Bing could grace many Android phones in Europe following antitrust settlement

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Bing Wallpapers (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Bing will appear in a download prompt for Android users in several European countries.
  • Bing will be one of four choices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and eight other countries.
  • As always, people can still choose whichever search engine they would like on Android phones.

Bing,, and several other search engines might see more usage on new Android phones in Europe. New Android phones will see a download prompt for several non-Google search engine apps in Europe going forward. The move comes as part of an antitrust settlement in Europe. The right to be one of the choices shown was auctioned off, and Google shared the results of those auctions this week (via Bloomberg).

According to Google's data, will be one of the options in all 31 countries, PrivacyWall will be a choice in 22 countries, and GMX will be listed in 16 countries. Microsoft's Bing will appear as an option in 13 countries, and DuckDuckGo will hold a slot in just eight countries.

Google has a 97 percent market share for search in Europe, and the European Union ruled that Alphabet Inc. had to take steps to reduce its massive foothold on the European search market.

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  • lol. But i doubt people will switch. Lets see what the stats turn out to be however. Curious if existing phones will also see this option pop up or only devices which are newly set up.
  • In Europe bing already accounts for almost 1/3rd of the total search queries.
  • I would prefer to have Duck Duck Go as a choice, bing is awful. I have a widget on the first screen of my phone for Duck Duck Go anyway, I took Google search off.
  • Bing is awful if you are not logged in. Bing has been better for me and provides much better results than Google does especially when I'm researching data and facts.. Google tends to give too much preference to "opinionated article pieces" bing also does that but less.
  • True and you get reward points for using Bing... I don't mind giving some data for free stuff as a payement... At least it's fair... More than Google anyway... That's what I dislike with Google... Free search 3ng8ne for all my data free... Ef that you want my data to make money no prob but I want some especially with your size... If Bing can give me rewards you should be able to give me loads of cash... 1t least pretend not to rip me off... But d9n'5 think I'm stupid... That's the real issue... But yeah Bing loged in is better for non casual research and non shopping whne you are loged in
  • The whole point of me using Duck duck go is, so I am not logged in and my search enquires do not come up with a ton of adverts and then follow me to every site i go to., I am not interested in silly points, I am not a fan of loyalty cards in supermarkets, they get far more out of them than we do, so why would I want points for using a search engine for?
  • If you look at Bing and DuckDuckGo results side by side you'll see they are extremely similar, especially in image and video search.
  • Eat it, Google.
  • I've got $40 of Amazon credits this year from Bing rewards... I only search with Bing. Bought myself 2 pairs of short shorts. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • I'm confused, at what point does it show this prompt for the different search engines?
  • I believe it will be an option when you are initially setting up a new phone.
  • If it doesn't include Duck duck go, then I want a none of the above option.