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Bing releases new developer APIs - new features inbound

In a world where Google is king, Bing is beginning to spread. The service’s take over on iOS devices as Siri’s new backend search engine is a large step forward for the company, but Microsoft isn’t done there. Yesterday at Build 2013, the company announced that they would be opening a large number of new APIs and controls to developers.

Developers can now add Bing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to their Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 applications.  A control can be implemented into applications which will allow the user to snap an image through the camera and have detailed information about the extracted text returned to the app itself.

Deploying an application throughout the world is no longer a problem with Bing Translator control. The new addition powered by Microsoft’s Translator API will automatically detect text and translate it into a specified language. No more worries about deploying that English news app to China.

Windows has always had the ability to take advantage of Text-to-Speech, but now the service is powered by Bing in Windows 8.1. Developers can take advantage of the new API in their C++, C#, and HTML-based JavaScript applications. In addition, a variety of voices are available now including English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. All languages are powered by a synthesizer female voice, except for English which can be male or female.

Lastly, new integration of Bing Maps is available for developers. Programmers had to go through the pain staking process of parsing JSON-objects to communicate with Bing (very annoying for those who don’t code), now developers simply reference a collection of .NET classes (much easier!).

Bing Maps

Microsoft also announced that the ability for developers to integrate 3D mapping capabilities powered by Bing is coming soon.

Are you excited of Bing beginning to take over or are you still a Googler?

Source: Bing Developer Blog

  • Bing FTW!
  • Big up the Bing
  • I don't yet code, but this sounds good.
  • Bing it, baby!!!
  • Not yet quite as good as Google yet but getting much closer!  I only have to use Google every oncein awhile now.
  • I only use google for street view these days, Bing has successfully replaced it for all other searches for me.
  • I actually have to use Streetview for my job, and it is shocking how lame the Bing version is.
  • Bing Maps has StreetView? I've never seen such a thing... hmm here's why "it contains imagery for selected metro areas in the United States as well as selected areas in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia associated with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (example: Richmond Olympic Oval). Selected cities in Europe were also made available in May 2012."
    That fails so hard - they need to make it as extensive as Google Maps!
  • Is this API already or coming soon for wp8?
  • I am assuming here, but I think all of these resources should be coming to wp 8.1, I am just hoping Microsoft is going to leave all of this for the specific event later on this fall and hopefully there we hear all about a new xbox music and video experience, the new smartglass, the new bing API's. and for gods' sake I hope they finally touch upon all those small little details that the wp OS is missing, all the little options and those pesky little features users want; folders, notification center, close app on multitask, universal search?
  • Competition is good, so Bing it on!
  • Cool but I've been trying to use DuckDuckGo ever since the Snowden leaks. It's pretty good.
  • "Programmers had to go through the pain staking process of parsing JSON-objects to communicate with Bing (very annoying for those who don’t code)" Sorry, show me a programmer who doesn't code? ;-)
  • Bingo !!!
  • Most of the time I still use google for non english searching. and if I can't find what I'm looking for in bing.
  • Still Bing is a bit lame outside US and I'm not entirely sure if Bing rewards are available outside US.