Gameloft has announced that its anticipated gaming title Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War will be headed to Windows Phone sometime after December 17. The developer says that Brothers in Arms 3 will arrive first on iOS and Android platforms on December 17, with a Windows launch to follow shortly after.

Teasing the game ahead of its scheduled debut, Gameloft describes the following features that the game will support:

A mix of free movement and cover gameplay

  • Use the d-pad to freely advance to strategic locations or attack head-on.

  • Move been covers to protect yourself from enemy fire & plan your next attack

Single Player Campaign

  • Different mission types to play and get better at: assault, siege, sniper, and stealth

  • Short and intense missions meant for an on-the-go experience

  • Progress through 8 chapters of missions

Squad based play with brothers

  • 12 brothers in total, each with a unique ability and 4 upgrade-able stats

  • Strategically choose which brother you take on missions

5 classes of weapons

  • Progress with 4 traditional weapon classes: SMG, rifle, assault, and sniper

  • Explore using the 5th class of weapons: experimental weapons with unusual abilities

Expand your skill by taking on additional missions

  • Play RAID, Commando, and Blueprint missions

via: 1800PocketPC; Thanks, Josh!