Briquid Mini, a watery Windows Phone puzzle game to give you fits

Briquid Mini is one of the more recent releases from Game Troopers and challenges you to guide a water supply from Point A to Point B. You do so by breaking bricks and building new ones to create a path the water can flow across.

Briquid Mini does have in-game Xbox achievements to earn, simple but effective graphics and the physics-based puzzles offer a nice range of difficulties. You will face one level that may only take a few seconds to solve, then face one that may take a few dozen attempts to solve. Briquid Mini is yet another fantastic Windows Phone game from the creative minds at Game Troopers.

Briquid Mini

The primary menu for Briquid offers you the option to jump into game play, view your achievements and access the game's settings. Settings cover sound and music levels, language selection and tilt calibration. Briquid Mini gives you the ability to control the flow of your water supply to a degree by tilting your Windows Phone. Much like you can by tilting a glass of water to prevent it from spilling.

Briquid Mini

The game layout is very minimalistic. You have a supply of water in one area of the screen, a designated area where you need to transfer the water and a host of bricks between the two points. You move the water by removing bricks and adding new ones to create channels for the water to flow through.

Briquid Mini

In the left side of the gaming screen, you will see a few controls and counters that, from top to bottom, include:

  • The percentage of water successfully moved
  • A button to change the gravity (or you can simply tilt your Windows Phone)
  • A pause button that will let you restart the level or return to the main menu
  • An undo button to take back any of your moves
  • A move counter

Each level will have a limited number of moves and your direction of gravity is indicated by a series of yellow arrows that line the sides of the screen. A move can be the removal of a brick, adding a brick or shifting the water by a gravity shift.

Briquid's puzzles can be simple, requiring the removal of just a few bricks or shifting the gravity a few times to get the water moved into the designated area. Some puzzles have multiple bodies of water to move and many of the puzzles will take several combinations of removing and adding a brick, along with gravity shifts to complete.

Briquid Mini

In tinkering with Briquid Mini for a short time, there is often more than one solution to the 100 puzzles and your final score is based on the amount of water you successfully transfer and the number of moves required to get the job done. Naturally, you fail a level if you run out of moves.

Overall Impression

If you like physic based puzzle games, I think you will like Briquid Mini. Briquid is not an overly complicated game to pick up, but will take some thought and patience to solve all 100 levels. Graphics and animations are nicely drawn up and many will like the Xbox integration.

Briquid Mini is well suited for short bits of time and it can hold up for longer gaming sessions should the urge hit you. At last check, Briquid Mini is pulling down a 4.5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store with several describing the game as fun, entertaining and addictive. All of which is right on the money.

Briquid Mini is running $.99 over in the Windows Phone Store and if you give the game a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

Download Briquid Mini from the Windows Phone Store

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