Do re mi fa so, full song lyrics now appear in Bing results

Full lyrics are now showing up in your search results page when using Bing. The team over at Bing has launched the new lyric functionality to make sure you can always figure out what exactly that hip hop artist is saying. Over half a million songs now show full lyrics in the results when using

Want to test it out yourself? Just type in the song name followed by the word 'lyrics'. So search for something like this 'my name is lyrics' and you'll see the first few sections of the lyrics for the song My Name Is by Eminem. You can then click 'see more' to view the full set of lyrics without needing to click through to other websites.

Song lyrics also show up when using Cortana on Windows Phone, though you don't get the option yet to see the full lyrics, just the first part of the song.

Bing is pulling the lyric data from website LyricFind, a Toronto-based company that works with over 2,000 music publishers to supply music lyrics.

Try it out and let us know what you think of this new little feature inside Bing.

Source: Bing Blog

Sam Sabri