Call recording

Another highly requested feature looks like it could be coming to Windows 10 Mobile: Call Recording. For a long time, users have wanted the ability to record both conversations of a call but due to some hardware and software constraints it was not possible on Windows Phone 8.1.

In the last build of Windows 10 Mobile 10149, it was noticed that in the File Explorer app there is a new, default folder called Recorded Calls. The folder is found on the main device and listed along with Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Ringtones, and Videos.

That seems to be quite definitive. Even more, there is a universal Voice Recorder app that has permission to use the 'Recorded Calls' folder. That link strongly implies that native call recording is a locked feature.

Either way, this looks to be another notch in the belt for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Would you ever use such a feature? Let us know.

Thanks, Damien N., for the tip!