Do re mi fa so, full song lyrics now appear in Bing results

Full lyrics are now showing up in your search results page when using Bing. The team over at Bing has launched the new lyric functionality to make sure you can always figure out what exactly that hip hop artist is saying. Over half a million songs now show full lyrics in the results when using

Want to test it out yourself? Just type in the song name followed by the word 'lyrics'. So search for something like this 'my name is lyrics' and you'll see the first few sections of the lyrics for the song My Name Is by Eminem. You can then click 'see more' to view the full set of lyrics without needing to click through to other websites.

Song lyrics also show up when using Cortana on Windows Phone, though you don't get the option yet to see the full lyrics, just the first part of the song.

Bing is pulling the lyric data from website LyricFind, a Toronto-based company that works with over 2,000 music publishers to supply music lyrics.

Try it out and let us know what you think of this new little feature inside Bing.

Source: Bing Blog

Sam Sabri
  • Awesome! Was just thinking this an hour ago - "Xbox Music can have a zillion updates but why wont it give lyrics with subscription service like MixRadio?" - There will now be a day when I can have Cortana find me all lyrics! Yay for Microsoft Ecosystem.
  • Problem is Cortana only gives us part of the lyrics. I need the full song and that is still a scroll and click away.
    I hope that changes ASAP. The idea is great, implementation needs work.
  • Or just use musicXmatch!
  • Yeah, musicXmatch for me too. Wish it was integrated though, great when it was in the hub, but now a separate app. Would like it to be a selection within Xbox Music. Please...
  • Sadly, musicXmatch has proved to be unreliable for me. In two recent uses, musicXmatch returned only partial lyrics or lines that appeared to have been written from simply listening to the requested song rather than the actual lyrics. I checked out both of these songs on Bing after reading this article and not only got the entire lyrics, but the actual lyrics and not an audio transcription. Ill stick with Bng for now.
  • Use shazam to have the lyrics
  • Guess what?? US only...
  • Really frustrating. Even in the UK features are somewhat lacking.
  • Move to the US. It is Microsoft's headquarters. That's like being upset that all Google products aren't on the Windows ecosystem. It is a shame but that is not their top priority.
  • That's a ridiculous excuse. They are an international company. They should pick up their game, less features just makes Google look a lot more appealing.
  • I agree, they should. I wasn't saying its a worthy excuse, but it is true and that is the reason
  • Actually Microsoft is American first international second. You feed your kids first before you feed someone else...
  • Microsoft wishes that it had the same smartphone OS market share in the US as in Europe or India.
  • If both Apple and Google can satisfy the European consumers, why can't Microsoft do it? There is absolutely no excuse for Microsoft not releasing their products outside the US and it is becoming more and more rare that we (Europe) get the same products as the US. As an European, I really feel like Microsoft doesn't give a shit about us. It is also about customer loyalty and friendliness towards the customers and there is absolutely NONE at Microsoft towards the European countrys (maybe except for the UK). It really makes me feel like going to Android or iOS, because right now I'm missing a lot of features for not only Windows Phone and Bing, but all Microsoft products. And Microsoft is an international country first. Saying that everyting outside the US comes at the second place, is like giving everything away to Google and Apple and I don't think that is their intent.
  • American-centric media also care less about what happened outside the world. Same as the investors. We should have investor-oriented media write serial articles about entering international release at the same time and about how big the lost potential profits from having American-only product backed with hard number and case comparison. Just to push the idea to those who actually have power to change company policy.
  • If Google can do it, Why can't bing? I prefer using bing but when certain features are lacking I just HAVE to use Google.
  • F that - Skrillex
  • Great idea. Thanks Bing.
  • If Cortana could sing them, that'd be swell.
  • Amazing future for Bing
  • Yea I tried that before I read this article
    I said " smooth criminal lyrics " and other songs , but this doesn't work with the new ones
  • Hey, it's Nirvana!!
  • Works in Cortana too albeit an abridged version
  • That's annoying because there's no option to go through to the full lyrics.
  • Maybe they can show the chords too :P
  • wow awesome
  • Yeah, it's working. I wrote: Sia big girls cry and it showed the full song lyrics. Thank you a lot
  • Bing forever, next step, we want Bing rewards in more countries
  • I was just searching for lyrics about an hour ago and this feature wasn't live and I had to use some shady lyrics site full of ads..... Those days are mostly over! Cortana/Bing Search on Windows Phone returns the results in the same format. Win-Win
  • Load up your guns, bring your friends...
  • A denial!! A denial!! A denial!! A denial!!!!!
  • I did search on Cortana for shine bright like a diamond Rihanna lyrics and she showed me it !
    Type or say
    shine bright like a diamond lyrics, and i searched for confident by JB it showed me the lyrics
    , sadly not all songs appear , I searched for lose your self By Eminem it didn't show me the lyrics
  • Cortana has taste apparently
  • Does not explain the rest if the results:)
  • it's not working for me?
  • Shit does not work for me
  • Didn't work for me either
  • Oh god not Nirvana. One of the worst bands ever. A dark time for music. Ughhhh.
  • Trolling or serious?
  • Has to be trolling. Even if you're not into their music, you still have to recognise that they're fantastic.
  • Grunge? Haahaa do you even rock?
  • Thanks for splooging your lack of taste all over the comments for us. Not liking good stuff certainly doesn't make you cool, but the inverse is at least a little bit true.
  • Your comment is invalid, you said "splooging".
  • Thanks for showing us you're at the level of a high schooler? Listen to something with some talent to it (Sun Ra, Steely Dan, Blue Oyster Cult, The Residents) and suddenly you're not cool because you're apparently "trying to be cool not liking good stuff." There are dozens, hundreds of better artists out there than Nirvana, and certainly better songs than "Smells Like Teen Spirit." But, you know, popularity makes good music I guess, and that's what makes you "a little bit" more cool than OP and me. My takeaway: "Man, your music sucks; if you wanna be cool, listen to what everyone else listens to."
  • Does It know darude - sandstorm
  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
    dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
    dundun dun dundundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dundun ...
  • I hope this means XBM could get lyrics support
  • Nothing by the Beatles. Come on Microsoft, step up your game. Delay everything until you get this fixed!
  • wow!! It's US only... bummer! :-(  
  • Eminem
  • The note is sol not "so".
    Just saying! :)
  • You're saying I'm tone deaf?
  • No. Just Solfege illiterate :)
  • Kool feature.
  • This is great for users... I remember reading a year or so ago that lyrics searches were among the most dangerous in terms of exposure to malware. Good for MS in cutting out another vector for the tech-declined to screw up their own computers.
  • 1. Desktop Bing only
    2. US only
  • I have tried bing but it seems to be for the USA only. Pity as I don't like google :(
  • Remember the last time when Bing launched the feature years ago? Hopefully it's here to stay this time
  • This I like.
  • Unfortunately the lyrics aren't completely correct. Many of the lyrics for Worldwide Choppers (my go to song to test out lyric sites) are wrong or missing.
  • Eminem is beast
  • Doesn't work in Canada, what a shame. Hopefully coming soon.
  • This is the first time (okay, maybe not the first time but probably i don't know wtf) i have identified the writer just by reading the article (i never read the writers name tbh xD)... "...hip hop artist is saying"
      ____________ I love this new functionality btw... haven't tried it tho. i totally will. <3 PD: i was gonna say "i hope Cortana can do it too" but then thought "imma better read the rest of the article, don't want Dan coming after my weave" i was right.
  • Cortana showed first verse of "Baby One More Time" by Britney, B*tx. Too bad the rest of the lyrics is nowhere to be found (i know this song by heart anyways xD) or being redirected at... Hope it comes in the almost instant future. Doesn't work on desktop out of the US (Chile, Latinamerica)  
  • Aren't lyrics copyrighted and can be used as attack vector by recording company's lawyers ?
  • Just the other day I did a couple of lyrics searches that reminded me of how a couple of years ago Bing had a pretty comprehensive music/lyrics search database powered by Zune. Then it dissapeared one day. Glad it's back, a lot of the lyrics websites are full of spammy ads.
  • Is it again us-only?
  • Obviously!
  • This is US only. I hate microsoft. I think it should take its presence away from all the other countries and just concentrate on US because it is too small to work on a Global level. These basic services. In google all the services are for everyone except some exeptions like street view for India. But Microsoft is simply an old grumpy company which is losing in the battle. Soon the world is going to shift from Windows on PCs as well. And the hopless WINDOWS 10 will see the same fate as windows 8. My next phone will surely be an ANDROID phone cause WINDOWS is bad. 
  • Not working in Canada even though it is a Toronto based company powering this.
  • This is just what I have been waiting for. I don't have to worry about spam, ads, security now digging through those other sites. I do see some concerns about it being available only in the US, and i hope Microsoft will extend to international regions promptly.
  • quite disappointed that Copacabana lyrics did not display lyrics :(