Bing and Microsoft Edge are here to save the holidays, or at least some money during the season

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge and Bing have several features to help save money over the holidays.
  • Bing has a shopping hub feature, and Microsoft Edge has a new deals hub.
  • Microsoft Edge has an auto-fill coupon feature and proactive price comparisons.

Microsoft Edge is almost a year old now, and the browser has gained new features each month. Now, the browser has some new shopping features to help you save money during the holidays. Alongside Microsoft Edge, Bing has some handy deal features as well. Microsoft outlines all the new features in a recnt blog post.

Microsoft Edge has a new coupons feature that automatically alerts you if an online retailer has any coupons available. You can view a list of available coupons by clicking the blue shopping tag icon on the address bar. Coupons also pop up during checkout, and you can copy and paste codes in or have Edge auto-populate codes to save you the most money possible.

Microsoft Edge has another new feature that automatically scans the web for better deals on things you're looking for. When you search for something to buy, the browser checks prices across several retailers and lets you know if a better deal is available.

You can also add up-to-the-minute deals to your Microsoft Edge homepage with a new tool for the browser. Once enabled, you'll see a customized list of discounts. You can also add the deals to your Daily Brief suggestion under Top Sites.

Moving over to Bing, the search engine now has a deals hub. You can look through deals from different retailers sorted by brand, products, and categories. The search engine also has a new shopping hub to inspire you with gift ideas.

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