Best of Smartphone Experts, 4 Oct 2009

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 More Info & Specs of Motorola Droid aka Sholes aka TaoAndroid 1.6 'Donut' Officially Rolling OutMotorola CLIQ Available November 2nd for $199BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Available for Download!BlackBerry BIS 2.8 Launched for All North American CarriersBlackBerry Essex Spotted; Dakota to Use Liquid Lens Tech?
N86 firmware update improves camera and moreNokia N900 is a beautywebOS 1.2 Released, followed by webOS 1.2.1, which fixed webOS Exchange Issues and Palm Pre iTunes SyncHow to Restore a PreHomebrew apps and patches back for webOS 1.2.1
iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak Live! and TiPb's Jailbreak Forum is Here to Help!AT&T iPhone MMS One Week Later -- Are You Using it?iPhone Live! Podcast: 2 Billion Apps Served, Tweetie 2.0 and TomTom Pricing, iTablet RumorsVerizon officially announces the HTC Imagio (aka the Whitestone)Review of the Verizon Touch Pro 2SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 released, reviewed
Dieter Bohn