Bridge Constructor Portal hits the Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Nearly a year since initially releasing on PC, Bridge Constructor Portal is hitting the Microsoft Store. The game, which is a Bridge Constructor spin-off that adopts the absurdity and gameplay of the Portal franchise, now available on the Microsoft Store for $10 (opens in new tab).

The puzzle gameplay here operates on a simple premise but can be incredibly difficult as players square off against a series of challenges presented by Portal nemesis GLaDOS. You'll have to strategically place portals and build bridges to complete each challenge while also dodging turrets, laser beams, and avoiding death at the depths of toxic liquids.

If you're on the fence, be sure to check out our review of the game, in which we found Bridge Constructor Portal to be a fun experience that may not necessarily blow you away. Otherwise, you can pick up the game now from the Microsoft Store for $10. Alternatively, Bridge Constructor Portal is also available across Xbox One (opens in new tab) and other consoles, and it's currently on sale at Steam for $5.

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  • Not play anywhere, more expensive than steam... and no one buys it. Fail Microsoft, gotta execute the idea more.
  • It's currently on sale on Steam, the regular price is the same.
  • Oh right yea, my bad. not. regional pricing I guess. £7.19 on steam (not on sale). £8.03 on Xbox (on sale), regular price £11.99. Even on sale, it's more expensive on the xbox.
  • Nice the usual blame Microsoft without putting another thought into it.
  • It's the choice of the developer/publisher.
  • Well to be fair, XPA really isn't going to happen with a Valve owned IP like Portal (I assume Valve owns that IP). Steam price also can't be controlled by them.
  • looks odd but, good fun