Bright Weather for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds lockscreen support and a trial version

Bright Weather is a visually appealing Windows Phone 8 weather app that delivers everything from the current weather conditions to a five day forecast to moon phases to your Windows Phone.

Bright Weather was updated the other day to bring a handful of new features to the party that includes lockscreen support and a free trial mode.  We were rather impressed with the Windows Phone 8 weather app and the updated version simply adds to Bright Weather's appeal.

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The changes that are included in the version 1.1 update for Bright Weather include:

  • Added lockscreen support with local picture and weather support
  • Added trial mode to let you try things out before buying
  • Added the capability to change the background of the weather
  • Removing a city from you locations now removes the associated Live Tile
  • A few cosmetic enhancements
  • A few bug fixes
  • Better French translations.

While you can use a local image for your lockscreen wallpaper, the weather information is one style. Your current condition, forecast city and five day forecast are nicely displayed center screen.

It's nice to see a trial version come into play to give everyone a chance to try things out before taking the plunge. You get all the functionality with ads and fake data used for the Live Tile and lockscreen features.

The full version of Bright Weather is currently running $1.49 and is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can pick your copy of Bright Weather up here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Bing weather is better..
  • Since the last update Bing weather no longer allows me to place a location based live tile... Grr... Was really frustrating while in vacation the past two weeks...
  • Try reinstalling.. No such probs here..
  • I've done that, doesn't change.  Just pins the location that you were in and stays there and doesn't reflect where you currently are.
    I did the reinstall thing in Knoxville, TN, and looked at it again when we made a restop in Georgetown, KY - live tile still said Knoxville, TN.  Tried pinning it again - it said Georgetown, KY, but still said that 3 hours up the road... Very frustrating.
  • Been having the same issues
  • Bing weather uses random background image's for the lock screen. Accuweather has the best lock screen. Unfortunately their live tile is weak. I use weather channel. If Bing would just clone HTC's weather app with animations I'd gladly pay for it.
  • Random background images? Not in my case. Their is like a single picture for every time of weather. If it's sunny for example, it's just a nice clean blue. Always.
  • One feature I really wish Bing Weather would add is the ability to use local images for the lockscreen wallpaper.
  • I agree
  • Need instagram, Temple run 2, and Minion Rush. Come ooon!
  • It will be released soon just wait...
  • I second that!
  • minion rush cant wait too
  • Am I the only one who feels there are too many weather apps? It is not bad but there are tons of good already so I dont think it will help the devs either because of too much competition between them.
    Besides there is official bing weather app which is very good.
    I hope the devs concentrate on the apps that are missing in the store. 
  • Same thoughts here, dude. Furthermore many of them look great, but are not reliable that much (not their faults but their providers one), at least where I live :-/ Will stick to Bing weather...
  • My weather app is 'look out of the window'
  • Probably the most accurate one.
  • I disagree. While there are a lot of them, there are some I like more than others (and some that do it in very interesting ways).
  • If WP has so many Weather apps, think how many of those million apps from iOS and Android are Weather ones :))
  • Isn't this by the same dude who does beautiful widgets on android? I'll always support this guy, apps are constantly updated and he answers emails back daily. If its not the same guy, well its a blatant rip off then.
  • I'm wondering the same thing. Its the same logo.
  • It is the same developer (LevelUp Studio).  May have to give this a spin since Beautiful Widgets is one of the first things I install on my Android devices.
  • I was wondering what had changed.
  • For a second I read "Bing Weather", then I saw "trial" and then : *huh?*
    *reads again*
    *oh, nevermind*
  • Bing is visually excellent. If only it was remotely correct!! I find Accuweather to be the nearest in terms of getting it nearly right.
  • The first decent weather app to include a solid live radar feature will have me.  Why none of them are doing this I cannot understand at all.  
  • Because that kind of data costs. Users want apps to be free in general, or at base price. One or two levels above base and most will not pay for an app. You would be in a minority at least.
  • The weather channel has best live radar and van even be a double wide tile.
  • This weather app stinks
  • Hello there! Thanks for the feedback!
    We have identified a bug with the live tiles and lockscreen not updating since the weather provider changed something in the weather feed. We are working on an hotfix right now.