Fourth of July Apps

These Windows 10 apps can help you find your way down the road without getting lost, discover new recipes to try at the house or find the closest fireworks stand. We've scoured the Windows Store and have five apps that can lend a hand as you celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday.

Windows Maps

Windows Maps

While the Fourth of July isn't the most traveled holiday, it ranks quite highly. People begin to scramble out of town days before the holiday and often make a mad dash to get back home the day after. To help you get to and from your destination, the Windows Maps app is a great tool to have.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Xbox One, the free app is your guide to everywhere. Using your device's GPS services, the app can pinpoint your current location and quickly generate directions to where you need to be. You can search for specific addresses, businesses or tap and hold a spot on the map to set your destination.

Windows MapsWindows MapsWindows Maps

Settings include options for distance and travel preferences, appearance tweaks (light/dark themes) and transit notifications. Travel directions can be set for driving, using transit systems or walking. You can even choose options to avoid variables such as toll roads, ferries, highways, unpaved roads and more. Turn by turn directions are clear, concise and are easy to follow as you venture down the road.

Map overlays include the basic road map, aerial views, and a traffic layer to let you know when to expect major slowdowns. Addresses can be saved as favorites for easy access, and directions can be shared or printed. All in all, Windows Maps is an excellent navigation tool when you are traveling abroad during Holidays or just need help finding your way across town. It should be already preloaded to your Windows 10 device, but if not, just follow the Windows Store link below.

Download from the Windows Store



The Fourth of July is the ideal opportunity to show off your culinary skills. Whether it's cooking for friends or family, dusting off the grill or cluttering up the kitchen, the Holiday is often filled with ribs, burgers and endless desserts.

Yummly delivers over 1 million recipes to your Windows 10 devices that cover a wide variety of tastes and styles. The free cooking app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and requires a free Yummly account to use.


The app features trending recipes on the primary display and a drop-down menu to view your favorite recipes, search for recipes and access the app's settings. Additionally, filters are available to sort recipes by dietary allergies, cook time, cuisine, course, nutritional values, techniques, and tastes. Recipes are pulled from various online cooking resources, and individual recipes include the required ingredients, nutritional facts, and cooking directions. The instructions are in written form and vary depending on the source.

Yummly offers a wide variety of recipes that range from Holiday Barbeque recipes to Caramelized Salmon dishes and everything else in between. It's a solid Windows 10 cooking app for the Fourth of July, as well as any other event you want to show off your skills around the kitchen.

Download Yummly from the Windows Store



Looking for the closest Fireworks Stand? The nearest restaurant that offers carry-out barbeque? Yelp is a wonderful Windows 10 app that uses your location services to find a broad range of businesses and services that are nearby.

Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Yelp supports keyword searches for businesses, offers a "hot and nearby" section to highlight establishments and a host of categories to browse through to see what is close. Listings include the business address, contact information, business hours, user reviews and photos, services and specialties.


Directions can be generated through the Windows Maps apps if you need help finding the address. Additionally, Yelp offers integration with OpenTable should you need or want to make reservations.

Membership is optional with Yelp, but if you choose to create a free account you can leave user reviews, photos and tips on a business. Membership also allows you to check-in at locations to share with Yelp friends. All in all, Yelp is a handy Windows 10 Mobile app to help you find local businesses any time of the year.

Download from the Windows Store



As you enjoy the massive plate of barbeque, you need a cold drink to wash it all down with. Many turn to a cold beer to get the job done. If you are feeling adventurous or just looking for a new beer to try, Untappd is a Windows 10 app worth checking out. The app is a social network for discovering local breweries, checking out trending beers, and competing keeping tabs on your friends. The free Windows 10 Mobile app can come in handy on the Fourth or any other occasion where you have a craving for a sturdy pint.


Key features for Untappd include:

  • Personalized beer recommendations based on the tastes of you and your friends
  • Discover where you can get a specific beer nearby
  • Share ratings, reviews, and photos of your favorite beer
  • Create a wish list of beers you want to try in the future

Untappd requires you to create a free account and access to your Windows 10 Mobile phone's location services. There are a variety of badges available to earn as you try different styles of beer and visit new pubs. If you enjoy a cold brew, Untappd is a great Windows 10 app to have around.

Download Untappd from the Windows Store

Fireworks Arcade

Fireworks Arcade

Fireworks Arcade is a simple, free Windows 10 Mobile game that may not be able to replace the Fourth of July fireworks experience completely, but it can be a fun time waster as you wait for the live show to begin.

The game includes three game modes and interactive fireworks show. The interactive show launches a firework display that you can tap the screen to add colorful explosions to the mix. The free Windows 10 game has realistic sound effects and the phone also randomly vibrates to simulate the booming effects fireworks can have.

Fireworks ArcadeFireworks ArcadeFireworks Arcade

The three games include:

  • Spark Samurai Zen Warrior: This is a Fruit Ninja style game in which you must swipe at firework clusters as they appear on the screen. Slicing them causes them to burst into a colorful pattern and earn you points. Just be careful of the bombs that can ruin your day and end the game.
  • Minefield Spark-A-Mole: In Whack-A-Mole fashion, you need to tap on the firework clusters before they explode. The more you tap, the more points earned.
  • Someone Said: This game mode has you tapping on firework clusters in the order they appear on the screen. Tap a cluster out of order, and the game is over.

Fireworks Arcade is a simple Windows 10 Mobile game that is surprisingly addictive. I can see it being a great time waster for the kids (or adults) as you wait for the fireworks show to begin, while you're stuck in traffic, or waiting for the barbeque to cook.

Download from the Windows Store

These are just a few of the Windows 10 apps to help with your holiday escapades. If you have given any of these apps a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments. Also, if you have a favorite Windows 10 app to help you celebrate the Fourth, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments as well.

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