Bill Gates becomes a Reddit secret santa - surprises one lucky girl

Every year around this time, Redditors (members of the site gather around their computers and prepare to share gifts through a gift exchange for the holidays. Surprises are always popping up and this year was no exception; Electronic Arts donated a collection of games to one happy Redditor and another found out their personal Santa Clause was none other than Bill Gates.

Redditor NY1227 received a special package at her front door and it took time before she realized it was from one of the world’s most influential men. The package itself contained a stuffed cow, a representation of a charity donation Gates made in his name to Heifer International. Also included was a book on world travel, Journeys of a Life Time, and a picture proving the gift’s source.

We wish Rachel (NY1227), a Happy Holiday and the staff here at WPCentral (many of us Redditors ourselves) are very jealous!

Source: Reddit; Photo courtesy of Rachel's Post

Michael Archambault