Big Winners of the 30 to Launch Microsoft developer competition announced

It seems every time we cover news that includes the Social Mints app, it's always winning some kind of award. This story is no different as the app is one of four recently announced winners of the Microsoft 30 to Launch developer competition. We previously looked at 30 to Launch when it... well... launched earlier this year. The winning submissions (out of over 130 entries) were Social Mints, Brain Cube Reloaded, Play The Hunt, and Surf Info.

Social Mints is a familiar name here at Windows Phone Central HQ, as we've covered the app numerous times and have even reviewed the social stalking beauty. Should you not be aware of what it's about, it's a must-have for any social media geek that enables users to keep track of what's trending, how it's trending and what you should be looking out for. Winner of the Core77 Fast Track to the Mobile App International Design Challenge and featured at Mobile World Congress by Microsoft, Social Mints has been recognized for it's intuitive design and functionality.

Brain Cube Reloaded is a puzzle / platformer which is developed using the idea of a rubik's cube. Players progress through levels attempting to smash bosses into Oblivion. Oh, did we mention it's a free game?

Play The Hunt is an interesting concept, which enables users to actually go on treasure hunts using their Windows Phone. Clues and locations are provided and users will find themselves playing through mini-games, before uploading photos of their location and then progressing through the next step.

Finally we have Surf Info, an app for surfers around the U.S. coastline and Hawaii. Surf destinations are rated for quality among other related statistics and values.

Winning developers will each receive a state-of-the-art entertainment package. Find the QR Codes for each app below.

Source: 30 to Launch; Thanks Pratik for the heads up!

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