Test your engineering skills with Bridge Constructor for Windows PC and Phone

Bridge Constructor is a challenging puzzle game that is available for both Windows PC and Phones. The storyline has an earthquake wiping out a small countries bridges and it is up to you to rebuild them. The challenge is that you lack any blueprints to follow.

Each of the forty puzzle levels will have a limited budget to work from and any structure built must hold up to a test flow of traffic. Graphics are good and the puzzles will challenge your skills at engineering, imagination and patience. We took the Windows Phone version of the game out for a test drive and found Bridge Constructor to be a solid puzzle game and a great addition to the Windows gaming library.

Bridge Constructor

The main menu for Bridge Constructor offers you the option to jump into gameplay, view the gaming credits and reset the game. The storyline behind the game has your traveling to the island country of Camatuga where all the bridges have been destroyed by a major earthquake. You are tasked to rebuild all of the bridges and restore order to the country's transportation network.

You will have to build bridges that traverse canyons, canals and rivers. Each level of gameplay will supply you with a modest budget for materials and as you progress through the game, new construction items will be added to your inventory.

Bridge Constructor

The game starts out with a simple bridge to re-construct and several tutorial windows to guide you through the process. Your materials are limited to wood planks as you begin the game with cables, concrete and other supplies eventually becoming available.

Bridge Constructor

Each gaming level will present you with an empty gap in the road where the bridge should go. You tap/hold your finger on the screen to trace where a plank should go and slowly build the bridge. A grid overlay is present to help you gauge distances and the planks do have a defined length.

As you build the platform of the bridge, you will need to take into account any support that is needed to stabilize the bridge and make it safe for travel. If you need to remove a section of the bridge and start over, you have a Back Button available or you can double tap on the section of the bridge you want to be removed.

Bridge Constructor

There is a budget for each level and your finances will appear at the top of the construction screen. You also have hints that are available to point you in the right direction. Hints will cost you coins that are earned during gameplay or you can pick up a handful through in-app purchases.

Once you have everything set, you can hit the play button at the bottom of the construction screen to review your work. If the bridge lacks support, it will sag in those areas and if support is weak enough, the bridge will collapse. There is no penalty to revisit the construction screen to fine-tune your bridge to make it travel worthy.

Bridge Constructor

To be successful, your bridge must be tested out by driving vehicles across it. You start out with the option of driving passenger cars or light trucks across it and will eventually have semi-trucks available to test your bridges with. The larger the vehicle, the more bonus points you earn.

Not your typical Erector Set

Bridge Constructor is currently running $2.99 and does have a free-trial version that will give you access to the first five bridge puzzles. In playing the game, if you like to pass the time with challenging puzzle games it won't take long before you take the plunge and buy the full game.

In many ways, the game does have an Erector Set feel to it, just without all the little nuts and bolts to lose track of. There are no complaints with the graphic quality and with the grid overlay and the ability to zoom in/out on the construction, the mechanics of play are very user-friendly. If you try a move that isn't possible, you will hear a clank sound and will have to re-think your designs.

You do have the ability to locally save a game if you have to jump ship before construction is completed. This is a nice touch to help you avoid starting some of the more complicated levels from the start when you get back to gaming.

All in all, Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game worth checking out. It is available for both Windows PC and Phones, but gameplay does not transfer.

Download Bridge Constructor for Windows PC and Phones (Trial / $2.99)

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