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BioWare's Anthem will get a beta ahead of release

During this year's E3 conference, BioWare took the wraps off of Anthem, an open world online shooter. While the game is still a long way from launch, Anthem Game Director Jonathan Warner has confirmed that players will be able to get a little hands on time with a beta ahead of release.

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Given the preponderance of beta tests for online games nowadays, that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. And given the fact that Anthem looks to be taking a whole lot of inspiration from Destiny, BioWare will likely want to make sure things are as close to perfect ahead of launch to avoid any unflattering comparisons. That's doubly true following the studio's recent troubles with the prominent Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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What remains to be seen is whether this will be a true beta test in search of bugs, or simply a promotional deal to let gamers play Anthem early. When responding to a followup question on Twitter, Warner said it's "too soon for details" over whether the beta will be a trial through EA access or a separate beta.

EA and Bioware have yet to state a specific release date for Anthem, but the game is expected to arrive sometime during fall of 2018.

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  • So is this where all the TOR devlopers where relocated?
  • This game is a long way from release. Why is anyone worried about a beta test at this point? How about we get more information on the actual story or game play mechanics first.
  • so this is basically MMO Mass Effect
  • ...and we should care why?   It will probably end up just like the ME series did, with the EA overlords cutting its funding , rushing its release, and screwing everyone who bought it in the process. It's a shame too, I loved Bioware's games.