Brando Music Dock for TyTN

Those of you who've eschewed the iPod and are using your WM phone for music, if you're like me, are no doubt jealous of the iPod wide array of accessories. Well, here's a leg-up: a Music/Syncing dock for your TyTN (or Cingular 8525, for those of you in the states). Looks snazzy.

HTC TyTN Music DockFeatures:Charging and HotSync for your device.Stereo speaker system3.5mm stereo line-in for other audio devices like MP3/MD/CD player, etc.Blue soft-light illumination.Dock size : 176 x 70 x 42 mmModel:HTC TyTNi-mate JasJamQtek 9600O2 XDA TrionDopod CHT 9000Orange SPV M3100Cingular 8525Included :Charger with USB female head3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cableCharger and HotSync cable

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WC Staff