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Borderlands 3 features 30 and 60 FPS modes on Xbox One X (update)

Borderlands 3 Eden-6
Borderlands 3 Eden-6 (Image credit: Gearbox)

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 (Image credit: 2K Games)

What you need to know

  • Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter from Gearbox Software.
  • The game is supposed to launch in September.
  • The title features two graphical options on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • You can preorder the game for $60 on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Updated October 3, 2019: According to a report by Digital Foundry, Borderlands 3 runs at 1800p on both Xbox One X and PlayStation 4. The Gearbox Software listing on the Microsoft Store is incorrect.

Updated August 15, 2019: A spokesperson from publisher 2K Games reached out to us and said that the game features two modes on Xbox One X. Favor Resolution boosts the visuals to 4K resolution, but caps the frame rate to 30 frames per second (FPS). However, Favor Performance lowers the resolution to 1080p, but unlocks the frame rate so that it goes up to 60 FPS. It's unclear if the final build will feature a stable 60 FPS or a fluctuating frame rate, but that's the goal at the moment. We've also learned that the game will come in at 40 GB on Xbox One X and features a field-of-view slider.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Borderlands 3 ran at 4K resolution on Xbox One X and supported variable refresh rates (VRR) over FreeSync. The only question that remained was what the frame rate was clocked at. We were finally able to get an answer at the Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal which took place this week. According to Gearbox Software's producer Chris Brock, the team is aiming for 60 frames per second (FPS) on Xbox One X. Unfortunately, the base console will be locked to 30 FPS.

While Brock wouldn't commit to a final frame rate, he added that the developer was trying to let players choose between performance and graphics on Xbox One X. This probably means that you'll be able to choose between 4K 30 FPS and 1080p 60 FPS. However, the resolution of the performance mode may be higher. As Borderlands 3 is still in active development, these figures aren't set in stone. We'll have a better picture closer to September when the game launches.

Xbox One will be 30 FPS. Xbox One X we're shooting for 60 FPS, but we'll do what we can. We intend to offer favor fidelity and favor performance-type options. Yes, 4K on Xbox One X.

It's great to see that Gearbox is working on bringing 60 FPS gameplay to Xbox One X. Hopefully this will make its way to the final build of the game.

How would you play Borderlands 3? Would you toggle performance or graphics mode? Let us know.

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  • They should target 60 fps on the base Xbox One. No way games like Halo 5 has done it years ago and a game like borderlands can't
  • ALL games on the Xbox One X should really be offering 60fps as standard. It's ridiculous in this age where 'the most powerful console on the planet' that can flirt with 4k at ease struggles to offer a 60fps experience (even at 1080p). Games look, play and feel better at faster frame rates. The fact that Borderlands 3 is aiming for a 60fps baseline gives me hope that developers moving forward recognize and appreciate that smooth, higher FPS experiences bring more enjoyment than chasing the 4k meta. As a GAMER I will take 60/1080p over 30/4k every day - any day.
  • It might even be 4K 60 FPS or 1800p-1600p 60 FPS. We should know more closer to September. Nothing is set in stone at the moment.
  • Article says its 1080P 60fps pretty sad when the handsome collection runs at 4K 60fps on my pro and x1 is the same I Assume. No excuse should be 4k 60fps
  • Lots of games on the pro give the option 4k 30 or like 1440P and 60 GOW Horizon ZD both tomb raiders, Last of us Infamous SS And first light just to name a few.