Bethesda donates $1 million toward COVID-19 relief efforts

Bethesda Game Studios Office
Bethesda Game Studios Office (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has infected nearly 3 million people and killed over 200,000 worldwide, causing countries to enact quarantines and 'stay at home' orders.
  • Bethesda is donated $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts around the world.
  • The company also plans to continue its #BethesdaAtHome campaign, encouraging people to connect through gaming.

The current global pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way people live and interact with one another. Companies have started to make sizable donations towards COVID-19 relief efforts, and now Bethesda is joining that growing list. The company announced it would donate $1 million to charities and front-line relief efforts around the world.

According to Bethesda, this money is being split between Direct Relief, UNICEF, and local charities around its studios:

  • $500,000 will be given to Direct Relief, a charity which is directly involved in COVID-19 relief efforts, including the critically important work of providing personal protective equipment to health care workers.
  • $250,000 will go to UNICEF, which partners with front-line responders around the world to keep children and their families safe and protected.
  • $250,000 will be donated to local COVID-19 relief efforts within the communities where we [Bethesda] work and live. These recipients will be chosen by our individual studios and international offices. This way we can support worthy charities fighting COVID-19 in our local communities across the world.

In addition, Bethesda also plans to continue its #BethesdaAtHome campaign, encouraging players to stay connected and donate toward relief efforts themselves. Bethesda employees will be streaming from their home offices. You can check out Bethesda's social channels for stream schedules.

Given the dumpster fire that has been 2020 so far, it's great to see people come together for a good cause. Remember to observe social distancing guidelines and wash your hands. Stay healthy and safe.

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