Bing and Cortana are ready for the Indian Premier League 2015

The eight edition of the Indian Premier League, the premier club tournament of Twenty20 cricket, is upon us, and sure enough Bing and Cortana are ready for it. Microsoft offered similar extensive coverage for the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Indian Premier League 2015

You can find the schedule of all the matches on Bing or using Cortana on your Windows Phone devices. You can check out the entire schedule of the tournament or just the matches of your favorite team. For a particular match, you can find the time and venue, as well as the overall head-to-head score of both the teams and head-to-head score on the venue of the match. And then, of course, you have the very popular 'Bing Predicts' telling which team has the edge over the other.

On the Web though, there's so much more. Searching for 'ipl 2015' on Bing, for example, brings up anchor content for the tournament featuring match predictions, standings, stats, polls, and trivia.

Indian Premier League 2015

Bing predictions for match winners are usually pretty reliable, but I'd recommend rooting for your favorite team instead. If you win despite the prediction, more reasons to cheer for your team, but if you lose, you can always fall back to 'Bing said so.' So, let the games, or as they put it – India ka tyohaar – begin!

Abhishek Baxi