bet365 releases official app for Windows Phone

Following Ladbrokes, bet365 has released an official app for Windows Phone. The betting app enables those who frequently engage in gambling with the company to place slips and monitor progress while on the move. To help get everyone started on mobile hardware, bet365 is offering an exclusive bonus if you're new to the mobile realm of betting. Their Windows Phone app doesn't look too bad too.

Before everyone gets too excited, we're not looking at a native Windows Phone app, but one that's an early wrapper release, likely to determine just how much interest there is in the platform. That said, what are you able to do with the official bet365 app?

  • Access all markets offered on our website
  • Watch Live Sports Streaming including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball
  • Watch Live Streaming of UK & Irish Horse Racing
  • Use your existing bet365 account or sign up now
  • See live scores
  • Study Horse Racing form
  • Access top events from the homepage with quick links
  • Place bets instantly with our Quick Bet feature
  • Manage your bet365 account
  • Make secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Choose from a wide range of payment methods


The app is pretty neat, though there are a few bugs that come with these kinds of apps (one being the back button can lock up and only take the user between two pages only). Still, it's great to see more official support, even if it's limited.

It's worth noting that this is a real gambling app and you're required to be 18 years old or above to create a bet365 account. A rather humorous note is how the app store listing boasts about "top sporting action streamed live to your iPhone and iPad".

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • These will work in Ireland too will they??
  • I would imagine so. I'm waiting for Boylesports
  • Of course, why wouldn't it work?
  • It looks like app for IOS 6. Bleeeh :(
  • This ^^^. Why devs still creating iOS Ui's? I Don't get it. It needs more effort than using native controls.
  • Cheaper and quicker.
  • Yeah, pretty fugly. Well, at least there's an app for those who want one.
  • Doesn't work in Greece.. Bummer..
  • Is online gambling legal in Greece?
  • Yes it is but companies like b365 must have a .gr site in order to be legal. B365 is legit, so it's quite strange
  • Well said..Bet365 has a .gr site, but the app only works for the .com site..
  • All kind of gambling is legal in Greece.
  • where's d XBM update?
  • This evening.....❕❕❕
  • r u sure?
  • Good more official apps
  • Yes! Another company I've been blasting with emails to get WP app on the scene asap... The plan is working :-)
  • This is a great plan.i will follow it from now on
  • Just what we need,another betting app,so folks get your credit cards ready and bankrupt yourself,I would love to ban betting apps...really think they just drug people.
  • I also feel a little unease at the betting apps showing up. I don't like betting but even if I did, E3 made sure that my money is reserved anyway.
  • If that made you feel uneasy, this will make you guys feel worse - there have been large amount betting shops popping up all over east London. The other new trend is converting old pubs to betting shops. There are 4 betting shops in my area and all which have opened in the last 24 months.
  • I made a Unibet account not long ago as they were the only bookies on WP. I gamble very infrequently but William Hill is my preferred choice.
  • Great to see an official app even though its only a wrapper. Will be used alot during world cup. One thing ive noticed though is when you pin to start menu its just an empty box. Def need to fix that.
  • Betfair
  • All being released last minute in time for the World Cup.
  • About time too
  • It's a start.
  • Not to keen on gambling apps unless they are capped!
  • Well there are a few responsible gamblers but I doubt they will remain "responsible" after a few pints or shots of alchol lol.
  • Lol the description looks like a copy and paste job, either that Hillside (New Media) Ltd really believe all phones are called iPhones and all tablets (not the medicinal ones!, if you tried installing app on a medicinal tablet than you need help :D) are called ipads :P.
  • I wonder if their cashout feature works with this app, that's the reason I'm with betfair, but might consider coming back to this because we now have an app
  • That's great I join 3 days ago for gettin on fifa world cup and now its official available in India cool...
    Best luck for who's betting on fifa