Blizzard Entertainment and Lego have teamed up to create a limited edition, exclusive Lego set based on the Overwatch character Bastion. The Omnic Bastion 75987 182-piece building kit is available through the official Blizzard store for $25. If you're going to BlizzCon in November, it will also be available there. The site has a minimum shipping threshold of $100, so you'll end up paying at least $6 in shipping if your order isn't above that minimum.

The toy features Bastion in his fully mobile Recon mode complete with his bird sidekick, Ganymede. The colors represent Bastion's Omnic Crisis orange skin and not his default appearance in the popular video game. He can swivel at the waist, move his arms, and has a small sub machine gun on his right arm. The toy is more than four inches tall and suitable for ages 10 and up. It is also fully compatible with other Lego sets, so Bastion can visit London or get ready for his next fishing trip at Anton's Bait Shop before his next match.

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