Bounce for Band uses the Microsoft Band as the controller in this Windows Phone game

The Microsoft Band has a lot of potential and third-party apps are doing a great job giving us a glimpse of what's possible. For example, take a look at Bounce for Band. It's a game for Windows Phone that requires the Microsoft Band to control the action. The goal is simple. Bounce as long as you can while avoiding the gaps in the moving floor. See it in action in our gameplay video.

Before you start playing, make sure the Microsoft Band is connected to your phone. You can confirm this by syncing with the Microsoft Health app first. To play, you'll need to wear the band with the face on same side as your palm. While your hand is facing down, twist your wrist clockwise or counterclockwise to direct the ball. While you can hold your phone with the other hand, it's much better to place it on a flat surface like a desk.

The main menu has several options. Tap the play button to start playing. To switch things up, there's an inverted option. Instead of bouncing on top of the platform, the inverted version bounces at the bottom. The help section explains the controls.

You can enable or disable the background sound or vibration, but we like leaving them on. You feel the vibration on the Microsoft Band when the ball hits the platform.

If you have a Microsoft Band, then you should definitely check out Bounce for Band. It is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. The game was created by Carl Robinson who says it is a proof of concept for an idea that came up late one night. We look forward to more games that can use the Microsoft Band as a controller.

Go check out Bounce for Band and share your high scores!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • *orders Band*
  • haha, worse reason ever to get a band, but it does look interesting. I expeted a lot more lag in the control.
  • You'd be surprised. I broke this out at a party last night and people were getting really excited about it, they had a lot of fun, were more excited for the device.
  • Wow this is really cool
  • This is honestly a really simple and great way to demonstrate the API for the Microsoft Band. I am very excited for when I get mine, I will start building applications for it :).
  • Good for someone who has band
  • Obviously
  • Who knows, it may be a fun spectator sport too!
  • I have had it for like a month now and all my friend love it
  • Circular designs suit windows phone so beautifully. May be better than Android. I loved the 'Circle' stopwatch and now this.
  • I was just thinking this too!! I've totally been against it until I saw the progress circle on the tech preview. This app looks like 6discover looks. But the point is still made that it looks really good with the overall design of the OS. Looks better than the color scheme of Android as well. Everything there is more pastel and brighter.
  • I will like to see now what that iCwatch fuaker knows to do. :)))
  • Getting my Band in the mail on either Monday or Tuesday, and there are so many great apps out there already! I'm so glad that I have so many choices and cool things to look forward to, and the appreciate everyone who works to make this possible.
  • Dear developers, using this same control premise make a game where you watch gladiators fight. You, as the emperor, use your band to give thumbs up or thumbs down to let combatants live or die. You're welcome.
  • awesome idea
  • LOL
  • How about a drinking game? Wear wrist facing, and try not to spill.
  • 18 is my best so far...
  • Mines 29
  • My best is 44. So addicting!
  • The Band basically has all the sensors that a Wiimote has. Microsoft should use this to augment their Kinect games. It'll give it more accuracy and precision while still keeping with the "you are the controller" theme
  • Except you would need two bands to accomplish this, at least. If you have a hand/foot game, you need four.
  • Not necessarily. For a lot of motions you could simply mimic the other with your non-dominant hand. But I still don't understand how this would really help gaming in anyway other than some motion data, which the Kinect can see anyways, right? Well I guess it could augment the responsiveness somehow...
  • I can see a bright future of band hope they will make a more wider and curved display version of band
  • which phone is that in the picture?  looks nice!  
  • 930
  • Gold Lumia 930 eh. Nice! Lol
  • Now, when your XBox can connect to your Band, I would love to use this kind of motion to reload my assault rifle playing COD
  • This is a clever idea...
  • Chill cool cool!
  • Neat idea. Might be fun to watch someone play from a distance. LOL
  • this game could be made to work for sensorcore too I imagine?  So that you don't necessarily have to have a band?
  • That 930 looks damn cool :)
  • This is like the POWER GLOVE!!!!! OMG....bring back RAD RACER!!!!! "I love the power's so bad!"
  • Hey so this doesn't work on my 1520. Like it plays but it's not scaling correctly. Ball bounces off the screen like immediately. Anyone experience that?
  • Switch the band to the underside of your wrist aka read the directions.
  • I can NOT go past the first hole either on my L1520. I am wearing it correctly.
  • Good concept but don't play it for too long. Twisting the wrist is bad ergonomics and can lead to repetitive stress injuries.
  • Cool game. Works great.
  • This is really fantastic! Challenging and fun. Simple and brutal, too.
  • Just got my Band today, so... cool.
  • But my band is on my left wrist and I'm right handed! Maybe it'll teach me coordination.
  • Is it possible to have a lie detector game? Using the heart rate monitor to detect when someone's heart speeds up as they lie? Honestly curious here.
  • Awesome proof of concept! Because of the ergonomics of the wrist, there is a bit of strain turning your wrists inward. Perhaps the developer can calibrate a mode where your neutral position is when your hand is standing up (imagine karate chop, haha). I think in that position you'll have better room to tilt back and forth without the strain.
  • Just Dance Now for MS Band?