BlackBerry Bold vs. Windows Mobile: Form Factor Fight!

First Kevin got his hands on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 off eBay and put it through its crazy paces over at If you want to know all about the BB Bold, definitely head over to their BlackBerry Bold page for more info than you'll find anywhere else. Next we headed over to the iPhone blog to pit the Blackberry Bold vs. the iPhone, complete with video. Sure, over there it's the iPhone blog, so it's natural that I would accentuate the iPhone there. Yet, there was another reason I didn't dig too deeply into the Bold.

Now we come full circle and the BlackBerry Bold has landed here at WMExperts. Here's that other reason: the Bold is busted. We've told you before that there are potential downsides to using a Network Operations Center (a NOC) to funnel all of your email and most of your data and apps (Beyond the BlackBerry downtime, that is). Add another issue to that list: RIM can (and did) shut down a PIN via their NOC. So what we have here is a BlackBerry Bold that can't email or do any apps that require the NOC or a PIN (like web browsing without WiFi and installing many apps). A BlackBerry that can't do email ain't no kind of BlackBerry at all.

So while we could do a full-on smackdown of the features that do, it wouldn't end up being much different from our previous look at the BlackBerry during the Smartphone Round Robin (First Look at the BB 8310 and Final thoughts on the same). Since we aren't Crackberry addicts, we wouldn't notice too many OS updates beyond the the Bold's updated eye candy, and there's plenty of that in Kevin's articles.

So instead we'll just keep it simple: after the break find a gigantic pile of comparison shots pitting the BlackBerry Bold up against ten different Windows Mobile devices.

(p.s. We may have this for a few days so if there's anything specific you're interested in knowing about, post questions in the comments!)

Bold vs Treo 750

Bold vs. Motorola Q9h

Bold vs. BlackJack II

Bold vs. AT&T Tilt

Bold vs. Pantech Duo

Bold vs T-Mobile Shadow

Bold vs. Motorola Q9m

Bold vs. Samsung SCH-i760

Bold vs. Sprint Mogul / PPC-6800

Bold vs. Sprint Touch

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