Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 charging $20 for 2 skins – one an old preorder bonus

While loot boxes are out for most big-budget games in 2018, microtransactions are the new focus, granting players exclusive cosmetic unlocks. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is among the latest pushing in-game purchases via its "Black Market" digital store, distributing customization packs with the paid "COD Points" in-game currency.

Black Ops 4's Black Market has faced past criticism, offering packs with tiered unlocks, progressed by completing challenges with in-game grinding. Tier shortcuts are also available on top, with some 200-tier orders skippable for 20,000 COD Points (roughly $200). As reported by VG247, the storefront is facing criticism on Reddit again, directed toward the new "Fall Firearms" pack.

The Fall Firearms order packs two weapon skins, alongside miscellaneous calling cards and tags for in-game customization – for $20 (2000 COD Points). However, you can only access one weapon skin upon purchase, with other cosmetics tied to future tiers. You'll need some grind challenges, or pay up again to access the collection instantly. Furthermore, the included "Divine Justice" was previously available as a GameStop preorder bonus. Alternatively, you can just purchase the preorder code on eBay for $5.

While Call of Duty Black Ops 4 didn't launch with microtransactions, the recently-added Black Market is paired with aggressive monetization. Publishers are increasingly pushing for recurrent spending among players, with countless schemes displayed in the rise of online gaming. In related news, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently added two Suicide Squad skins, priced at $25.

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Matt Brown

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