Bing brings speedy AMP results to mobile web searches

Two years after adding support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) protocol in its mobile apps, Bing is now rolling out AMP support for searches on the mobile web. With initial support for the AMP viewer and AMP carousel in the U.S., you'll now see results in the news carousel for AMP-enabled websites that have been designed to load incredibly fast.

"On Monday, the 17th we started the first phase of the global roll out of this AMP viewer and AMP carrousel in the United States for the news carrousel," Microsoft says. Bing plans to continue rolling out support for more websites, countries, and regions over the coming months.

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AMP enables pages that support it to speedily serve up for mobile users with an approach centered entirely around performance. You can get a detailed rundown at the official AMP Project site, but the end result is that pages that have been cached via the AMP protocol will load much faster. You'll be able to distinguish AMP results in Bing by a small lightning bolt icon that appears next to the source.

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