We covered Browser to WP7 a few weeks ago and left impressed. It not only allows you to send text and URLs to your device via your web browser (Chrome, IE and now Firefox) but it also allows you to act on that info by SMS, email, Bing, Google, dial, etc. Really impressive.

Now in a new update, the developer has added the very useful ability to send pics. While browsing on the web, if you find a photo you like, you can just right click and hit "Send to Windows Phone" and it gets instantly sent to your device. From there, you can save it to your photo library. Seems a great way to try new wallpapers for your lock-screen, no?

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Also, due to an error in the Marketplace, the live-tile notification, which was only available in the $0.99 version, will be made for the free one in the next update. That live-tile is good for the Facebook chat option (see Browser To WP7 Friend Connect). Nice.

Read more from the developer here.