Bungie details Destiny 2: Forsaken updates until August 2019

Destiny 2: Forsaken launched at a critical time for Bungie and Activision. The game was losing players due to the excessive grind and lack of compelling end-game activities. The Forsaken expansion fixed that to some degree, but despite Bungie's best efforts, Activision said that it was a disappointment during its quarterly earnings call. Luckily, there are plenty of activities coming to Destiny 2 which should brings players back and keep them engaged.

On December 4, 2018, the "Black Armory" is launching with new weapons, a "Power Level" increase, and much more. While a lot of these features will be available for free to anyone who purchased Forsaken, only "Annual Pass" holders will be able to access a new raid, special weapons and gear, and quests. It's unfortunate that this division had to take place, and Bungie risks further alienating the community because no one wants to keep on paying for the same game.

The biggest addition to the game has to be the "Forges." Forges are essentially a horde mode similar to what players saw with the "Blind Well" in "The Dreaming City." Exclusive Black Armory Forges will be available to Annual Pass holders. It seems like in order to make the most of the new content, you have to purchase the Annual Pass.

There is a lot more content coming to Destiny 2 soon. Each season will last only a few months. Did you purchase the Annual Pass? Let us know.

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Asher Madan

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