BlackJack WM6 Update: Q3 at best

Looks like Dash owners will have something to crow about for a long time: Windows Mobile 6. PocketNow is reporting that the BlackJack won't see the update until "after June." Let's hope that Samsung is using the extra time to get their Carousel interface (opens in new tab) working on it, because it's looking like the folks working on porting it directly are having a difficult time of it. (opens in new tab)

If you're really jonesing to update the ROM on your BlackJack, don't forget there's a minor ROM update available (opens in new tab) direct from Samsung. Windows Mobile 6 it ain't, but it will improve your roaming capabilities. That's something, I guess.

BlackJack owners can expect an update to WM 6 to be available after June

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WC Staff
  • I don
  • I am having a little problem doing the update for the 6 patch samsung blackjack phone.I have made it to step # 5 and when it ask for me to look for the file I got stuck. Can someone please tell me where I can fine the file to start the update process for SGH_i607_GB4_Rebranding_EMR.exe
    Please email me personally if you have to and thanks to whoever can help me do this