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Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare crashing, or turning off your Xbox One X? This workaround may fix it.

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is exactly what the franchise needed. Back to basics gameplay, without any magical futuristic gadgets, a Battlefield-like Ground War mode complete with dedicated servers, and a refreshed graphics engine make this the best CoD in years. However, if you're an Xbox One X owner, it comes with a bit of a glaring flaw.

Infinity Ward acknowledged yesterday that Call of Duty Modern Warfare (CoDMW) can cause the Xbox One X to shut down. This seems to be the X's internal thermal safety shut off to prevent overheating. Indeed, when running CoDMW on my Xbox One X, it sounds like a jet engine primed for take-off, then why was I able to play all day yesterday without any issues?

This morning, my external HDD became disconnected and parts of CoDMW reinstalled itself on my internal HDD instead. It seems that the game runs far better from an External HDD, which may simply be a case of reducing the amount of pressure on the hardware internally. If you have an external HDD, it's pretty quick and easy to move it across.

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Move an Xbox One game to an external HDD

  1. Navigate to the game in My Games & Apps.
  2. Select the game with the Start button (Menu button) to open the context menu.
  3. Select Manage game & add-ons.

  1. Select Move all to shift the game and its DLC to another storage device.

  1. The files will begin moving, and will show up in your Queue in the Games and apps section.

This is by no means a guaranteed fix, and some have reported that their game still crashes even on external. However, it seems to have helped my game run far more smoothly on my end, but I am using an SSD rather than a regular HDD. As noted, Infinity Ward has acknowledged the issue and is gearing up to issue updates to fix it. Until then, be sure to give this a try.

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If you don't have an external Xbox HDD, Seagate's 2TB HDD (opens in new tab) for $60 is a no-nonsense solution, or you can grab something a little more premium, like this $90 Seagate SSD for added speed. (opens in new tab)

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  • Great information, thank you!
  • Thank you for the help, but I'm gonna wait till they fix it. Broken is not my problem to fix, plus COD is only for single player for me.
  • This is as much a fix as is rubbing your stomach and patting your head to fix the problem. I upgraded to internal ssd and this is still an issue. The hard drive has zero to do with this issue
  • All I know is that it works for me. If I put the game on my internal HDD, I get jet engine fans and thermal shutdowns. If I put it on my SSD external, no issues whatsoever. Like I said in the post, it may not fix it for everybody.
  • It's probably because the Xbox one X has PTSD. Ha. I love my Xbox one X even if it needs a hug every once in awhile.
  • It's not just Xbox one X's that are turning off. I just finished a 6v6 dom match on CoDMW and right after the exit screen my Xbox One S went black and turned off. Other than that I have enjoyed the games multiplayer immensely. Its a very refreshing change from all the advance fighter of the future Activision seem to be pushing down out throats the past few years. Now I'm really looking forwarded to the single player campaign as most of my friends have said it's one of the best in years but I'll judge for myself.
  • If you are in party chat it does that but if you are in game chat it doesn't. I played all day with my boys in game chat nothing happened when when I went to a party it restarted every other game.
  • Incorrect! I have the game on an external ssd from day 1 and I still get up to 4 shut offs per day, some mid game some after!