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Bleeding Edge is no longer receiving content updates on Xbox and PC, will remain playable

Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge (Image credit: Microsoft | Ninja Theory)

What you need to know

  • Bleeding Edge is an online multiplayer arena game similar to Overwatch from Microsoft and Ninja Theory.
  • While it had some interesting ideas, the game lacked content at launch and never got a ton of support from Ninja Theory.
  • Ninja Theory has announced on Twitter that Bleeding Edge will not receive any further content updates going forward.
  • The game will still be playable on Xbox and PC, so players can still enjoy what Bleeding Edge has to offer right now.

Bleeding Edge was a fascinating game from Microsoft and storied developer Ninja Theory that heavily borrowed from titles like Overwatch. While the game had a ton of potential for greatness like mentioned in our Bleeding Edge review, it severely lacked content at launch. Ninja Theory never quite delivered on the promise of future support, either, and now it looks like Bleeding Edge will never live up to its potential. The Bleeding Edge team announced today that the game will no longer receive any further content updates moving forward.

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Bleeding Edge will continue to be fully playable on Xbox and PC, so players who are still enjoying the game can keep fighting. However, there will no longer be any new content for the game, as Ninja Theory pivots to focus entirely on other projects like Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Project Mara, and more.

While this development is unfortunate, it did appear to be inevitable. Our own Jez Corden wrote about how Bleeding Edge had seemingly been abandoned by Ninja Theory and Microsoft in October of last year, and little has changed since then.

Bleeding Edge is still available through Xbox Game Pass if you want to see what could've been. Or, instead, you can shift your focus to one of the other fantastic multiplayer games available on Xbox, including the Best Multiplayer Shooters for Xbox and Best Multiplayer Co-Ops for Xbox.

Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • Not surprised at all they only added one character
  • That's too bad. Bleeding Edge had some interesting ideas and it wasn't a bad game it just didn't do anything to really stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, they'll keep the servers up at least through the end of the year.
  • I enjoyed the game although I endured lag issues and stopped playing because of that, it's really hard to parry attacks when your button presses don't sync up to the action.