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Minecraft Earth is soon headed to mobile devices across the globe, bridging the hit block-building franchise with the real world. Capitalizing on the Pokemon Go phenomenon, its augmented reality (AR) offering signals all-new potential for Microsoft's creative sandbox. The OnePlus 7 Pro offers a striking display and high-performance hardware primed for delivering an unrivaled AR experience for Minecraft Earth.

Best Overall: OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro enters as one of 2019's leading flagships, granting top-tier performance and design for hundreds less than rivals. The device's centerpiece is that stunning edge-to-edge OLED display, among the few dropping the notch for an encompassing 6.7-inch plain. With a 90Hz refresh rate powered by complementary hardware too, it offers more fluid motion in gaming and navigation.

Speed and simplicity perfectly summarize the OnePlus 7 Pro as an attractive Android pickup. It bakes in the best of modern Android phones, from its screen and sharp specifications to the finer details. Although a hefty silhouette and no wireless charging may deter some, it's otherwise unbeaten and saves a ton in the process.


  • Smooth 90Hz display
  • Great gaming specifications
  • Clean, clutter-free software
  • Unbeaten value


  • Large 6.7-inch screen
  • No wireless charging

Best Overall

OnePlus 7 Pro

Experience Minecraft Earth for hundreds less

When you buy a OnePlus 7 Pro, you save a ton of money compared to flagships — but you won't feel short-changed. This is a proper flagship experience, with excellent hardware, a top-notch display, and amazing specs and performance. There are a couple of shortcomings, but it still goes toe-to-toe with phones that are hundreds more.

Best Budget iPhone: iPhone XR

iPhone and budget are often conflicting terms, but the iPhone XR is the closest you'll get. iPhone XR is the best alternative to the former flagship XS, sharing similar internals at a lesser cost. It packs a 6.1-inch edge-to-edge display, with sleek hardware and the snappy iOS operating system.

The only vital differences see some premium features dropped, from a single rear-facing camera to dropping OLED screens for LCDs. But that comes at a hefty saving, only increased with the launch of iPhone 11, hard to overlook when other options push into the thousands. For those who favor an iPhone but not the cost, the iPhone XR is ideal for coming Minecraft adventures.


  • Retains the best of iPhone
  • Same hardware as former top-tier iPhone XS
  • Cheapest modern iPhone


  • Rear-facing camera falls short

Best Budget iPhone

iPhone XR

Prime Minecraft Earth iOS companion.

The iPhone XR is the best way to save on a modern iPhone, cutting non-essential premiums for considerable savings. With shared internals and comparable performance, it's a prime upgrade ahead of Minecraft Earth's debut.

Best Budget Android: Google Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel range sets the benchmark for Android devices, rocking clean Android, and complementary hardware. These in-house devices are Google's take on the iPhone, with its third generation praised for smooth navigation backed by industry-leading camera technology. Google has since ventured into the mid-range via the Google Pixel 3a, inheriting the foundations of its pricier flagship counterpart.

Google's first sub-$500 phone in years faithfully simulates most of its flagship defining features. Buyers secure a 6-inch OLED display with toned-down hardware which stays snappy for everyday tasks. The camera remains the killer feature, sharing components and processing to mimic the famed flagship camera setup. And at this price point, it's an unmissable budget pick.


  • Best camera below $500
  • Mimics Pixel 3's premium touch
  • Google's pure Android experience


  • No water resistance

Best Budget Android

Google Pixel 3a

The most affordable Minecraft Earth-ready phone

The Google Pixel 3a is the most potent Minecraft Earth-ready phone for the price point. With impressive specs and a rock-solid camera at $400, you won't do much better than this in terms of value.

Best iPhone for Gaming: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Headlining Apple's 2019 mobile line, the iPhone 11 Pro Max touts a big-screen, high-performance offering for gamers. It's the biggest (and most expensive) iPhone to date, with its 6.5-inch "Super Retina XDR" OLED display primed for mobile gaming and videos. Otherwise familiar to returning iOS veterans, it shares hardware and software with other iPhones of the generation.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max's gaming prowess simply comes down to size, offering an expansive experience you find elsewhere from Apple. The A13 Bionic chip and a triple 12-megapixel camera is a top augmented reality combo, too, primed for Minecraft Earth. Just note that this beast isn't cheap.


  • Stunning, large OLED display
  • Fast, fluid software
  • Primed for AR
  • Triple camera with wide-angle and night mode


  • Expensive

Best iPhone for Gaming

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Take Minecraft Earth to the big screen

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is where it's at for immersive big-screen gaming. Apple's biggest iPhone to date doesn't cut corners if you can justify the price.

Bottom line

We love everything about the OnePlus 7 Pro, from its smartly crafted design to fierce specifications under the hood. It's a device guaranteed to hold up in the years to come, from its minimal and clean presentation to 5G capabilities once available.

With Minecraft Earth blending the real world with virtual experiences, the OnePlus 7 Pro's AR capabilities are equally as crucial. The triple-camera setup and horsepower won't disappoint, displaying your creations in the best possible light. Delivering upon flagship-level promises without the price tag, it's our top pick to prepared for Minecraft Earth ahead of launch.

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