Bill Gates will answer your burning questions today with a Reddit AMA

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is ready to answer more of your burning questions with a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) later today. Rather than sticking with a typical announcement, however (what would be the fun in that?), Gates put out a rather bizarre promo video parodying Saturday Night Live's David S. Pumpkins sketch from Halloween (via Gamespot). Check it out below:

The AMA session is set to kick off on Reddit right away at 9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST. Click here to find the start time in your time zone.

This isn't the first time Gates has done a Reddit AMA, having done his last in March 2016. It's certain that a wide range of topics will be covered, so if you have any questions for the Microsoft founder in mind, be sure to head over to Reddit and get ready to pose queries of your own.

Ask Bill Gates anything at Reddit

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  • Yeah
  • Hey Bill, now that the Lumia range has been terminated. What W10 phone do you use now?
  • yes! hey bill what windows phone do you currently use?
  • When he will give up on his Iphone? Ipad?
  • Will Windows 95 starting sound make it return to Windows 10? Damn I miss that tune lol
  • Do you also have no hope in W10M?
  • i really really hope he gets flooded with microsoft windows phone mobile, questions, please question after question should be why is there no windows phone? why is satya abandoning consumers for the phone biz?  why why why
  • I'm sure he won't have any answers for that question.... Satya is the boss now, not Bill. MS can't back track on their decision to make Satya the big guy!
  • I just looked through the reddit page, and was disappointed that I did not see any questions regarding Windows Phone / mobile / etc.
  • Was this story posted after the event? I saw it at 12:25 PM CST.
    I'm new to Rrddit. Is there a way to just view his answers and the specific answer he responded to? 6,000+ comments is tedious to sort through.
  • Up at the top it says the date and time the article was posted. 11:37 EST, so no.
  • Re: aka Axmantim,
    Thank you. It only says 10:37 at the top of my article on Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Central app. I'm going to guess, based on your comment, that means 10:37 CST, since that is the Time Zone I'm in. If that is the case, the story was posted 23 minutes before the 11:00 CST event.
  • I would love to ask bill about the surface phone if it exist and about windows 10 mobile's future
  • Did anyone ask him when it will be his turn/decision to run for president?
  • What do you think the current ms team is doing?
  • He doesn't give a crap about MS anymore, He won't go broke even if they do.
  • Since you started investing in eliminating Malaria, what has been the tangible difference from that point through to today?  How much further is there to go and how much more investment is required?
  • Hi Bill, not meaning to begrudge anyone their trillion dollar wealth, but as a hobbyist programmer wanting to develop needed UWP apps for free, why do I have to pay $499 for a technical support incident?    
  • Hey Bill, I want to update to another mobile after my Lumia 1520 and 950? We want clarification or another flagship.
  • Hi Bill, do you laugh or just smile reading rumors about Surface Phone?