Birdsong is top paid social app in 6 countries

Birdsong, the popular Twitter client for Windows Phone, is reportedly the top paid social application in 6 countries, not to mention being 2nd in Canada and 3rd in Singapore (and 3rd in the U.S. where Seesmic & moTweets edge it out).

Great news for the developers at RedBadger, we would strongly recommend you check out Birdsong if you haven't already. It's a brilliant alternative to the official app on the Marketplace and we hear version 1.3 is coming soon (opens in new tab).

Source: RedBadger (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hi Richard,To make sure that this is not misleading I want to point out that this is regarding the top PAID social apps. Not all social apps.The US was included as one of the six countries. Although it looks like we are often changing positions with 1touch for the title of #1 paid social app in the US at the moment.ThanksCain@redbadgerteam
  • I made the mistake of buying this app. It's useless for doing any sort of management of your Twitter account. You can read tweets. That's about it. It's poorly laid out and annoying in it's lack of features. I tried it because I was frustrated by some missing featues in Beezz. I went back to Beezz after two weeks trying to find something useful in Birdsong.
  • The app is great! The 2nd best twitter app available. Rowi is number one now. Beez is pretty much garbage. Bad UI and design. Beezz tries to do a lot, but doesn't do anything good.