Boximals Strike - knock it out of the park with this Windows Phone game

Boximals Strike is the latest box styled game from Victory Square Games and a decent time waster of a Windows Phone game. You play the role of Rizzy Rabbit who is practicing his baseball swing. The goal is simple, hit as many baseballs as possible without letting Rizzy get hit by a pitch.

There are a few power-ups mixed in with the pitches to help Rizzy up his score. Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the game may not appeal to everyone but it will test your skills at timing and concentration. In just playing Boximals Strike over the past few days, the game has grown on me and overall, it's not a bad Windows Phone game to pass the time with.

Boximals Strike Menu

There's not much to Boximals Strike's main menu. There is a "? " button in the upper right corner that will pop-up a very minimal help screen and you have a play button located center screen.

The bottom of the gaming screen has Rizzy Rabbit positioned across the screen from a pitching machine and your score/health lining the top of the screen. Game mechanics with Boximals Strike follows suit with the simplicity of the main menu. Just tap the screen to have Rizzy Rabbit swing at the pitches.

Boximals Strike

If you miss a pitch, Rizzy gets beamed with the baseball and he will lose a bit of his health. Each hit scores you a point and mixed in with the pitches you will find hearts to replenish Rizzy's health, carrots to make Rizzy super-sized and a bubble that will create a shield that slows down the baseballs as they approach Rizzy.

Your first instinct when the power-ups first appear is to swing the bat and hit them. While that is an option, you will need to let Rizzy get hit with the power-up for them to affect him. Should you choose to swing away at a power-up, you will earn a point with each hit but be careful, if you knock a power-up into the pitching machine it will benefit from the boost.

Boximals Strike

To help spice things up a little, as you play the game balloons will start to drift across the top of the screen. Hit a balloon with a baseball and you earn a few extra points.

As you might guess, the more pitches you hit the faster the pitches become. There's not much to Boximals Strike but the Windows Phone game will test your skills at timing and concentration.

Overall Impression

Boximals Strike reminds me of a mini-game that you would find in a platformer game. Something along the lines of a penny arcade game that doesn't have many bells or whistles but is still has appeal.

I do not think Boximals can hold up to marathon gaming sessions but if you need help passing shorter periods of time, it should do fine. The graphics are nice and falls in line with the other Boximal games from Victory Square Games. Game play has its challenges and it does take a little concentration to make contact with the pitches.

I would have liked a more detailed help screen that covered the power-ups but learning as you play isn't too difficult. The game also needs something to spice it up and offer a little variety. Maybe unlockable characters that become available at certain scoring levels.

Overall, Boximals Strike is a nice time waster of a Windows Phone game. At last check, the game was bringing home a 4.5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which isn't too far from the mark for Boximals Strike.

If you try Boximals Strike, let us know what you think of the game in the comments. Also, remember to rate the game in the Windows Phone Store to give the developer feedback on their work.

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