Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War coming to Windows Phone after December 17

Gameloft has announced that its anticipated gaming title Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War will be headed to Windows Phone sometime after December 17. The developer says that Brothers in Arms 3 will arrive first on iOS and Android platforms on December 17, with a Windows launch to follow shortly after.

Teasing the game ahead of its scheduled debut, Gameloft describes the following features that the game will support:

A mix of free movement and cover gameplay

  • Use the d-pad to freely advance to strategic locations or attack head-on.
  • Move been covers to protect yourself from enemy fire & plan your next attack

Single Player Campaign

  • Different mission types to play and get better at: assault, siege, sniper, and stealth
  • Short and intense missions meant for an on-the-go experience
  • Progress through 8 chapters of missions

Squad based play with brothers

  • 12 brothers in total, each with a unique ability and 4 upgrade-able stats
  • Strategically choose which brother you take on missions

5 classes of weapons

  • Progress with 4 traditional weapon classes: SMG, rifle, assault, and sniper
  • Explore using the 5th class of weapons: experimental weapons with unusual abilities

Expand your skill by taking on additional missions

  • Play RAID, Commando, and Blueprint missions

via: 1800PocketPC; Thanks, Josh!

Chuong Nguyen

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  • Damn, I'm going to have my first semester exams! The games just keep coming! Leave me alone! Just joking. :p
  • I know that feel. I felt the same when they start to launch a bunch of new movies. Shut up and take my money.
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  • Here, have a cup of tea. It's $6.99 please, because you're rich.
  • My Software engineering exam and computer architecture exams are a few days away and I'm still playing Minecraft PE... Sigh. If oh well.
  • Similar fate here, mate :(
    Semester exams beginning from the 22nd and all the good game news are raining one after the another....
    I'm happy but I'm sad :|
  • Better later than never. I've already get use to it. But I hope they don't make we wait as much as Candy Crush.
  • Nah, Gameloft is different from King. A good point about them is that they release games for all OSes at the same time.
  • More and more games for Windows I swear. Its freaking amazing.
  • This and Halo Strike!
  • And the left overs go to windows better come before Christmas!!!
  • No! Release it the same day! My friends are going to laugh at me!
  • Ask them to download age of empire :p
  • And Halo Spartan Assault. Ask them to download that, tell them how amazing it is.
  • And tentacles: Enter the mind
  • But it's not amazing. The Windows Phone version in particular has awful touch screen controls. Also, there are far better twin-stick shooters on other mobile platforms. Perhaps Spartan Strike will be different.
  • Thanks for the support Gameloft! :)
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  • Man I can't wait, and when the new Halo hits, I'm going nuts!!!! I wish I could build a complete wall around my cubicle and have the wall be 14 ft high... I'll work all morning but after lunch, its on!!!! Oh well wishful thinking... Lol!
  • I'm gonna download this when it arrives :)
  • Is there a reason the Windows Phone version comes later? Like the fact that the system is very different and they have to do a few tweaks, or is it marketing or something like that?
  • Likely a few tweaks or additional features. The same reason why the WP version of Asphalt Overdrive was delayed. :)
  • Maybe it'll have Xbox support.
  • You're welcome guys! :)
  • Hopefully it'll have an option for advanced graphics and fps for those of us on snapdragon 80x devices.
  • Wow can't wait....
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  • 512 RAM support?
  • Hope its a 512 cause my 830 is coming next year. :/
  • 512 ram! I'm using a 521. Oh well, ordering a Blu Win HD on Thursday.
  • Hope it supports low ram phones, but it's the same to me as this game may be paid anyway
  • Won't work on 512 Ram for sure, what a drag
  • Games just keep coming out, how am I supposed to take my first semester exam now :P
  • It seems this game support at least 1gb ram.
  • Will tat support fr 512mb ram devices
  • Will it support low ram devices?
  • I think this images look like commands d day.
  • Oh no, another game Gameloft will destroy! Any other developer plzzzzzzz.
  • Will it be available for 512 mb ram users...????
  • Wow! It's already Christmas for the Windows Store! Keep them coming!!
  • Missed this game. Played the original one on my n72 and n73.
  • Please alow us to play this awesome game on my 512mb ram device
  • Love the title 'after Dec 17th. August 2nd 2015 is after Dec 17 2014! Just let us know WHEN these app/games are released, not rumours, or guesses!
  • Hey gameloft please update this game like Android...
  • Plzzz rich and stars for my game
  • Madel 5000