Each and every Windows phone fan knows that the Lumia 950 XL has a badass camera. And every Lumia 950 XL owner know just how awesome its rear-facing camera can be. At Windows Central, we're huge fans of the phone, and we love that camera. Apparently, we're not alone, because there are folks in our forum touting the digital shooter on the 950 XL and sharing their best images.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 review

Let's face it, there's not a whole lot happening in the Windows Mobile world these days that's worth celebrating. However, the camera on the 950 XL still definitely deserves some attention.


Let's see some pictures from the new big bad camera that sits in your pants pocket. The rear camera is a 20MP, Backside-illuminated PureView sensor with Optical Image Stabilization, Auto focus with two-stage capture key, Fast Focus and high resolution zoom. It has a triple LED natural flash and a true 16:9 sensor size of 1/2.4". And it records at 4k resolution. Not to mention the new and...


If you're a proud Lumia loyalist with a 950 XL in your pocket, jump over to the forums, check out the images being shared and upload your own best work. You know you've got at least a few images in that camera roll that deserve some attention. (Note: You may have to resize large files to push them to the forum thread.)

In the forums: Pictures + Videos Taken With My Lumia 950 XL