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Blast tiny fools in Tiny Space, free on Windows Phone

Tiny Space

What’s better than a free game? Not much, which is why you should check out Tiny Space. That’s two new free games this week we've covered, the other being Monster Burner with Xbox Live. Tiny Space is a tiny game, but it’s pretty fun. Let’s check it out.

After downloading Tiny Space you’ll notice no tutorial, but that’s okay because gameplay is straightforward and simple. If you aren’t in a waiting room, playing with sound is recommended. It’s got a nice, futuristic soundtrack that gets you into that deep space battle mode.

Gameplay is fairly simple. There are three bases on the board: green, blue and red. You’ll select your color and difficulty. Start with easy to get the hang of it, medium and hard are fairly challenging. When the game starts, you take command of a bunch of starships that your base generates.

Your objective is to destroy the other two bases with those starships. The place where you tap the map will direct your starships to aggregate (gather). As your ships destroy others you’ll get the option to upgrade your fleet on the left. You can increase their damage, armor, speed, and health. The trick is deciding which skill you want to upgrade your army with. You win by destroying the opposing bases.

It’s a fun game. While it might need a little more polish (a tutorial to start, and balancing the difficulty settings), it’s hard to argue for the price of F-R-E-E. It’s one of those games that works well at killing time when you have a few minutes to spare. How cool would this be with an online multiplayer mode?

You can grab Tiny Space for free in the Windows Phone Store right here. It’s available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. QR codes below or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Tiny Space

  • Cool...but on an off note...where is N.O.V.A.? Someone on the article from yesterday, claimed to be from Gameloft and stated that it has been pulled. Thought it was a joke, but here we are Thursday, and no N.O.V.A. I seriously hope not.
  • Nova is coming sometime in may. Come down jeez
  • Come down? Did I sound like I was freaking out or instilling a riot? Sounds more like YOU need to calm down.
  • yeah man..
  • Yeah its confirmed. No N.O.V.A for you. The rest of us, however, will get it when it comes out.
  • We addressed that in the Monster Burner article and updated our NOVA 3 post as well. Our source on the NOVA 3 release date was not Microsoft, and the information ended up being incorrect. Sorry to let you guys down, but NOVA 3 is still coming in May according to Gameloft. Also, I banned that troll account you referred to.
  • band the troll account 'kidjenius'.
  • I read on a dutch site that it's coming today... Lets see
  • Fun little time waster.
  • Tiny Space developer: please publish this game in the Brazilian WP Store. I can help you with this.
  • Hmm the amount of strategy that can be employed is rather limited by the controls
  • Just dled and played this, actually a lot of fun! Takes long to finish a game sometimes though.
  • That could be both a good and a bad thing though.
  • Awesome think there's two apps hsbc and one official app two block numbers i don't have any unfriendlys lol but it would be nice to get that one thing iphone and android has for the sake of it
  • Wat
  • Let this be a lesson to us all. Don't post in forums after a night of drinking, just go to bed.
  • Only ones the phones missing realy
  • Great little game. Hopefully a future update or a paid version introduces more content and strategy options.
  • i just want jetpack joyride :(
  • Me too! tired of the xbox live certification bullcrap.
  • If im right from what i can see then sallys salon le is dotw 79p
  • nice article. downloading it now.
  • The graphics somewhat remind me of Every Extend Extra.  Now there's a game that should be on smartphones, along with the abiltilty to play your own tracks.  I wish!
  • free is awesome thanks wpc for the info
  • Free, only 8mb, It's not going to have to remove anything on my 8X to install it, I'll give it shot...
  • OMG.... I think I just found my new addiction... at least for a couple days hehehe.
  • It looks very similar to Alpha Invasion. But since this is great game and i enjoy playing it, i give Tiny Space a shot.
  • It's easy in easy mode, doable in medium mode, but really hard in hard mode. Tried 4 times in hard mode : impossible ! Lots of fun though.
  • The trick to the game on all modes is to get out of the gate early and earn some kills so you can get a couple point upgrades. After that its just managing your fleet to try and come from two directions at once. Fun game, but they aren't quick. Won the first 4-5 games on hard but it took about 10 minutes for each one. I'd like a little more info on what the max is for each upgrade, and K/D ratio of all three colors.