Bing Maps Preview includes a lot of search improvements

Earlier in July, Microsoft launched a preview of its revamped Bing Maps on the web with many new feature and improvements. That includes new ways to search on those maps, and Microsoft has offered some more details on those specific improvements.

Here's the breakdown of the new and improved search functions in Bing Maps Preview

  • Single search-box everywhere: The previous version of Bing Maps supported two search boxes (for typing in what you wanted to search for, and where you wanted to search for it) in a number of markets, and this is the top voted issue on Bing Listens. Bing Maps Preview will have a single search box in all supported markets!
  • Search quality: Search consistency has improved with Bing Maps Preview, the Windows 10 Maps app and all using the same search engine. The relevance of search results has also increased, and richer information is provided to Bing Maps for businesses, places and attractions.
  • Auto-suggest: Multiple improvements include using auto-suggest to select waypoints for directions; displaying icons for suggestions to better identify what they are, and including category searches in the list of suggestions (for example, if you type in "Italian", one of the suggestions includes "Italian cuisine").
  • Additional search results: When you search in Bing Maps Preview, you'll see up to 20 matching results shown on a card. When there are additional search results, we show them as smaller points on the map along side the larger points associated with the results card, and clicking or tapping on them will display additional details about them. We'll be extending support for showing these smaller points to additional markets in the near future, so more Bing Maps users can benefit from them.
  • Search in directions waypoints: While auto-suggest can be used to find waypoints in directions, you can also just type something into a waypoint and search will be used to find a matching location.
  • Directions and traffic search: It's now easier than ever to obtain directions by typing into the search box, just like on For example: "directions from Seattle to Portland". In Bing Maps Preview, you can even specify the mode of transport by adding it to the end: "directions from Seattle to Portland by transit". If you want to see what traffic is like, you can just type in "traffic in Portland" to enable traffic mode on the map.
  • Searching along the route: It's now possible to search for things of interest close to a route, for example, restaurants and gas stations, making planning a trip much easier.
  • Searching across and Bing Maps: When you search for a place on and navigate to Bing Maps Preview, the same place will show up in both locations, which wasn't always the case with the previous version of Bing Maps.

Bing Maps Preview is now available in the in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa, with more locations to be added soon. The Along the Route feature is currently just for US users.

Source: Microsoft

  • Hopefully it will replace Google maps for me, the only google product that I am using right now!
  • You forgot YouTube
  • They bought it :D
  • I use Bing to search YouTube videos, sad that I have to use another service for the same service I am trying to find something on. If I don't use Bing I will have to try sort through 1000s of useless return searches.
  • I wish Microsoft finds an alternative to YouTube... If u can't make one, buy one ( looking at dailymotion)....
  • Dailymotion cannot compete u tube. Better they get Vimeo or else Vevo is best
  • I'm free from scroogle...except YouTube
  • Me too. U tube is the application I respect google as its the best no doubt.
  • It also happens to be the one they didn't come up with themselves, so it makes sense really that it's quite good.
  • Me too ... I use youtube only for watch videos (searching from bing), I don't have an account for comment/like ... MS should buy Vimeo and/or Dailymotion
  • It still doesn't work in Edge and I don't understand why it wouldn't
  • It does for me ?, works fine. I use it for my work in calculating square feet of various business locations, works very well. Much better than google maps for sure
  • yup it dont work on edge for me either and I am running TP 10166.  AND I am in the US
  • Took a look. Loving it. Easy to use and understand.The save feature is great!
  • When in Europe? (No, UK does not count)
  • Like ^THIS One Here!!!! :D
  • I'm not sure what world you are from buy the UK is in Europe so your post make no sense.
  • Yeah wanted to post the same for an hour or so. I'm not in the UK nor am I British/Scottish/Irish/Wales man. But the UK is in Europe and part of the EU so saying it doesn't count baffles me.
  • Humor ... Not many people have it these days.
  • @radde:
    Your humour is too german for this audience...
    Of course the United Kingdom is part of the EU.
    But they get many services in advance to other european countries, so they are not a good indicator for guessing when a Service is broadly available in the EU.
  • =)
  • Wen in Mars? I'm planning a colonization trip and will need directions. /s Seriously, I'm liking what I see.
  • working for everyone?
  • Can't use it here. The aerial pictures seem to have been taken In Pixel Rico. If they get usable photos I'll try it out again. Google provides much better quality around here.
  • Google provides much better quality everywhere. I've seen Google's street map car at least twice each month. MS needs to step up their game.
  • Never seen a google street map car in my life. Where do you live the middle of a big city? I live in a city of 150k people and have been all over the U.S., still never seen one. I always have better luck with over google with anything. Pictures definitely, Bing pictures destroy google pictures search anyday, Bing search is also much much better, google has gone down hill with search results the last two years. But seriously I always get nonpixelated searches in maps search. Do you have descent internet (atleast greater than 30 Mb down) speed?
  • When in India?
  • I just want it to tell me what side of the road my destination is on. Plssss add this, been suffering for too long.
  • Seriously its sooooooooo stupid and very far behind the times not to tell us that. The fact that here drive and maps for windows 10 mobile doesn't do that is still freaking ridiculous. Here drive and maps for windows 10 mobile dont even show most exits they just tell you what road you'll be on when you get off a highway which never helps. For these simple thing I dont understand why people love here drive or windows 10/bing maps so much.
  • Features need to be integrated with Maps on W10 Mobile, like "collections".
  • Getting closer and closer to Google maps all the time. Even the regular search results have improved a lot this year. Soon I won't be needing Google maps anymore.
  • Search nearby?
  • When in india?..... Nah, I mean Sweden. The current Bing map at the webreader kind of sucks in sweden... It looks ugly too compared to Google maps. This new version looks pretty good tough!
  • This is the best thing from Microsoft in a while. Very fast, feature packed and usable. 
  • I like selected markets phrase.
  • Eghhh, it's still not possible to change the language. => google is better Cannot find places by index => google is better No photos on a map => google is better Stupid scroll, no integration to HERE, ugly interface (from 90s), etc.. There are too many things to be done
  • it's a preview => thinking before writing is better :P
  • You don't have the right to judge whether or not they though before they commented. I happen to agree. It doesn't matter whether it is on a provide or not. Here drove was in beta for like 3 years and the beta version didn't look or act any different then the final version lol.
  • Still no searching for items in your contacts (hosted by Microsoft). The lack of this feature mystifies me, I use it all of the time in Google Maps and in Apple Maps. Microsoft should have this too.
  • Please make this available as a GPS nav app on Win10 phones. It's pathetic that GPS devices almost 10 years ago could include multiple waypoints, search for food and gas on one's way, without even being connected to the internet.
  • Im jealous with you guys that can use bing to replace google. Bing sucks big time in asia countries, the results are just not enough even when you search for Microsoft own products.
  • not just Asia, Bing sucks pretty much everywhere except for US, because MS likes to impose regional restriction to its services, usually because the idea of someone using English in an non-English-speaking country is foreign to them (pun intended).
  • Tone down the rhetoric. MS tries very hard to be accessible and to provide content which is important to local users in other countries. It's not like a simple database exists to easily access data from every source. The fact is MS and specifically this team isn't a all. So to see anything on this front is amazing in itself. We'll see if it continues to be as Satya continues to refocus the company on software and hopefully their focus is sharper in all product groups going ahead.
  • Funny that Cortana and many other MS services do work and are useful if I "lie" to my system that I am in the US, my friend doesn't bother to do that so he doesn't have it because it conflicts with his Xbox Music pass, and so most people simply doesn't have it when it could be useful. Microsoft is the only company I know that force you to change region, because I can use Google Now with all its US-english features by just setting the language, with the region untouched. Xbox in my country doesn't have the "Xbox On" voice command and onther commands are extremely lenghty and unnatural to speak, I would use it in english if I could, but noooo, MS doesn't allow me, because of its fucked up region shit, while my Wii U is in english just because I want it, even though it's available in my language, and neither language have anything to do with the country I set. Bing redirects me to my region's stripped down version unles I bend the URL while Google offers me the .com english version right at the main page, with all its features. So yes, MS have huge issues with internationalization that the competition doesn't have, and it's all their fault.  
  • Edge browser cannot get the new Bing Maps.
  • Have been using it for a few days. I find its not so smooth in zooming in and out and loading detail as the old version. That's why I liked Bing maps over Google maps before because it was slick. I hope they improve this preview version.
  • they should interate 4square POI's ... as tey own a good %
  • I like how the maps now take up the whole available width and how the menu floats above.
    Universal search bar should mend my biggest problem with bing maps: When I type a location into the search field on the start page and then switch to maps the query gets wrongfully funneled into the field where you can enter a name of a business or a category, instead of the location entry field, returning me, of course, no result.
    With only one (universal) Search field this shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  • oh come on....even apple uses youtube :P
  • Hopefully they bring it up to par with Street & Trips.