What you need to know

  • Borderlands 3 received a new hotfix.
  • Hotfixes are not permanent.
  • This latest hotfix buffs a few legendary weapons.

Borderlands 3's latest hotfix addresses some bug concerns, but the main focus appears to be on player character and weapon buffs. Notably, a few legendary weapons received damage increases, along with FL4K's Rakk Attack ability.

Weapon hotfixes

  • The Lob's projectile tick damage is now 60% of base damage (up from 20%) and projectile speed decelerates faster to increase chances of hitting the same target multiple times
  • Creeping Death damage increased by 200%
  • Carrier damage increased by 60%
  • Gunerang damage increased by 20%
  • All Sniper Rifle Zoom Levels have been slightly reduced
  • Long scopes on Jakobs, Children of the Vault, and DAHL Assault Rifles have also been slightly reduced

Anointed Parts:

  • When Zane swaps positions with his Digi-Clone, the damage gained is increased to 130% (up from 75%)
  • When FL4K hits a target with Rakks, the target now takes 100% increased damage (up from 50%)
  • The Anointed part "Increased damage vs Badasses" no longer heals the player and now correctly adds bonus damage to Badass enemies

As for other character buffs and nerfs, Moze's "Means of Destruction" ability was further tweaked to still prevent players from spamming the ability and gaining infinite grenades, but this time making it a feasible ability for builds that use it. The ability now has a re-trigger delay of 0.3 seconds — dramatically reduced from 2 seconds in the previous hotfix. A future patch will permanently address this issue.

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