Beyond Eyes for Xbox One

Saturday Game School is our weekly Windows Central livestream in which we play an Xbox One game and give out free games and prizes to our live viewers. It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight on Mixer, we played and giving out free copies of Beyond Eyes, a beautiful and moving game about a blind girl and the power of friendship. Read on for quick impressions and contest winners.

Beyond Eyes

Beyond Eyes for Xbox One

From developer Tiger and Squid and indie publisher Team17 comes this beautiful modern fairy tale about a young blind girl who must go on a life-changing journey and discover an amazing world, one step a time.

Young heroine Rae was blinded as a young child. She now experiences the world primarily through touch and sound. Beyond Eyes represents this alternative sensory experience by filling in a blank world as Rae moves around it. Our protagonist is lonely and reluctant to leave the protection of her home. One day she befriends a cat, naming it Nani. When Nani goes missing, Rae must summon her courage and face her fears, heading out into the world in search of her best friend.

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Beyond Eyes suffers from a scarcity of plot and slow walking speed for the main character, but it's a gorgeous game that depicts experiences you won't find in other games.

Beyond Eyes costs $14.99 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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The Contest

Beyond Eyes for Xbox One

We streamed Beyond Eyes for ~90 minutes. During that time,we gave out the following prize codes:

  • Seven Beyond Eyes full game for Xbox One
  • Three Beyond Eyes full game for PlayStation 4 (North American accounts only)
  • Three Beyond Eyes full game for Steam

These viewers won with their hearts, not their eyes.

Xbox One

  • Torquey1994
  • Dementcha
  • DEADP00L1391
  • Spongebuu
  • geoketch
  • HahaImadeAfunny
  • NarcoSleepy

PlayStation 4

  • t3chgy007
  • SoggyOats
  • rann78


  • ezio007
  • Shawnsig
  • OmegaDoom13

Tonight's prizes provided by Team17. Thanks also to our stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

Future streams

Beyond Eyes for Xbox One

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  • Saturday, October 14: Run-and-gun shooter/platformer Bleed from Digerati!

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