Bill Gates becomes a Reddit secret santa - surprises one lucky girl

Every year around this time, Redditors (members of the site gather around their computers and prepare to share gifts through a gift exchange for the holidays. Surprises are always popping up and this year was no exception; Electronic Arts donated a collection of games to one happy Redditor and another found out their personal Santa Clause was none other than Bill Gates.

Redditor NY1227 received a special package at her front door and it took time before she realized it was from one of the world’s most influential men. The package itself contained a stuffed cow, a representation of a charity donation Gates made in his name to Heifer International. Also included was a book on world travel, Journeys of a Life Time, and a picture proving the gift’s source.

We wish Rachel (NY1227), a Happy Holiday and the staff here at WPCentral (many of us Redditors ourselves) are very jealous!

Source: Reddit; Photo courtesy of Rachel's Post

  • :(
  • Lol love this man!
  • thats cool... :)
  • He could have given a lumia. :-p
    But Happy holidays everyone :-D
  • Ya
  • or maybe a copy of Windows 95,,
  • The woman wanted an Ipad.
  • Lol I would take that stuffed animal any day over an iPad...
  • lol
  • +2520
  • Mr. Gates has gotten old. Haven't seen or heard from him in any press events for the last couple of months. Wishing the best of health. And Rachel is one luck girl
  • -920
  • He tweets quite regularly. He seems quite the jolly healthy man to me.
  • I wonder if he can still jump over a chair ☺
  • That was hillarious
  • My hero.
  • Yea... Hook it up gates!
  • "in her name"...
  • In his name means in Bill gates name, I think
  • The note he sent to her says that "The cow will be given to a family in need, in your name through Heifer International" so it is in her name.
  • Is it a her or he? Make up your mind! Or at least proofread your article.
  • Congrats :)
  • Wondering which one does he have? Hope it's not iPhone lol.
  • She wanted money! :( Seriously though, very cool. While Gates has made himself very rich, he never seems to have forgotten that in the end it comes down to how we treat each other. His counter part at the fruit company always seemed to only care about people if they were customers, and only about whether the UI would please them.
  • Man, he's looking more and more like my old English lit professor... or a certain shrewd politician.
  • He is one of the worlds great philanthropists. I wish him a long and healthy life.
  • Seriously? The world wealthiest man and he makes a donation in your name and leaves a book. He could have changed some ones life for some pocket change to him. Merry Christmas, I made a donation to the human fund!! Lol see how many of you get this reference.
  • I'm pretty sure he didn't want to set an example of handing out money to strangers.
    Through his charity work he has changed the life of so many, so no need to worry about that.
  • I agree with MikeSo. In my opinion, regardless of how wealthy a person is, gift should not be judged by price tag.
  • Mr depopulation f.o.b screw him
  • Bill gates is a inspiration too people. We need more people like him. He really dose care
  • I've always liked Mr Gates. Hope he lives a long life. He helps so many people.
  • I love that stuffed cow!!
  • That title is so creepy