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On December 20, a fake Spotify app surfaced in the Marketplace.  It is published by a user called khanamish and is selling for $.99, as opposed the official Spotify, which can be downloaded for free.  Other signs to look for to differentiate between the two are that the real Spotify is listed with a capital "S" in the title and uses the Spotify logo, whereas the fake one's icon actually has the word "Spotify" as its icon.  The fake also only has two reviews, one of which flat out calls it a scam.  We're not exactly ready to do that ourselves, but we will question the developer's motives and tell you to steer clear of it.  At the very least, why pay when you can the official app at no cost?

Khanamish has two other apps in the Marketplace, Stock Today and AllSportz.  Both have the same look as the Spotify rip-off, but both are free, so maybe they are legit.  We're not looking to make trouble for any devs, but khanamish's Spotify app is dubious and warrants being called out.  If anyone out there has used this or any other app by this developer, we'd certainly like to get your feedback.

Thanks to Den for alerting us to this!

  • This is quality reporting.  It clearly states that it is not known for certain whether it is a scam or not, but it does warn us users to be wary nonetheless. Raising caution without making false claims.  Hopefully the dev will take notice and either explain or withdraw the app.  
    Thanks, WPCentral and especially Seth Brodeur and Den.
  • I'm really starting to wonder about the marketplace validation process... This shouldn't happen.
  • I would have prefered a side-by-side comparison. Given well-known possible delays in the app approval process, is it possible the dev submitted his app before the official app?
  • The app is scam. It's a collection of links - what can be seen in the screenshots - and has got nothing to do with spotify at all. However, the app doesn't use any APIs in a bad manner nor does it violate any marketplace rules I'd know of.
    Even worse, in marketplaces - like mine - where the original Spotify app is unavailable, this fake app turns up as lonly result if you search for the term 'spotify'.
  • If the developer was using this app as an app that "spots" cool links to the internet, that would be a different story. But this isnt the case, he is clearly using the spotify colors and logo... blatant ripoff. He knew that people probably wouldnt capitalize the letter S during a search, so his app would come up. alot of unsuspecting users would buy the app. Here is his app description: "this application allows user to access to all new songs,trailors,lyrics new techs and news all in a same place in a single touch .to enjoy and entertain." Horrible punctuation (not that mine is much better, but in my app descriptions I make sure it is perfect). This was clearly rushed to take advantage of the people who have been waiting for the official app. As a developer I am insulted, but as a user I am saying to myself "WTF is this crap"? This kind of stuff is mind boggling to me. I spend months developing an app and it gets shot down many times during certification because the team scrutinizes my code to make sure its perfect... how can they overlook the app title?
  • If you tell me your boobs app sailed through certification, I will be offended.