & my tablet. I will use Bing for any news to MS Platform.
  • Bye!  I love articles like this because it is starting to ween out the whiney little windows 10 moible fanboys.  WC knows that w10m is dead,  what is the point to write about it.   They know there is NOTHING in the pipe for the next year or more when it comes to an actual windows device,  so time to move on.  
  • Piss off. Go to Crapple sites or Android Junk. Sent from my HP Elite X3 Windows device. That also happens to make calls.
  • Alrighty, I'm out.  I get all the good Microsoft news from other sites these days and I don't have to wade through clickbait crap.  Peace out!
  • Don't let the door hit you!
  • I don't use a phone one-handed, so 7+ works for me. I'm quite comfortable with that size. It might be a boring phone, but it is a superb machine. I just wished it had W10M.  I know some object to these stories, but... I remain a Windows fan. Owning an iPhone does not change this, and besides, I still have a 950. 
  • These ******* seemed to not be listening the majority of us dont give two ***** for the other systems. So full of bullshit Windows central. This will blow up in the face ******** stop stop stop stop putting **** on here about other phones
  • Dont buy the 950's..... restarts all the time. Becames unsuable
  • Stop it.
  • I only care about Windows phones. That's why I'm here.
  • Well time to leave,  since it's only you that cares.  Obviously MS does not care.   They are not making phones.  
  • What!! after Windows you are seriously suggesting Apple?  You know!  the apple that has an entirely seperate eco system from Windows? 
  • And it integrates with windows because MS is a SOFTWARE company first.  Therefore you can get EVERYTHING on IOS that you can get on windows mobile.  
  • iPhones...ugh! Never in a million years...
  • Should that say windows 10 moible,  you will never be able to in a million years.
  • man, I ain't got money for an iPhone..if I did, I would never even buy a Windows Phone in the first place xD
  • Good point. Have you looked into an used iPhone SE?
  • ^^ Here is the problem with a huge chunk of Microsoft's user base.
  • My HP Elite X3 is a superb phone that can do anything that is thrown at it. I would NEVER give up this awesome phone or Windows for that other ****. W10 Mobile is brilliant and if you used the HP you'd never go back to Crapple or Android.
  • It is funny to see Windows Central do am "iPhone Central" - especially now with Windows 10 for ARM inbound. I am not so sure about the iPhone being a good "upgrade" from Windows 10 Mobile. I would consider it a Samsung replacement but not if I have a Lumia or Elite X3.
  • After owning the lumia 1520 and 950XL, it is difficult to go back to a smaller form factor. The iphone SE is tiny! Bigger screens are simply great for a better reading experience... Plus I have big hands;)
  • What a garbage article!  At one point, you compare the iPhone 7 to The iPhone 7.  WTF?  And you had to say something bad about the various versions of the iPhone in your comparisons.  This article needed to be written by somebody else.
  • Why not switch to Android and I can help you make it look just like your windows phone only with more apps...
  • I'm strictly not a victim of W10M, I use it as still the best and most secure mobile platform available. And I will continue, as long as devices are available. There are some missing apps, but who cares? It was funny to project my phone via Miracast in a meeting last week, while the stupid sales guy with his piece of incompatible i-junk was mocked at. If the iPhone with all its inconsistencies and missing features was made by Microsoft, the press would slaughter them. Not so Apple. It's time for the tech press to start asking the right questions; the more, the merrier. But ,then, they are only interns, working for Apple-dependent employers, having nothing to do, if planned obsolescence still wasn't the driver of the industry.
  • THE HARD HITTING INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM WE WERE WAITING FOR!!! THANKS MAN! Excellent job comparing screen sizes of different phones.  YOU CRUSHED IT! Hey internet, did you know that bigger phones have bigger batteries? #MINDBLOWN Question, is the internet smarter, dumber, or just indifferent after you hit submit on this pulitzer prize bound masterpiece? [I honestly can't tell if this is a serious blog post intended to be informative or if there's a commission kickback for purchasing an iphone from those links?]
  • Hey internet, did you know that the "iPhone 6s will still stop getting updates before the iPhone 7 does." In other news, if your wondering why you can't by an iPhone 9, it's because 7 ate 9.  iPhone users are super good at math, at least in the single digits.  It's gonna get real squirrely real fast when we have to figure out which will stop getting updates earlier between the iphone 10 and iphone 11.  
  • "While Apple doesn't offer a single device which could beat the HP Elite x3 battery life," I disagree. I came from an Elite X3 on Creators Update, and the IPhone 6s Plus was a dramatic increase in battery life.
    2ooo ma difference and the 6s Plus lasted way longer for me.
    <.< Mileage varies but yeah. It makes me sad. You just get tired of getting spanked for being loyal. Eventually. I have had at least 20 Windows Phone devices overall. And loved the UI. Now the UI is just simply not worth it.
    I will keep an eye on stuff though. For now and the forseeable future, though, I am an Apple convert.
  • Can we have a best independent Microsoft news sites for windows central converts article?
  • Tell me @Dennis Bednarz what I'm doing here? What do you think why I'm reading Windows central?? It's so annoying reading more and more articles about iPhones and android here.... Who cares about the iPhone!!??? I'm Windows user, and do not care about the other platform and that's why I followed this page in the first place...  Until now. 
  • wow..looks like sarcastic post out of frustration.. but yes i have move to iphone during iphone 7 launch... and i'm loving it. and at one point i better get samsung android phone if im not owning i phone. but not windows phone. i turn on my lumia recently just to check out what is changes, no.. nothing changes. facebook is still the old facebook... instagram still keep hanging and it takes way too long to load an app. however facebook and ig on windows 10 almost on par or same with ios and android. Microsoft clearly abandoned its mobile phone user, waiting so many years for it just not worth it anymore (been a windows user since windows mobile 5). i think the only thing ios not yet copy is emoji prediction in keyboard. hope to see it soon. btw for those going to change to iphone, ios 10 doesnt look that reliable compared to older version. battery drain and apps quitting itself... remind me of windows
  • Yeah, the wife is bailing to an iPhone.
  • I just went from Idol 4S to iPhone SE this week and I ******* LOVE the thing.
    I tried Android on the Galaxy On5 and as much as it allows you to customize your launcher, text message, replace OK Google with Cortana, Android is still a mess. You can't even sync your Outlook contacts to the native Contacts app.
    If you're thinking about making the switch and miss the glory days of WP7-8.1 stability, the iPhone is hands down your best choice. I feel its definitely a lot more welcoming to Windows users. Outlook contacts sync, Onedrive uploads your cameras on it too, you can use Word with 365. etc
    Ironically I switched from iPhone 4 to WP7 because I hated hamburger menus.
    Which don't seem to be nearly as featured on iOS as they used to be. (They've adopted pivot menus and other gestures to replace it, how you like that irony?)
  • iPhone SE! OMG what a peace of **it - way too small 4.5" crap screen, boring as *arrrrk. Idol is much better!!!!
  • ironically this "piece of ****" runs 5x faster than your Idol 4s and can be used with 1 hand without an issue (better screen size and no hamburger menus lol).
    My favorite feature is the fact that "Hey Siri" works every time without fail whereas Cortana was a hit or miss.
    Mostly a miss..
    Fingerprint reader works 90% of the time rather than 50% of the time on Idol 4s
    Oh! And I forgot to mention; when I plug headphones in, the audio switches from phone speaker to headphones 100% of the time.
    My only complaint is that I can't seem to find a way to download maps for offline use on stock iOS app. Although judging by
    Sigh.. maybe one day Windows will stop being an unfinished buggy mess. Actually, I have full intentions of coming back when its good and ready. Give it 2 years.
  • No issues with my Idol, or Elite! Fast, NOT buggy. The HP is my preference as of the size. Who cares about one hand! My wife has the SE as her work phone and it's horrible. She has the 950xl as her personal and business, and it's PERFECT. People complain way too much about Windows phones when it is clearly an awesome OS. I NEVER, EVER have problems doing anything, and have EVERY **cking app I need and want.
  • thats interesting considering the fact that many others report the problems I faced on Windows Mobile.
    And thanks for reminding me even though I didn't even mention it. But the app selection is indeed much better on iOS as well. But we all knew that. At least I can use GasBuddy again. Which was retired from the Windows store a few months ago :/
    I miss Windows 10 home screen. But I'll get it back when jailbreak releases for my iOS version
  • Many others also report that they love WM, so...better go over to iShit (Everywhere) Central No use trolling here :)
  • Hate to break it to you but people expressing opinions different than yours isn't considered "trolling".
    Do you even know what that word means?
    I'm going to continue posting here. So you'll see my comments around whether you like it or not. :) All because I am still using Windows on desktop.
    iOS is great. Windows Phone was BETTER. Windows 10 Mobile..? Its eh. Get over it. I'm sure it'll get better eventually. Esp as we shift to VR/AR UIs.
    I'd hope
  • I love trolls, they sit under bridges.
  • I love fanboys, they live under rocks.