BMW and Microsoft have announced that Skype for Business is coming to BMW 5 series cars. The announcement, made at BMW's Innovation Days event and expounded upon by Microsoft, expands a partnership between the two companies that first kicked off in 2016, which brought Office 365 communications to BMW 5 series cars in December.

Microsoft and BMW are bringing Skype for Business to 5 series cars

From Microsoft:

Thursday, at BMW's annual 'Innovation Days' event in Chicago, BMW announced it will expand those services to include Skype for Business, making Skype meetings available in car. This functionality will be integrated and operated via BMW's iDrive system. The services will be offered in Germany, France and the U.K., with other markets coming soon.

Skype for Business in the 5 series will allow for business users who take advantage of the service at work to also dial into calls on the go.

Eventually, we might also see Cortana come to the dash in BMW cars. At CES 2017, BMW released a concept video that showed off just that. Volvo, who has already brought Skype for Business to some of its own vehicles, is also working on bringing Cortana to its cars. Mercedes-Benz is also among the car manufacturers that have partnered with Microsoft, having worked on an "in-car office".

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