Big Baconit 4.6.5 update brings many changes to memory usage and design

If you are a fan of using Reddit on your phone or PC then Baconit should be on your list of apps to use.

The popular Reddit app just received a rather substantial update today, one that developer Quinn Damerell a little over two and half weeks to make happen due to "the complex code behind it".

Version 4.6.5 has a lot of changes, but many of them go to memory management especially for devices with less RAM available. Quinn tells informs us:

"There are quite a few visual changes, but the massive work when into a memory management system that should make the app crash much less on low-end devices. It might not be perfect coming out of the gate, but with time, I will tweak it and make it even better."

Sounds good to us. For now, you can peruse the rather lengthy changelog we received about 6.0.

Baconit Update 4.6.5


  • Memory is now managed much more efficiently; the app should crash less on low memory devices
  • Webpages will be monitored for memory usage
  • Much more


  • Added Gilded indicator to posts
  • Added default sorting options

Flip View

  • Updated UI
  • Added post score
  • Added Gilded indication
  • Smoothed comment scrolling transition
  • Improved GIF support
  • Improved large image handling


  • Added Gilded indication
  • Added default sorting options
  • Added comment count in the comment bar
  • Comments scroll much faster


  • Subreddit descriptions are now shown in markdown


  • General cleanup of text and styles


  • Fixed a spacing issue with text runs
  • Fixed a link parsing issue where extra chars were picked up


  • Profile link added to global menu
  • Added profile information to the main live tile.
  • Smoothed out / added animations
  • Fixed loading for some subreddits (thanks, Eugênio!)

Sounds like a nice update so be sure to grab it. Then again, if you are experiencing the app-update issue we reported on earlier you will not see the update until Microsoft fixes the issue. You could just uninstall the app and redownload it if you do not want to wait, which is what we did.

The update should be live now or rolling out to users in the next few hours. Let us know what you think in comments or head to the Baconit subreddit for more information.

Download Baconit for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: bacon

Daniel Rubino

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  • I thought it is the announcement of releasing w10m :/
  • Seriously!?!? Oh brother....
  • IS this 6.0 just for the pc version. i tried deleting and reinstalling the version for my lumia 950 and still get 4.6
  • Like all things in the store, give it time, but yes. Universal app, so everywhere.
  • Ok Thanks.
  • Oh nevermind the version is 4.6 as listed on the baconit subreddit for the new update.
  • Mine just updated on PC and it is just crashing on the splash screen.
  • Please try this... ... and let me know what happens! If you still get crashing please post on the subreddit /r/Baconit. :)
  • Someone introduced me to Reddit less than 3 days ago and recommended Readit and now I'm hearing of Baconit. Which is better?
  • Personal preference. Baconit was rewritten so missing some features. Try both as they are highly rated.
  • Thanks.
  • Readit was rewritten for Windows 10 too. Slowly getting all its old features back. Both apps are really good though.
  • Careful, friend. It can become VERY addicting if you let it. I am trying to control my addiction. :) As far as apps. I started with Baconit and moved to Readit (I still use ReddHub on the PC). I have always like Baconit and now that it has been re-written and feature adds seem to be steady, I will probably move back to Baconit full time.
  • Lol. I hope I don't get addicted. Still familiarizing myself with it. I'll give Baconit a try too.
  • When I first started properly reading posts from Reddit I got hooked for a short while. I still browse but less from the main page as there's so much content coming in that can distract you - Less addicting I've found when sticking to quieter subs. I'm using Baconit on my phone and PCs but do use the website too
  • Baconit has been the best performer for me. especially the slideshow view. Since the rewrite it did crash more often. I'll try this out ASAP :D and hopefully its much better.   I use this on a 1520 and as most bugs i attribute it to w10m  
  • Try them both. IMO, Baconit was the best reddit client for WP when it originally came out, but then Readit was better once that was available. But that was for WP7/8. For the new, Windows 10 Mobile apps, I'd say Baconit is once again the best.
  • The update version is 4.6.5 not 6.0 I was confused till I checked the official subreddit.
  • Yeah, Quinn told us it was 6.0, but I changed it here to 4.6.5 to reflect the app.
  • Sorry, I must have mispoke in the email. I was tired when I wrote it. :)
  • why the Bacon name?  Any reason?
  • Everyone loves bacon
  • Because Windows Phone comes with free Bacon
  • Daniel, great job on the article like always, just two things my dislexic brain caught *one that developer Quinn Damerell a little over two and half weeks to make happen due to "the complex code behind it". * After *that*, I belive you are missing *took.* *Quinn tells informs us:* I think you ment to delete either *tells* or *informs* Keep up the great work.
  • Nice..thanks Quinn
  • Thanks for all your hard work Quinn. This app is currently getting me through jury duty, lol ;-)
  • The popular Reddit app just received a rather substantial update today, one that developer Quinn Damerell a little over two and half weeks to make happen due to "the complex code behind it".
    ^ This doesn't make any sense. TOOK over two and a half weeks? Is two and a half weeks a long time for a substantial update, especially with "complex code"?
  • Another phenomenal Windows developer!
  • Is there local subscription?
  • I missing quality panorama feature there...
  • Just poppin' in to give props to Quinn. He makes a great app and listens to community feedback.