Windows 10 Mobile is NOT dead — but its future is far from guaranteed

Microsoft's recent release to the Windows Insider Program on Friday, April 14, caused a bit of a stir. Microsoft did something new with the latest Fast Ring release: It broke the Mobile development branch from the main "Redstone 3" one into a new one dubbed Feature2.

What does it all mean, and is Windows 10 Mobile being phased out? Things get a bit complicated, but here is what we know so far.

Different OS build numbers

Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be receiving new builds from the same development branch that PCs do. More notably, it will no longer receive builds synced with PCs either. This change is the first time that the code for Mobile has been broken off from the main line, to our knowledge.

Here is how Microsoft framed the change on the Insider blog:

This is a result of more work we're doing to converge code into OneCore – the heart of Windows across PC, tablet, phone, IoT, HoloLens, Xbox and more as we continue to develop new improvements for Windows 10 Mobile and our enterprise customers.

The reasoning, however, created more questions than answers. The most obvious inquiry is how can the company be converging code into OneCore when the code for the phone OS is sidelined?

Complicating matters, one of our writers, Dennis Bednarz, went off on Twitter in a series of missives that were quickly picked up by the community:

Alright, Windows 10 Mobile has been wiped from rs_prerelease. This means it's really 'dead' this time. It got removed from the Windows tree.

Bednarz was citing an unnamed source for the information, and some the information was inconsequential to the claim, which is his own and not that of Windows Central.

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Is Windows 10 Mobile development really dead?

Our Senior Editor Zac Bowden and I spoke with many sources familiar with the development of Windows 10 for clarification. Interestingly, not one person we spoke to would definitively say or even imply that Windows 10 Mobile is being phased out and development is being discontinued. That's not to say that some big push isn't about to happen for what should be obvious reasons in 2017.

At least one source familiar with the matter claimed that the so-called Feature2 branch is just a temporary move and it will be folded back into "rs_prerelease" or "Redstone 3" later. The same person also claimed that people were "reading too much" into the change and that this is just related to some engineering shifts in the OS, possibly the "code refactoring" referred to in the Microsoft blog post, for example.

Windows 10 Redstone 3: Everything we know so far)

Nonetheless, there is other information that our sources have told us that cast some doubt on this information. Internal test groups, "self-host" groups, have reportedly not had any compiled Mobile builds in the other internal branches during the last two weeks, right around the same time that the "Feature2" branch was created. That doesn't necessarily mean Windows 10 Mobile is no longer being compiled in those other branches, but rather that Microsoft is no longer "flighting" (distributing) Windows 10 Mobile internally outside of the Feature2 branch.

That suggests that any major development work on Redstone 3 for Mobile has been halted, at least temporarily.

Combined with Redstone 3, CShell was supposed to be the underpinning for the advanced Continuum features demonstrated in a Microsoft video back in September. At this time, it's unclear if Microsoft still has plans to deliver these improvements along with CShell in the fall for Windows 10 Mobile. CShell for desktop and other platforms remains unaffected, however.

What is Feature2?

Feature2 is a newly-created branch designed specifically for Windows 10 Mobile builds post-Creators Update, as part of which Microsoft plans to issue Insider Preview builds to the remaining supported Windows phones on the market. This approach means consumers will continue to receive mobile builds as Insiders as they did for the last two years.

The next logical question is whether these Feature2 builds are a temporary measure or permanent one. The answer is unclear as of now.

Microsoft hasn't been forthcoming on the subject, which is not much of a surprise considering its track record. If it's a temporary measure, there's nothing to be worried about, and Mobile will eventually sync back up with PC.

But if it's a permanent thing, things get a little trickier.

If it is a perpetual measure, then the Feature2 branch is looking a lot like a maintenance branch ("sustained engineering," in developer lingo) designed to cater to the remaining users who still want Windows in their pockets.

Those using supported Windows phones on the Insider Preview will continue receiving fixes and updates from Microsoft throughout this year, and Microsoft says you may even see a new feature or two.

If, however, as some of our sources say this is just a temporary change until Phone Insiders are folded back into rs_prerelease and Redstone 3 with PCs, tablets, IoT, HoloLens and Xbox, there is a lot less drama.

Does it even matter?

Windows 10 Mobile is not going to be a consumer OS that competes with iOS and Android anytime soon. The OS still needs some defining features, the app situation is as dire as ever, and new hardware is nonexistent.

At most, Feature2 isn't the immediate "death" of Windows 10 Mobile. If Microsoft had just killed Windows 10 Mobile, why not just leave Mobile Insiders at Redstone 2 with the Creators Update? Microsoft doesn't have to continue flighting new Insider builds for Mobile users, but it is doing so regardless.

Feature2 feels more like a safety branch for Phone fans, where Microsoft can continue providing the Insider experience, with new builds, fixes and maybe even a feature or two just like normal. It's not what everyone wants to hear, but considering the current position Windows 10 Mobile is in, expecting Microsoft to put Windows 10 Mobile first, before everything else, is a little far-fetched.

Microsoft is clear that Windows 10, ARM and cellular are critical to its plans but the current concept of a phone may not be the future.

Why Microsoft keeps working on Windows 10 Mobile: ARM, cellular, and the next big thing

This discussion also gets "squishy" when we bring up Windows 10 on ARM, which was announced by Microsoft in December. That move is initially focused on so-called "cellular PCs" and not phones per se, but Microsoft is blurring the lines between a desktop and mobile OS going forward.

A de-emphasis on traditional phones while building up cellular PCs for Holiday 2017 could be the new focus.

We have also heard that code from Mobile is now in Windows 10 proper and even Xbox itself. Perhaps Microsoft is finished with Mobile as a branch, but it has what it needs of the code for other device categories.

HP Elite x3 with Lapdock

HP Elite x3 with Lapdock (Image credit: Windows Central)

Moreover, as hardware improves, PCs, laptops and mobile devices are also merging. Mobile processors like Qualcomm's Snapdragon system on a chip (SoC) are going to power laptops, for example.

With Windows 10 on ARM, we could also see some new hardware categories created and not just thin laptops.

No one (who's talking) knows

A case can be made that there is a lot of internal confusion and disarray when it comes to Microsoft's mobile strategy. Many sources who are normally comfortable discussing such internal engineering plans for mobile are themselves confused or unaware of the long term goal.

Of course, none of that precludes that there is a strategy in place, but it appears to lie with those in the upper echelons of the company.

Regardless, Microsoft should shed some light on the matter next month at Build.

Our final analysis

For now, our advice is to sit tight. The good news is no one is telling us – even off-the-record – that development of the phone version of Windows 10 is finished. The majority of our sources are also not hearing about any "sunsetting" of Windows 10 Mobile or even sustained engineering either, lending credence to the idea that this change in builds is indeed temporary.

This Feature2 branch could literally be a temporary measure during the initial stages of Redstone 3's development where the mobile code needs to be separated.

'Windows 10 for ARM-based Phone devices' is another new name change.

'Windows 10 for ARM-based Phone devices' is another new name change.

The situation is made even more confusing by Microsoft's ambitions for Windows 10 with the merging of PC and mobile. It should be evident that Windows as we know it is increasingly going to span more hardware categories, and the talk of a "mobile OS" misses these fundamental shifts.

Windows 10 on ARM, CShell, OneCore, and Windows 10 Cloud all make defining what makes a PC versus a laptop versus mobile complicated.

Such category terms may no longer apply to the future Microsoft is building. That's both exciting and terrifying. Windows phone may be the first casualty, but that's not necessarily the end of the company's mobile strategy.

If history is to repeat itself, the death of Windows 10 Mobile will never be announced by Microsoft, even if it is dead. Much like Windows RT, its death will simply be implied when Microsoft stops releasing feature updates. Microsoft didn't publicly state that it was killing Windows RT, and it'll maintain that same strategy for Windows 10 Mobile.

Interestingly, Windows RT appears to be making a comeback albeit "new and improved" under the Windows 10 Cloud banner. Perhaps the same will also happen to mobile.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • There are quite a few explanations for this shift with release, but so far, nothing has convinced me that this is a dramatic "end of life" situation for Mobile - at least in the formal, OS development sense. Indeed, one source gave this explanation, which is certainly plausible:
    "It could also just be a prioritization issue. Less Mobile users, less testers, less reason to try and push builds simultaneously. Focus resources on fast, more stable, iterative updates to the desktop build and have a slower mobile branching cadence. Reduces the number of Mobile issues that might otherwise block a wider release from going out"
    I think it's best to not read too much into this, but at the same time, keep all options open. Obviously, the discussion at this point about "Windows 10 Mobile" being dead is really inside stuff as the adoption rate of the OS is so low as to make the "debate" a little odd. Clearly, as a consumer option, Windows 10 Mobile has been a non-option for nearly the last year with only the Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4 keeping any contemporary discussion of the OS alive. There is also the larger strategy of folding mobile, cellular, and ARM into proper Windows 10, which seems like a forgone conclusion at this time. When you consider that along with more powerful cellular SoC in 2018 new device designs that are mobile PCs become a thing. Just look at the recent Indiegogo for the GPD Pocket 7.0' UMPC-Laptop with Windows 10 for one interesting idea.
  • Still sad it's death is imminent Dan.
  • See, this a perfect example of another thing I've been saying; No matter what is actually reported, someone always comes with this garbage.
  • At this stage I'm surprised you are too stupidly myopic to see what's happening. When did you get on board, with L950?
  • Stupid?? Wow, you have nerve... If you're that unhappy and still using it who's really "stupid"?
  • Haha.  And if he's moved on, why is he wasting his time here?
  • It doesn't matter what Microsoft wants, or how Daniel interprets it--the market has spoken... and Windows Phone/Mobile is DEAD.
  • Hmmm... and what have you done in the "market" that gives you the ability to say this, other than spend money?  In other words, you know nothing about "the market". Move along.  
  • You really don't need to be condescending. It seems to me that is Windows Mobile dies, then the rest of the operating system will soon follow. Android is already taking over as the most used OS on the planet. Google is improving the Chromebook. It won't be long before you will be able to do everything with Android. That will be a sad day. Microsoft needs a mobile presence to keep Android from taking over on the desktop. I really think that Windows Mobile has a sound structure and advantages to Android and I would hate to have to start using Android as my main mobile OS even though I use a Chromebook much more than a Windows laptop at home. I am writing this comment on my Chromebook. But I much prefer using my Windows 640 over my Galaxy S7 running the latest version of Android. 
  • Most used OS is a bloated statement knowing that for every 1 PC in any household there are more than one smartphone user in that house so it's only obvious that the numbers will increase. I wonder if that stat also showed how many got rid of their Windows PCs and used their smart phone or tablets instead.
  • Or, like my house. We still have 2 PCs, they still run fine, but they dont get used much. I still do some video editing or photo work on the PC from time to time, but mostly they sit idle. They arent even file servers anymore, I have a Synology NAS for that. When those PCs get outdated, there's a good chance, I'll shut one or both down for good.
  • I really think again and again when any one says "Android has became the most used OS on the planet". I really want to ask "which version?" and would love to see "that" version in a billion devices, yet alone used, to see that it has indeed over taken Windows 7. However, every one comes up with the useless data about Android is used for light browsing.
  • Android is android... Not that is that apps from 7 won't run on 8 and those from 8 won't run in 10... In android at least 4 upwards which makes up more than 98% of the os are supported by apps.. So fragmentation is not an issue at all in android.. And they all have google play services
  • Nope,  on my note 1,  99% of the apps still run on it,  and thats 4.0.4.  My lepan mini tablet,  same thing...thats 4.2.1 and it's still getting all of the current apps no issue.   
  • At the time of compiling the apps, we will start picking the version from which it should support. Any app that supports since the oldest version, is not optimized for the newest things the OS has to offer. Or has to do a lot of work around to run better.  In any case, it doesn't support the case of "merging" 2 different OS'.
  • Just because an OS is backward compatible, doesn't mean that we can combine the OS. Even Windows 10 can run DOS apps. So will you call a machine running Windows 10 as a machine running DOS? PS: Fragmentation IS an issue. And will plague Android forever, as per Google's stand right now.
  • I think your wrong with this. I have moved to android because of losing some key apps on windows mobile but i have a Windows 10 tablet and laptop. Mobile OS's will now be the bigger share in terms of user base as for home users as most people now own a phone. At the moment they only really have 2 choices android and iOS. As for pc business still need to use Windows as chrome is not powerful enough for this and lacks the software on windows it's the same for Mac's. Also gamers will own windows to as it offers the most games and they will have a back catalogue of older games that won't work on chrome, Mac ect. As for Windows mobile it is looking bad for the os which is ashame as for me i prefer it to android and iOS but lack of apps and watch support will carry on hurting the os. Microsoft now need to look at scrapping it all together or have a big push again like they did with Windows phone 7. The phone market is drying up now though saying that as there is no need to buy a new phone Evey 1 or 2 years as the changes are really not that much different now. For Microsoft to get back in the game they need to offer something different like continuum but also make the phone stand out form the rest to. How they do that though i have not got a clue.
  • So, you're telling me that all the enterprise servers currently running Windows Server will soon be switching over to Android? Who knew?
  • Why will it be a sad day when Windows goes away?  I've used it since 3.1 and it never has been a great OS.  OS/2 was far better than Win 3.1 and OS/2 2.0 was much better than Win 95.  IBM just couldn't see the forest for the trees and market or support it.  Linux is a better server OS than NT, 2k, 2k3, 2k8, 2012, 2016.  Mac OS X is better than Win 7 and 10.   Microsoft has had a great run but needs to go extict like the hundreds of companies before them.  
  • That's not going to happen and the reason why its the best selling in the business world is because it all works together and also offers more than the rest in terms of software and features. As for mac os is better than windows 7 and 10 ok you tell your self that one. OS X needs a massive updates its vey outdated now.
  • In my mind, nothing has changed from 6 months ago. The OS had no chance then with consumers and that's the same now. The only questions I'm concerned with is Is the OS still being worked on? and What are Microsoft's actual plans for mobile in 2018?. Other than those two things nothing is new here.
  • Well Dan, I guess we will learn something good or bad come May 2nd and the following week at Build. We just have to keep our fingers crossed.
  • I guess we will learn something good or bad come May 2nd and the following week at Build. I'm guessing that if we hear anything at Build, it will be cryptic like everything else we've been hearing, and we won't know any more than we did. Hopefully not though! Good, bad, exciting, terrifying, whatever, bring it on. At least let us know!
  • Cryptic and vague..and of course PRODUCTIVE (looking at you Mr. Nadella).
  • Dan is in denial.
  • Yet again, this is typically where things go off the rails. When, and where have you seen ANYTHING saying that mobile will be discussed at either of those events?  Misinformation, speculation, and assumption being passed off as facts. 
  • regular usual thing, hate how so much stuff is passed off as facts
  • I see it largely the same way. Microsoft is not interested in competing in the consumer space with Windows 10 Mobile and wisely so - that ship has already sailed. W10M's demise in its current form therefore seems inevitable at some point in the not-too-distant future. It wouldn't do Microsoft's image any good, however, to declare it dead any more than it did with RT, especially given how it has oriented its Mobile focus on business customers. It makes sense to me, too, that Microsoft would want to blur the lines between PCs, tablets and phones becasue if they brought out a Surface Phone that actually could double as a PC, what would be the point in owning a Surface tablet? If anything, I'm expecting them to come out with something that somehow works as both. Before any of that, though, I'd be happy to see some improvements in their corporate PR department.
  • The death of Windows on phone as we know it's surely dead, since MS is looking to shift to a device aimed squarely at business. This could be successful, even with the app status, since the app gap doesn't affect business users. But if that/those device/s are aimed at the commercial sector, then they are unlikely to be the devices that consumers want. MS has given such mixed signals by binning so many current devices from insider program, that I personally don't know where they are headed. I pretty sure that MSFT don't WANT my money, when I next upgrade.
  • Bad news...the same customers that MS has crapped on, are the same employees the business sector employs, which are the same customers they crapped on. And most corporations purchase what the employees ask for...less training and makes a happy employee. Have watched it happen over and over.
  • @missionsparta I can agree to that. We have also tried to give users Lumia 650 and 950s and got only negative feedbacks and anger, especially from those that do regular business trips, because of the lack of apps such as transportation, local city apps etc. And believe me you don't wanna anger someone who is top notch and keeps the services going just because MS thinks their pathetic OS is good for business. So we exchanged most of them to whatever they liked from a range of ios and android models.
  • Wrong. Apps do affect business users! And it's not only apps that business users need, but also commitment and trust, which Microsoft has failed to provide ever since Nadella took over.
  • Apps, (or lack there of), affects everyone and the main reason why my wife and I sold our 1020s.  We loved the phones, but Microsoft made it hard,  so hard that we jumped ship to IOS.  Its great having any app you need at your fingertips.  
  • For me--and I realize I'm a minority within a minority--it comes down to the question about how much will the phone experience change?  Let's assume you've got the right idea, that Microsoft will eventually roll in or supplant what we currently know as W10M with the full-blown Windows on ARM.  Let's also assume your idea that they got all code they needed from mobile to role into the One Core, and that the goal is for the OS to recognize the hardware it's on and it morphs itself to function how Microsoft interprets is "phone-friendly".  My fear is, as much as I really HATE what they've done to the OS in W10M compared to WP7 and WP8, they will likely depart even MORE so with Windows On ARM...and that will be the breaking point for me.  Right now, SO much of W10M feels like Android that it's sickening to me.  Almost none of what I loved about WP7 and WP8 exists anymore.  As Paul Thurrott suggested some time ago, they really could have just come up with a Windows Phone Start Screen/Shell and thrown it on Android and be done with it.  As far as I'm concerned, a facade is still a facade.  That's what this is starting to feel like now. So, they probably ARE just in a kind of maintenance mode for mobile now until they get WOA to deployment and they hope we'll all buy new devices with the necessary horsepower to run it.  They figure we'll forgive them yet another reboot, and forgive them for an even more dramatic change to the phone user experience because "look at all the really cool stuff you can do NOW!"  But I never needed all that.  I never WANTED all that.  I loved WP7 and, to a lesser extent, WP8.  They just never felt "finished". I wanted them to FINISH the OS, complete the promise of what that user experience was like.  But they didn't do that.
  • Well said, my issue for MSoft's success here is that W10M is not fully developed and if they include it in WOA those issues would still remain. I seem to recall thinking that W10M on Lumia would be a development ground for a surface phone but with another reboot this seems wrong. Of course it will mean another underdeveloped initial OS release, subsequent bad reviews followed by a lack of public interest leading to a massive price drop. All good news for anyone still interested in MSofts dilly dallying in new operating systems. In addition to what you have said above, I still wonder how strong the product line up would be had they released and developed further the L2520 mini which was never released. I loved my L2520 and its still great now.
  • Exactly, whats the point of hoping for mobile devices with W10 ARM if in the meantime (few years!) MS didn't hold event its biggest fans, didn't created at least small consumer base AND because of that didn't maintain apps around it!
  • If only they could've continued developing 7.X.  I have never been swayed by apps.  But WP 7.X and to a lesser extent 8.X had great features.  The ability to download maps via Here and so you didn't have to use data.  Microsoft and Nokia was a great team!  But WP 7.X was special.  With every new iteration Microsoft is dropping things that made WP special.  I have no conceivable idea what their future phone OS will look like.  Maybe they will scrap everything and present something new.  Which would be a bigger disappointment.
  • If no one's making hardware or apps how much longer will they continue to develop it? What's the point of maintaining an OS that won't have any devices to run it and lacks a software ecosystem?
  • In Microsoft's defense, WOA means any newer hardware using ARM processors are fair game.  OEMs will still be making hardware because virtually all smartphones are ARM-based.  As long as the processor has sufficient horsepower & cores, and there's enough storage and memory, Microsoft doesn't have to chase down OEMs.  If it really is WOA, then that means it will likely be doing some sort of Win32 virtualization to execute legacy programs, and UWP would take care of the rest.  Apps won't be a problem because they really aren't a problem now on W10 for PCs.  MY contention is that the user experience on a smartphone will be horrible for those of us who really adored Metro.
  • Again that Win32 argument. So what it will run Win32 apps if nobody needs apps from that era on mobile devices! Using anything from Adobe would be a nightmare, same with any CADs etc. "Enterprises" you would say? Look what is already going on in industry even with Android devices which are nightmare but at least they are on the market :/ UWP is the ONLY way to go. But so far they did everything what they could to push developers aside. We had to rewrite apps for WP and then W10 few times! Now with WP/W10 Mobile market killed literally by Microsoft itself it's immposible that I could convince any big brand to build app for W10 Mobile as I can for iOS and Android. Remember the times when companies and big brands had Windows Store logo just inline with Google Play and Apple Store? Now it's gone. It will be almost impossible to rebuild that position, would be so much easier if WP/W10 would just stay around 10% of market share. And that was simple, over 30 markets mostly here in Europe proved that.
  • WOA will work only on S835 and upgraded chips. I don't see how it could be successful at all. Sure. Full Windows is awesome. But you cannot gain a percentage back with just high end phones. Apple, selling only high end with loads of crazy fans, still a 10 percent phone. This surface phone can emulate Win32 but cannot emulate any success.
  • Name one mainstream Windows app you would want to run on a phone. WoA isn't the answer. You still won't have mobile apps and the phone will be weighed down with full Windows. No way that is going to be a good experience. WoA is going to be mostly small, light laptops. They will have ok battery life but performance will be lacking. It is going to be another failure. Maybe in 5 years when ARM chips are more powerful it may make more sense.
  • Plenty of them in, Continuum mode. I'd love to have Final Draft to work on screenplays, for example. Photoshop is another. You keep saying phone when you should say device as we have no idea what they're cooking up.
  • Final Draft is actually available for iOS, so go ahead and buy that iPad mini.
  • No thanks.
  • Thats pointless....just buy a laptop.  REAL APPs are for mobility.  Continuum is a gimmick.  Having a phone with apps that you need to connect to a monitor and keyboard is a home computer...not a mobile device.  
  • To you perhaps. I think gimmick and pointless are overused and not helpful to the discussion. Because YOU don't use it doesn't make it a universally pointless gimmick. I have a real laptop. I also see the potential for docking a mobile device to take advantage of a larger screen and input devices. I can connect to a Win10 computer and use my Office Suite, if the person or business I'm visiting doesn't have it. I don't need to log into my accounts on a public computer. If I use my "fake" laptop/dock, I can still leverage Office suite as well as the phone's data tethering needed.
  • @ScubaDog    Metro has been long gone. That ship sailed like 5 years ago.
  • Hell, besides RS2 which is now complete, what are Microsoft's plans for mobile in 2017?
  • So, Schrodinger's OS?? ;-)
  • Dan, is there a reason that Microsoft has been so vague about mobile? Is it possible that they aren't sure what to do with it?
  • With Windows 10 on ARM is it not possible to make a 6 inch version? If it is possible would that not count as a mobile if it has room for a sim card and has live tiles. ?? Just a thought
  • It was reported earlier by Mary Jo Foley that MS is working on three device sizes for W10 on ARM - 6", 10" and 14".  The 6" device culd be one with a foldable screen.  At least I hope that is.  So it could be a 6" phone when folded and would turn into a 8" tablet when unfolded.  I would welcome that category of mobile deviice - a pocket PC with telephony.
  • Foldable screens are at least 2-3 years away, the technology simply doesn't exist yet. Samsung is producing 2000-3000 prototype foldable screens this year with the hope of going into full scale production in 2019-2020.
  • MS is said to use LG foldable screens.  Hopefully, it would become available soon to support MS patents for foldable screens.  Noboddy knows how close the hardware technology would become a reality at this point.  But LG's foldable screens are supposed to deliver in 2018
  • Unfold and only gain two inches? Just get a small tablet
  • That is for the two screen design. I think that you get 10" display if 3 screens are used.
  • useless because users need mobile apps, touch friendly interface.
  • To me it's pretty clear this is where we're going.
    ARM tablets with phone capabilities (both data and voice), replacing the standard Surface (non-Pro) devices, then ARM phablets "Surface Notepad", then ARM phones, or "Surface Pocket", running the same as the desktop version. They'll basically just scale the Surface down until it fits your pocket again, making people understand it's a whole PC in your pocket and not just a smartphone in the process by walking them through these scaling-down steps.
  • That looks to be the plan, however, again, useless without mobile apps. A pocket friendly device without mobile/touch friendly apps is useless. MS does not seem to understand NO android or iphone user will switch to a device with no apps, just because it can be plugged in to a dock to run win32apps, emulated...if this is their thought, well, they are clearly mad and plain stupid to actually believe users are that dumb.
  • If that's the plan, it should be a big hit with enterprise, then the apps and consumers will follow.
    But it can't be 2-3 years away, that's too late, Samsung will wipe the floor with them and steal all their thunder yet again.
  • Scaling down Surface devices with WOA, to 6-7 inch phablets, isn't 2-3 years's probably more like 4-5 years.
  • You really don't need to be condescending. It seems to me that is Windows Mobile dies, then the rest of the operating system will soon follow. Android is already taking over as the most used OS on the planet. Google is improving the Chromebook. It won't be long before you will be able to do everything with Android. That will be a sad day. Microsoft needs a mobile presence to keep Android from taking over on the desktop. I really think that Windows Mobile has a sound structure and advantages to Android and I would hate to have to start using Android as my main mobile OS even though I use a Chromebook much more than a Windows laptop at home. I am writing this comment on my Chromebook. But I much prefer using my Windows 640 over my Galaxy S7 running the latest version of Android.
  • Sad but true. I have only a Lumia 650 and Lumia 950 but, once they are dead, they are dead. Windows 10 Mobile's death is imminent, as much as I hate to say it. Go ahead and downvote me if you like but, it does not change the reality of the situation. Otherwise, you all are simply strengthing the point that one made about the infighting getting really, really bad. I have probably been on the Windows Mobile platform longer than most here in this thread. The reality is, the new CEO is killing it off and wishful thinking, as much as I would prefer otherwise, is not going to change that fact. Otherwise, were is the Surface Phone you all were really hoping for?
  • Great article Dan, people really need to stop speculating. And as such people like the guy tweeting out that windows mobile is dead need to just chill the %#%%& out. If you're not using Windows 10 Mobile, then don't tell others not to use it
  • But speculating is fun and gets clicks.
  • Yeahh.. 😊
  • speculating? Wait a second... 1st. of all common sense = we all should have it and USE it 2nd. If I wanted a new phone and had 0 clues about the market then I would love to hear other peoples opinions 3rd. W10M is not just "Dead" which means 90% of popular app are not available.. no.. the system itself is buggy and unfinished lacking many new features open your eyes and stop being angry on people who disagree with you. You can think whatever you want about W10M but you need to respect people who disagree with you too OR fight against them in the comment section... but as I can see Microsoft fanboys are getting angry too so....  :))
  • Disagreeing with my views is not an issue, but spreading false information is the problem here. I have great respect for everyone, including colleagues who ridicule me for using Windows 10 Mobile, however when someone starts spreading false information, I do tend to get angry
  • What part is a lie? the buggy or unfinished? Because im calling both those a fact.
  • It's not the bugginess, or unfinished that I call a lie. I specifically said it regarding the person tweeting out the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is dead. That's all 😊
  • Oh, misunderstanding. Have a good day.
  • No probs. It happens to all of us. Have a good one yourself 👍🏻
  • What OS is finished? What OS isn't buggy? My iOS and Android devices both have bugs and updates that try to fix those bugs, lags, freezes, app crashes and so forth. The grass isn't greener on the other side as if you will all of a sudden not have bugs or the OS will somehow be finished? An OS is finished when it is no longer in in, Symbian is finished. If apps are most important to a user, go where the apps are and you will still have bugs and still hopefully get updates for your phone that will hopefully fix those bugs. Buggy and unfinished is a fact for all OSes, desktop, phone or otherwise unless the OS dies, aka, not in development and then it will just be a buggy, dead OS.
  • 👍🏻
  • Come on. You really what to compare this mess to iOS and Android. Dont even try. I'm a huge Microsoft fan, but get real. W10M has been a mess on every device I've tried it on. Might be fine for a week, but whatever is going on behind the screen, eventually turns it into a frustrating glitch fest.
  • Wow, aren't you aggressive and seem to think you can just tell others what to do.... Where did I make a comparison? I stated the facts. Fact: All OSes have bugs. Fact: All OSes are unfinished as long as they are in development, then when they are no longer in development, they are dead and most likely still buggy since developers will no longer be working to fix existing bugs. Choose the OS that meets your needs and enjoy it, or not, and if not, move on to something that works better for you. Life is too short to be riled up over a phone OS.
  • Whatever you want to pretend. The vast majority is going to agree with me that W10M is far less stable than iOS and Android.
  • What are you talking about? This isn't a contest on who agrees with who. I never said Windows 10 Mobile was more or less stable than iOS or Android.
  • Your experience doesn't mirror mine.  I've only used Android and Windows but have experienced bugs on both.  
  • Congratulations. You are one of three people that have a near flawless experience with W10M. You should ship them your phone, so Microsoft can study why your device defies the buggy code in which they have written.
  • Dude chill.  Where did I say that my device was near flawless?  My comment implies that I've experienced bugs on both Android AND Windows.
  • Well, if you are claiming the a mount of bugs on Android is any where as high of a rate as W10M....well let's just say the sane people here aren't going to believe a word you say
  • Some seem to have fairly reliable W10M phones but my experience wasn't one of them. I could live without the apps but the bugs that were not corrected became the straw so I switched to Android and Samsung. The only issue I have bug wise with Android is my 3rd party launcher sometimes stops working and has to be restarted and Gear VR apps sometimes stop but none of these require a full phone reboot like I had to do every few days with my 950 and the basic functions such as phone history, answer etc work flawlessly, something W10M simply could not provide on my phone. 
  • Sad to hear that. I have had a few bugs with my 830 on some of the insider builds until I left the insider program and hard reset back to production. Has been buttery smooth ever since. Bought a 950 XL, still on production and thankfully haven't experienced any bugs so far. Runs far more better than my 830 but can't complain about both devices at all.
  • I don't know, I have been using Windows 10 on a 640 and not having glitching. Once in a while, I may have to restart the phone. But that happens on my Galaxy S7 too. I also find that I constantly have issues using my Galaxy S7 in the car. It never seems to be totally hands-free.
  • Let me guess, you have a FCA Uconnect system, right? I have the same thing and let me tell you, the other systems are far more compatible.
  • @missionsparta So much BS. Please give examples of why it's a "mess" and "glitch fest". I've said this before, that my experience on my 950 and my wife's experience on her 550 have been practically flawless. I've had 5 reboots in a year, and my wife had her phone lock up once. Otherwise they've been perfect. Where are all these bugs and glitches? I'm looking for specific examples instead of the constant ranting and foot stamping
  • Dear god. There is one person like you every time that demands examples. Flat out this will be the last time I do this... Keyboard doesnt always appear when trying to reply to SMS through the notification center, keyboard won't show up if you are using an app that strictly uses landscape mode, camera is a mess (lockups, crashes, long delays between when you hit the shutter button and when it takes the picture when you do take a picture it often will sit on saving, saving, etc), taking a picture or having a saved picture sometimes won't show up in the photo app for an hour later, many apps (including Microsoft apps) ALWAYS crash on the initial launch immediately and need to be launched twice to use, many live tiles flat out dont work (including this app as well as microsofts weather app), the official email app will often stop receiving email and tell you that it is unable to sync (often due to something in an email and needs to be deleted from the web version first; last time it was an email directly from Microsoft for a receipt for an app), apps that allow you to point to the SDcard as your default save location (such as Grover and Plex) cant find the saved files whenever there is an OS update do to an indexing glitch, the contact listings will often make double contacts (especially when in use with Skype), after hard reset backups are often only partially brought over and certain things are missing (often the start screen layout will be a mess and nothing like the back up), Bluetooth connection is as wonky as it gets, trying to attach a photo or gif to an SMS will often tell you the file is to large, but if you back right out of the SMS app and try to reattatch the same photo again it works just fine,..... Blah, blah, blah. This is literally about a 100th of some of the glitches on this thing and I am obviously leaving out the nonstop lockups, crashes, and massive slowdowns. I have tried this OS on three different models, including this 950XL sent in for repair for these issues. If you use the phone a decent amount it will always run fine after a hard reset, but within a month these bugs start to appear and within about six weeks they are nonstop and unbearable. At which point Dona's amazing support team's solution each time is "Hard Reset". Every last person in any type of management position with this project should be fired and fired immediately. This is one of the worst efforts I have ever seen from a company of this size and this is from a doe hard Microsoft fan. Did management fail at a level or showing support, communication, decisions, and things like marketing of this OS and its devices? Yes. But more disturbing is it seems they had no clue how to properly move forward to turning an OS into a smooth and properly running one, yet they just kept fumbling around until it was in this state of a mess. I'll celebrate like I won the lottery when they get rid of this to incompetent company killers.
  • there is a BIG or HUGE difference between a buggy system which works 100% without restarts or BSODs but has minor bugs vs. a system which is buggy a.k.a. freezes, unstable and needs many many and many more patches out of the BOX!!! + those patches create even more bugs... even after 2y. after release on the market :)
  • That is partly true, none of the OSes are perfect, but seriously, winmo is the worse, the only one without decent commitment from it's maker, the only one delivered as a never ending beta to guinea pig users to test, the only one launched completely broken with new devices: x50 released with it in that pathetic state.
  • 8.1 smacks the shizer out of WM10, pretty much a perfect (mobile) OS
  • Well, it's a good thing your opinion doesn't matter. 
  • Pappale you should check yourself. You seem more angry with people who don't agree with you. You seem more angry with things you don't understand, like what Microsoft will do.
  • I aint angry but I cant and wont accept such propaganda. People dont see the reality. They are either PAID for comments or just have miserable life and I can and should defend my opinion.. thats what DEMOCRACY is about, right?? Or not? :))
  • People with views different from yours are "paid".... Where have we heard that crap before...
  • The people calling it dead when no one knows what the hell Microsoft is up to is the very definition of speculating.
  • Dude, Microsoft does not knows what it is up to when it comes to Mobile OS development. I am using their devices exclusively and finally had to realize that it just is not going to happen.
  • 1) Never apply common sense on a tech product. Most of the times you will be wrong. If you are a major share holder and sit in the meetings, it is another case.
    2) If you ask around for other people's opinions, you might not have any Windows Phone with you. Out of 10 people(2 years back), one would have suggested for Windows 10 mobile and all others for either iPhone or some X Android.
    3) Windows 10 Mobile is buggy. True. However, it improved leaps and bounds in 2 years. Besides, Android is buggy. IPhone will slow down drastically after 2 years. If apps are your achilles' heel, the reason is valid. However if it is about the OS? Well, you will be using a dumb phone in that case.
    4) Opening the eyes is fine. But you should also open your eyes and see that you are in a forum full of Windows enthusiasts. So if you give a negative opinion, SOME people will definitely fight. Not all people takes comments as just comments, especially on something they like.
  • Android and iOS are not buggy.... They just have bugs on some apps written by 3rd pArty developers... Not the camera, the people's apps, reboots and all system level bugs on windows phone.. I know this you know this failure to acknowledge is just in denial. I'll make it simple visit the forums here on WC and see....
  • Android has a good and interesting history track. JB - KK: just brilliant and smooth almost no bugs. L:quite buggy, bad in terms of security but looks much better. M: solid and stable N: not so stable. I don't go past JB since that's where I think modern Android really started.  Android has stayed the same for ages, at the core. L and M changed it plenty but apps that target N can have a base target of KK. In fact Google Play Services does this but all the way to JB (I think). I hope that eventually UWP stays long enough for it to become elaborate like this. In my experience I've never encountered any bugs on my currrent Android Phone.  Before anything happens I've tried to include stuff like "I talk about android because" and put my opinion in it but just ended up with this.  
  • The reason for J and K to be seemed quite stable is because Google was mostly doing bug fixing and performance improvements, starting from the core, with both those versions. Just like, unfortunately, Microsoft doing now.
  • Do you know the real bug of Android? It is that the OS is not upgradable officially for longer periods. However, get to that last.  1) Try an Android with the specifications of Lumia 640XL. You will get to know even the core apps stutter a lot, including device hanging rebooting, etc. Just like Windows 10 mobile. Even spend some time in areas where you do not have sufficient cellular coverage and try using the phone, message, internet. Again frozen device, device reboot, etc. When all is good, Android is fine. But when things start to go south, Android drags lot deeper. Android IS still buggy. Even though Google spent 3 years dedicated to bug fixing, performance improvements and security update. 2) We will find Windows 10 mobile's problems in WC forums. And same way we can find a lot of problems from Android in Android Central. 3) Windows 10 mobile indeed was buggy for more than a full year after release. And there are still a lot of problems to be rectified and is buggy. Microsoft (again) rebooted with a different kernel and so it would indeed take time to fix things up. One advantage with Windows 10 mobile(as of now) is that the first gen Windows 10 mobile is still upgradable to the latest version and it is safe to say that with the constant upgrades happening, it might at least get to pretty much usable at some point. However, we cannot say the same to almost 95+% Android phones.
    PS: Do you know why I called this fragmentation as bug? It is because fragmentation is the main reason for buggy apps. Devs has to support from the least version possible so as not to lose customers. Thus the improvements done by Google are all lost with apps. I can give you a few more reasons for this to be a bug but you would surely understand where I am going with this.
  • Nope i disagree, you are not going to run into system level app with bugs like windows 10! and mind you even that those are mainly rom based apps not android AOSP from google but they never fail on network or anything you just said! What you are saying is 3rd party apps problems.. not system level apps
  • The problem with Android is that people are running dozens of thrid party apps. System level doesn't come into it. Multiple that by the dozens of companies making android phones with differnet chip confgurations and softare adaptins, and then you have lots of problems.
  • It sounds as if you're the one that needs to calm down.
  • I truly believe that they are preparing something new for the "surface phone" and we are getting side lined so the engineers can develop new code in secret. New phone (like device), redesigned OS, makes sense to me.
  • Yeah, but that still means Windows mobile is dead. It can be that this are the last phones that are using it and in fact, they are put on maintenance. The next mobile device being windows 10 on arm, and sadly, as we can see, the lumia branch will not go that far.
  • Well they better tell some of these people that, because a lot of us are set to dump a lot of money into this S8+ that they themselves are pushing. Once that happens, good luck getting us to spend money on this "secret" they have been hiding.
  • tell me how do you get the volume on a Galaxy S7 to be at the full level when you get into the car and it works with the Bluetooth? My Windows phone is always at full volume when I get into my car. How do you get your text messages to be read to you on your Android phone like my Windows phone does for me in the car? I can dictate a text message question to my Windows phone and it automatically puts the question mark at the end of the sentence. Show me how that can be done on iOS or Android.
  • Tell me how do you get the volume on a Galaxy S7 to be at the full level when you get into the car and it works with the Bluetooth? My Windows phone is always at full volume when I get into my car. How do you get your text messages to be read to you on your Android phone like my Windows phone does for me in the car? I can dictate a text message question to my Windows phone and it automatically puts the question mark at the end of the sentence. Show me how that can be done on iOS or Android.
  • On Android, when you notice a new text message coming in while driving, you can say "OK Google... Read the last text message." Then you can dictate a reply. It works well, but you have to explicitly say the punctuation (“question mark"), which has its pros (accuracy) and cons (more unnatural). That Android doesn't automatically read the message to you had its pros (privacy, less interruptions and distractions) and cons (increased​ chance of missing an "urgent" text while driving) as well.
  • you really haven't used anything besides a windows phone. Claiming that Siri cannot read text messages is simply stupid and proves nothing else but your blind fanboysm. If manually raising the volume at full level is a problem, wow! indeed windows phone is amazing :))) if it can put the volume at max in a car when connected to BT...
  • You just turn the volume up. It's a safety feature so you don't explode your ear drums. It's not a bad thing to just have to turn up the volume. In my case it's only after I restart the S7. As for texts, there are various text apps with varying capbalities. I loved my WP. I had the Focus, the 920 and still have my 1020 (for pics because it's amazing). The thing is, after they bought Nokia and Ballmer went out, that was it. It was over. They had so much momentum right up until that point. So, I waited and waited and waited for new amazing hardware. Last year I decided it was time to switch. The S7 it's a great device but it isn't perfect, nothing is. The app gap wasn't a problem much for me. It was just I could tell their dedication to the platform was... diminished and it still seems to be. I'll always use Windows as my desktop OS. I gave WP8 a fair shot. I never used WM10. My wife has a 950. It's buggy to say the least but she's an accountant and too cheap to buy one unless it breaks. ;) Use what works for you. That's all I can say. :)
  • Yep. It also is to stop you from blowing your speakers.
  • Did any of you ever think that mobile phones as we know them are dead? I don't think you have. It happened to the home phones, VCR, the record player and so the mobile phone. RIP.
  • I did, read my smartphones are dead series here on Windows Central😉
  • well,  windows smartphones at least....the rest,  not so much!
  • I agree. At this point considering everything we know and the history of Microsoft's behaviour with failed products, looks like they will phase out Windows Mobile. But its been dead for so long now, its only now they are pushing it outside main build also signifies that they are close to that "Surface Phone" thing whatever its name is. The device will supposedly run Windows on ARM with eSIM and it will and should (as Dan said in an article) be treated and marketted as Cellular PC rather than phone. Windows Mobile is in sad state, nothing can be done about it. Its better we prepare ourselevs for this type of device and windows experience now. 
  • Yeah, they will probably become some success with it, but i think i will step out. Windows 10 will not cut it for me on the ultra portable devices. I mean, i really do not like heaving firewall, antivirus and all those things on my phone. It is not something that sounds good to me. But well, for sure their are people that will like the idea
  • I understand. Ultimately its the matter of personal choice and preference. Unlike you, I think I am gonna stick around on 830 and then move on to this new thing because I simply can not use iOS or android. I just can not. :/ But anyways, I don't think experience will be similar to what we have on PC's with antivirus, firewall or other stuff. But its yet to be seen how Microsoft handles it.
  • I always thought the Lumia line up with it's incredible insider program was the development platform for MSoft to release a solid mobile OS on a surface phone. Shame W10M still isn't solid and with WOA being another new OS version. MSoft have all those boxes lined up for another cycle of a new OS on ace hardware with lots of issues for the press to have a field day with so no one buys them, a subsequent price drop follows and anyone one that wants one picks one up cheap.
  • This is all just growing pains as we transition to what I call, for lack of a category name ultramobile PCs, running full Windows.
    Microsoft needs a mobile play, but it will be with full Windows 10 rather than Windows 10 Mobile.
    Like any new device category, first generation won't be as powerful as subsequent versions, but in my estimation this will be the realization of the ultimate mobile device vision that can be all devices based on a users context.
  • Hell yes, a very powerful, small, full computer that sips battery, in our trouser pockets, is what Asimov and Roddenberry dreamed of, and we'll live to see it. Good times...
  • That's what ARM is for. It's much less battery hungry
  • I know, obviously, that's why I said 'sips battery'
  • Chris and I thought you were sarcastic -or at least I did at first. 
  • ehm... ARM is less battery hungry ok, its true but dont expect 5 days without charging. It will be a device with W10 on it with all + and all -. You wont use it to play PC games on it, you wont use it to create CAD projects.. so in the end it will be just a mobile device with a lack of poplar app... because the UWP platform is as dead as W10M and x86 support on such small device will have it limits (HW and SW) in the end... full W10 doesnt sound like a better idea then the actual W10M....... AND... i didnt mentioned such things as malware or viruses... because they are part of W10 so they will be part of your mobile phone too. I feel (again) too much expectations. Prepare yourself for the worst, not the best. Just look at the history. 2/3years earlier everybody talked about the 950xl as the "Savior" of the platform.. and what happened?  
  • You have absolutely no idea how Microsoft will actually implement this so your assumptions are at this point invalid
  • Fanboys said the X50s will save the platform, but after MS released them with a broken OS, their enthusiasm went bye bye. Then they said the AU will be the savior of mobile, and it wasn' they start dreaming again with WOA, that will do ZERO to the situation because: NO APPS, mobile apps that users want, not win32 emulation.
  • Great yet another device I'm going to have to run virus protection on.  Another device I have to worry about malware and the like.  Yep.  I'm looking forward to that.  I can hear and see it now; I purchased a micro pc from Microsoft and all I got were viruses.  That will do wonders for the brand.  That maybe Microsoft's fall back option.  I just don't think it's a good idea at all.  But heck what do I know.  I thought Windows Phone was going to be a hit!  But if it's anything like using a 7in tablet you can forget it.  Even Windows 10 (other than tablet mode) on that size is not very well done.  IMO.
  • If you are plagued with viruses and malware you should seriously consider changing your habits, anyone with a bit of common sense can avoid 99% of the crap available.
  • @Remy_s
    How foolish of me. I forgot to put on my common sense cap. 😁 Sure that comment may seem somewhat witty, but for the untold who doesn't have your superior intellectual capacity I'm sure they wouldn't agree when they think they're selecting an innocent link that looks like a authentic site. But far from me to tell you this you already know "only" those without common sense will make that mistake. 😄
  • Common sense isn't very common.
  • I feel the EXTRA LONG wait is due to MORE and MORE testing.
    It's like the Surface Book. COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED but a great product.
  • I think you are right.  But I also think Microsoft is some what playing by ear.  Watching from the side lines and calling the plays as it needs to.  Just a thought but, what if all of sudden a shift of new OEM devices comes?  Well W10M cannot just go away.  Maybe the Fork in builds is to sustain W10M in itself with enough shared code they can transisiont ARM based mobile devices and keep ARM based mobile phones segregated but on the same blood is actually quite entertaining to try and predict what is really going on..:)
  • However, that reasoning builds on the sentiment that a PC is a device being able to run win32 programs in desktop mode and therefore full Windows is required. For most people in 2017 (and especially in 3rd world countries) this just isn't true. Win32 and the desktop is not the defining factor, not required or maybe even never experienced. For most people these days the newest iPhone or Galaxy is their main computing device, they are already the ultramobile PCs. I know people who refrain from using traditional Windows PCs and just do everything on their mobile device. Microsoft missed the mobile computing train and may in worst case never recover from it no matter how great Windows 10 becomes. Betting on full Windows 10 on a mobile device as the savior is stupid if it brings no extra value to ordinary joe while having the same drawbacks as current Windows 10 mobile, limited hardware, few and bad apps.
  • My life is one giant growing pain. I sure dont want to pay to be part of "Growing Pains Beta VI". Love your articles though. Keep up the good work.
  • Jason you are so on! People here can't understand 5G LTE, don't understand where technology is leading us. Who could ever have thought of the iPhone before it came out? The microwave was all phucking Jetsons and ****. One day we will all have 3D printers in our homes for food and tea cups and clothes. You will go to work by drone and won't need a tablet to do your internet suffering. It will be all on a pair of glasses and earphones. I can see some of the members here still clinging on to their out dated phones though.
  • None of those things will ever happen.
  • you are thinking waaaaay to far into the future. This is the present where MS = crap! I don't give a damn what happens in 20 years from now, I'll see it then, if I'll live that long. What matter for me is the present and maybe the next year...that's it, and for these periods, MS has failed miserably and for sure will NOT get my trust and my money again for a looong period.
  • Possibly, but that's a longer term, 5 years-plus, play.   In the shorter term, 'mobile' means iOS and Android development.
  • I'm trying not to read to much into it for now, but times are dire for us remaining loyal WP users. At the very least I wish MS would give us an option that is not Google or Apple, or at least a way to strip google completely from an Android handset such as a Galaxy 7/8
  • Good that you keep the glass half full look on life. But I think actions speak louder than words. Not just by Microsoft but as a consequence also by developers, oems, companies and the last of the users. They are all abandoning windows mobile en masse, effectively killing windows mobile. I lost three apps I use daily this week. Sooner rather than later some essential apps will disappear and I too will have no choice but to abandon ship. The smart people left just before windows 10 on mobile was released. I'm really peed off with MS and the way they left us mobile users out in the cold. I have decided to dump all MS products and services that have good alternatives. When the time comes to replace hw and sw I will go out of my way to find non-MS alternatives.
  • Continuing to build Windows 10 Mobile contradicts a paradigm shift. The only real mobile strategy going forward should be ultra mobile Windows 10 on ARM.
  • Not necessarily. At first the new technology will be expensive and Microsoft may want to keep the people who can only afford a midrange phone that runs Continuum. Kind of like a Chromebook.
  • I disagree with that strategy. There are less than a half percent of us left. That would be stupid on their part to try and keep us. They need offense not defense at this point.
  • Yes, but shouldn't they make W10M solid so that it can transition to WOA and be a solid product out of the box?
  • I don't see the relevance. If they are going to kill it, why make it solid? Just leave Mobile alone after Creators Update and release new hardware on ARM. Stop catering to whoever is left and go after the masses
  • Customer is the king , and u peoples kills the customers . We customer's MS fans , old phone specially. Not the 13 list phone . We peoples ( customers ) who provided tons of feedbacks to help u guys , then u throughout us like we r zero in left digit . . Thanks really
  • Hey Amir you should have bought more apps, because a good customer spends money.
  • First of all . Good morning mr mouthy .
    Second , im one of biggest users and valuable customers before u born or who post this article.
    U or them , or who caring about mobiles sec . They somehow pretty good but they don't or u that the customer is the KING .
    Third . It was a secret between my self and apps owners and didn't want to let u or others ( who post this article or later who gonna answer or post another articles) i yes , i only I i helped 258 windows phone app for translation into 5 languages , without any paying me back , just helping u big mouth , or the other customers , or who post those articles .
    4 - u guys u have to know that money is not goal for everything. Money is a way to help . Not to screw and being mouthy to others .
    5- go check my feedbacks hub suggestions or posting or realizing problems.
    6- at least I'm working for free and supporting ms apps or products without show others .
    7- show here in public ur apps list buying account, if u dare of course .
    Shame really , shame .
    And remember this , customer is the king . Specially the oldies owners windows phone cuz ms windows insider team use us like we r medicine.
  • The future being predicted is based on the premise that people will actually want Windows in their mobile device, so far apart from the dedicated who visit sites like this I dont see signs that number is going to be significant in any way.
  • Even if they came out with something spectacular I would be very hesitant to try it, and I have been a Windows fan for years. I wouldnt end up waiting to see how its supported and that would drive the adoption numbers down even further.
  • God, I miss that WP8.1 UI
  • You are evil Dan for not giving us the wallpaper from HP Elite X3 :(
  • Being a developer (not at Microsoft), i'm guessing they made a branch so they can keep rolling out some updates to Mobile, while some major feature work may be going on that would have just plain broken mobile.  Maybe CShell?  If you got rid of the existing shell, and put in CShell, but CShell just wasn't ready for mobile yet, then rolling out builds from a separate branch makes sense. 
  • I hope you're true.
  • Maybe a fairer questions might be, "What phone is the C-Level folk at Microsoft using?"...  I don't see anyone in M$'s media fair, chuckling about what phones the decision makers are wearing...  Anyone? ... anyone??? I'm on VZW with my iCon and 735 - and at a point were I am considering the jump to something new.  I'm running out of patience... and any insite can either confirm or delay my migration. Or - HP could just come out with a VZW enable phone =D (db)
  • The Icon seems like a good phone. If I were you, I'd hold it until something worthy of an upgrade shows up. That's what I'm doing with my 1520 atleast.
  • I just want ONE MS Exec somehwere to just take 5 mins out of their day and give us a little bit of an idea about WTF is their long term plans for mobile. If it is creating a new device type where you have a 6 inch pc that rings like a phone that is perfectly fine, just freakin say something. We should not have to play detective work just to figure out what they are trying to do.
  • They have done this. Many times. 
    They're looking for the next leap, something beyond phones..The next category of mobile, which will have full win10 on ARM. Everything else is just you, the media, the public, reading into their actions.
  • but its mobile - WoA doesn't make sense on phones other than when connected to a dock with continuum. People here want to know about the future of W10M. We know what is going to happen: full WoA and laptops and tablets but we don't know about phones. CShell is the key factor here and another important thing is whether there is going to be a transition from W10M to full Windows 10. Will it be W10M > W10m+CShell? From here it branches off: There is the possibility that desktop the builds are ahead because CShell is being developed and mobile will catch up once CShell on the desktop is ready and that W10M will be rolled into OneCore. There is also the possibility that W10M just stops where it is now. There is also the possibilty that W10M stops at CShell. I'll stop here because I'm so confused.
  • Have faith.
  • I think this is the beginning of "end of life" situation for Mobile. My guess too that Microsoft is planning to put windows 10 on 6 inch cellular pc (what we call surface phone). Maybe the foldable phone, that we saw its patent, but this won't be in the near future at all. I think it will be in the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019...
    Bottom line imo windows mobile or windows on mobile will be dead until the surface team is ready to bring something new, which is so far, due to hardware and software constrains...
  • "It could also just be a prioritization issue. Less Mobile users, less testers, less reason to try and push builds simultaneously." - And they are giving chance to even less testers and less users by not allowing eligible phones to upgrade.
  • Everything you've wrote means "Windows 10 Mobile is dead" to me
  • "written."
  • Andrew Bainbridge you grammar **** you.
  • Thank you for making the effort to explore and explain all the known details of what is going on Dan. I have no problem with well-reasoned speculation based on the facts, but people like to ignore the details and jump to provocative conclusions. The most amusing (and probably worst) part about this whole storyline is how quickly some other sites jumped on this rampant speculation of Windows Mobile's development branch death, when they rarely report on anything Windows Mobile in the first place. Everybody is just out to justify their own viewpoint. I don't even bother correcting misinformation from those authors anymore.
  • LOL 😁 always right time wrong decision. The last slow ring build is so good on devices but they want to shrink down their testers. Killing is a criminal act and people will never trust Microsoft for this act. It's a reputational hazard for them.
  • The only real issue here is the app gap! If all the brand name Apps like Snap Chat, Pok'emon Go and the likes were here mobile would have taken off.
    That's the real issue!!
  • My hope is that  Microsoft might be at a point where desktop has everything of note inside of it, and they are working to clean it up more and remove older systems and components, and other platforms build from the one code, similarly to the way Apple builds iOS for iPad, iPhone Plus, iPhone and iPod Touch from one main codebase. I personally think it would have been smarter for Microsoft to merge Windows Mobile and IoT into one product, but whatever.  
  • Your final say on this article is just perfect. You know all too well about Msft.
  • Nice article Dan, I think the key term going forward is "mobile PCs". You've said it a few times and I agree with you...Microsoft is definitely staying in mobile, but not in the traditional sense. Windows 10 on ARM signified Redmond's push into a new device category. The cellular PC that can also make phone calls. If they can deliver on a true all in one device that makes very little comprises for mobile productivity; that would be significant. It's my belief that Google is also working on a similar solution.
  • When MS decides if mobile will continue on the Windows OS or Android (which is where I think its heading), my 1520 is at its last stop  I have no other Windows Phones to work with...and that's ok. My 1520 had a decent run. But I'm in this mobile thing now and other devices will have to pick up the slack in the meantime.
  • Brandon, Jason and Dona have been saying the same thing - "There is nothing to worry, we are NOT killing it" [emphasis on *not*].
    These are top Engineers in the Windows Insider programme and they obviously know what's going on... It's just that, TRUSTING Microsoft as a whole has become a little difficult now. First Band, then Mobile.
    Even if these engineers are telling us the truth, it's a difficult time for us fans.
    But I still believe, the ONE WINDOWS strategy will work - eventually. Maybe in 2018, who knows.
    It's still possible that they will merge feature2 into RS3 but if that's the case, then why are they going AWAY from "converge code into OneCore " ????
    Also note the repeated usage of "Enterprise Customers" in their statements. For all we know they are still releasing Mobile builds just to "satisfy" the update promise for W10M in general (think HP Elite X3 for business peeps).
  • During the podcast thing Jason (I think it was him) was indicating some cool stuff coming at build I believe. Maybe some on May 2nd. We just have to wait a little. 
  • Coming Soon is back!
  • Did it ever leave? ;)
  • Don't forget - ™
  • Yeah, They might as well call the Surface Phone the Cloud Phone - because it's pure vapor-ware.
  • Last time they said something like this, do you know what they did? They released insider builds for Mobile and PC on the same day. All that hype was for nothing.
  • /...yeah maybe windows 10 cloud to compete with chromebook in education. I do not see this as cool in any way I look at's just, ok that they want to do it, but for sure nothing wow.
  • Brandon, Jason, Dona... who are those people? I mean... they are just random "soldiers" in a big company. Only the big bosses can say Yes, we will cancel this project.. but as we know Microsoft NEVER did this. Look at Windows RT, officialy it wasnt canceled.. it was pushed in the background and everybody forget about it. I dont care about PR interviews, they are saying what they are allowed.. not the truth
  • I am with you on this. Its not like W10M depends on Dona and her views will be respected. She will do what top bosses say.
  • Well, you could buy a share of stock in MSFT and then you'd gain a LOT more access to the decision-making process as a minority shareholder. Having did that back in the Balmer area, I can tell you that the majority shareholders back then 1. Hated the Xbox 2. Hated Windows Phone They wanted to sell programs both off, and return their corporate/government roots as a software provider.  I THINK (key word) Balmer's purchase of Nokia's mobile platform exhausted any and all patience for the Windows Mobile program.  Shareholders tend to go ape**** everytime it's mentioned. So...again (conjecture, but an educated one) I think Nadella is trying to develop WM as much as he can WITHOUT allocating any resources directly to it. I think he's doing it as a sympathetic response to Windows Cloud and WOA.  As long as the goals of Windows Cloud and Windows on Arm continue to run congruent with WM10, we'll see development.   But I'm thinking any NEW development outside of that narrow congruency is likely not going to happen.  Shareholders lost their asses on Balmer's Nokia acquisition which ended up creating a rift between Nokia and Microsoft.  Microsoft ended up with a lot of negative press, bad numbers, and the European sales of $99 phones just aren't going to save the program. Add to that the Windows 8 debacle which coincided nearly perfectly with most Americans upgrade windows (18m after WP 7) and they had an excuse to leave and feel righteous about doing so.    I think Microsoft has THREE paths to take from here. 1.  Continue to play both ends down the middle until the lack of hardware kills the project so they don't get maligned like they did with RT. 2. EOL Windows Mobile once WOA is a viable exercise 3. (most ambitious) Make SIM carrying mobiles obsolete by investing in global wifi.  Essentially relevel the playing field and take away Android's advantage. Create a killer wifi network AND then include Wifi calling into the Windows 10 stack.  This would explain why they're still developing WM10 software even when they're not pushing any new hardware.  If they did that, your 6 inch Surface Mini would be all that you need. Runs full windows, makes calls, texts, docks into a continuum port, and allows for businesses/govts to choose their appropriate level of security and encryption using the same software their existing network solutions.   Anything else, and the USG and major Corps aren't going to buy in.  And they're the ones that buy these packages in the MILLIONS of units. Just my thoughts.
  • nice touch to the subject. but about that 6" surface thing, it would be useless without mobile apps! users need apps, not emulation on a pocket device.
  • But the way they are doing it is what is making matters worse. Not just consumers, even developers won't want to trust this sort of situation at all. It creates a negative view in the market, when goals are not clear. No one knows what they are trying to do. How will they get any support?
  • How many X3 s do you think they actually sold to enterprise customers? I really doubt it's enough to worry about upsetting them.
  • It's not their enterprise customers they need to worry about, it's their enterprise partners. I can't imagine that HP are happy at all the platform undermining moves MS has made at a time when they we're trying to take the X3 to market. 
  • I am not a Windows Phone fan. I am the Windows Phone faithful! There's a difference.
  • Yes one is a fan,  the other is a SUCKER!
  • Re-inventing and killing are two different things. One is giving up, the other is applying what you learnt to a new vision. I've not seem MS give up on much yet. RT eventually became windows 10. Band will become something else. Windows mobile will be unified. Nothing is being killed, simply back to the drawing board improved. 
  • Wow! This is overwhelming... No one knows what to think. I guess ill just hold on until things are much clearer. I'd hate to see mobile go if it came down to it. No other OS can provide the simplicity and beauty that Windows Mobile provide.
  • This is the reality...
  • Very true cdb033.
  • SUre there is,  Andorid can,  just install the windows 10 theme on it.   Works and act just like windows 10,  even better because you have apps that you don't on windows 10.  
  • I hope it's really because of "C-shell", and hope even more that my L950 gets it (unlikely).  If Windows is to exist in the future, they need to get their rears in gear and truly make Windows on "Mobile Devices" truly competitive.  At least get the basics right! If W10 doesn't come to mobile devices, and they kill off W10M, then #FireNadella
  • Even if W10 comes to mobile devices it won't be successful without any support.  I truly believe W10M would've succeeded if we had more apps from the major players.
  • Meh, the old style of apps will quickly become replaces by bigger screen, multi-tasking UIs, augmented reality, voice intergration etc. They will all quickly mean nothing. This is a war with many rounds. When round 1 is over, its time for round 2. Look at how the major players are vying for the voice based space. They all know its going to take over. Samsung and apple have both introduced multi-tasking on bigger screens. Apple is working on augmented reality. So yeah, development support is important. But who wins that for say voice, or larger screen multi-tasking hybrid devices, or augmented or virtual this space. Current apps will go the same way as symbian apps. Tech evolves. 
  • A few issue with the mobile build meant the build had to be forked. Creators update build on mobile will be different to that of desktop. RS3 build will resume once the issues with the mobile build are folded into the RS3 oneCore release. Microsoft need mobile - especially to help support it's Bing initiative / advertising model. The more people who use Android on mobile, the less will use Edge / Bing on desktop. They'll just continue to install Chrome. I wouldn't read into this too much.
  • Totally agree, sometime to rule you need to split, being one is dangerous. I can't see how Microsoft would make a small update if it's for telling peoples they're killing their Mobile OS, it's just good sense, it would be stupid for a company like Microsoft to do just that. We all have waited for almost 6 years now, so why ruined it now, just be a little more patient. Surface Phone or whatever the name is the futur of Mobile, i can't imagine myself paying 800$ for a phone just to make calls and surfing, i would pay the price if i can do some serious works with and it will happen only with Microsoft. iOS, to do that they will need to reprogram the OS and it takes time to do that, not impossible but not very possible, Apple is not a strong Software company. Android, it's a joke, no matter how good it will become, i can't imagine myself using Chrome OS on Android, no thanks, Android is not bad but can't do anything really serious on it. So yes i believe Microsoft is working hard on the phone department, there's nothing really new about the Surface line now, we already saw almost all kind of hardwares possible, the only one we haven't seen nothing yet, it's Phone, i would call it a foldable PC Phone, lol. Have a little faith, i really want my Surface Phone...
  • I'm just waiting for the Nokia 9 to be released in Q3, then I'm out of this nonsense.
  • Same here
  • Same here too
  • Waiting to see how the price drops on the S7 edge after the S8 comes out
  • I'm just waiting for windows on arm to be released, and cortana bot intergration, and then I am into windows mobile PC. I've never owned a microsoft OS phone, but when these two things happen, I am so in. 
  • Why?  It STILL won't have any apps. 
  • "The good news is no one is telling us – even off-the-record – that development of the phone version of Windows 10 is finished"  In MS fashion usually mean mostly dead.  The remaining w10m users should all email the CEO and demand a clear answer.  
  • We won't be getting any answers until at least BUILD 2017, so emailing Nadella is pointless.
  • You think protest is pointless?  Actually it be fun if there is a few millions email in Nadella inbox tomorrow morning.
  • I think they're more likely to be redirected to the Spam box by Microsoft's email server than to be sent to Nadella's inbox, so he won't ever blink an eye at them.
  • Let see how well MS email server is.
  • Let's start. What's his email id?
  • a quick search get me
  • I think you grossly overestimate the number of windows phone users
  • even if it is only 100k that will do.
  • My old Marine Corps unit had Windows laptops stacked to the ceiling in PALCONs.   Thousands of toughbooks. My BN probably had more Windows machines than WM currently has users.  And that's just one unit out of 10s of thousands in the smallest branch of the military.    The USG buys licenses in the MILLIONS from Microsoft, as do large corps.  Sad reality of life, you'll get what THEY and the shareholders want.  You want more of a say -  buy 10 million phones and they'll gladly listen to your complaint.  Otherwise, you're just along for the ride.
  • I seriously doubt emailing the CEO would do anything.
  • I don't need him to change plan for w10m, I just want to know if there is a future.
  • Better yet Bai, why don't will all just go to the closest Microsoft office and protest. Maybe start a Kickstarter campaign and sue them!
  • Sure, maybe try raising $1.1 million. Seems to be working over at Ceruleanville
  • One windows to rule them all.....ha ha ha ha!!!!!
  • Regardless of where there going... The main point is its becoming useless as it stands now. No eBay, PayPal, Spotify, banking apps and now ATT has dropped family map app. We have 4 950's and a iPhone 5 in the family that I have to borrow from my daughter to use certain apps. I'm a business owner that has had win mobile sense Samsung Blackjack 1 was first released but now I'm truly considering a iPhone 8 when released. Something I NEVER thought about before. Mobile might not be dead but it's users are dying faster.
  • Yeah we've been windows phone family for a long time. I got a cheap Android phone to get used to before I buy a flagship. Got the kid an iPhone yesterday, wife is getting an S7 next month. We're out.
  • Maybe it's just the users have forgotten how to users have forgotten how to use a mobile site.
  • Dude you sound like a full time retard..
  • Mobile site SUCK.   There is little functionality with mobile sites.  Some people are just to dense to realise this....Or they are just to soaked up in fanboy'ism or something.   Mobile sites are garbage,  you can view content.   APPS you do things while you are mobile.   
  • W10M is dead.  See "Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition" for details.
  • Sure. And Hitler fled to Argentina, Titanic and Olympic were switched and Elvis is alive, living on the moon. If a mobile OS has no consumer interest, no enterprise interest and no developer interest, it's dead. When webOS and Symbian were announced as officially dead, they had been so for quite a while.
    I guess the problem is wishful thinkers keep hoping Windows Phone/ Mobile / on phone (use whatever word play you want) isn't dead and makes a comeback .It won't.
    Yes Windows RT is making a comeback but with the crucial difference that it won't be locked down and you'll be able to upgrade to the good version of Windows if you want. And even with that it still remains to be seen if it'll catch on. A WP comeback could only happen if it solved the crucial problems it has. And whilst you may even see full Windows on ARM in 5 years (a version that doesn't s*ck I mean) it will still have the app problem. As for Microsoft, I don't know how clearer Dona Sarkar could have been without compromising her jog; Microsoft is no longer looking at "these things we carry in our pockets". So obviously development of any sort of mobile OS has ended. Even if they won't announce it officially yet. But it's dead.
    It has been dead for a while.
    In fact, we're into zombie territory by now.
  • "If a mobile OS has no consumer interest, no enterprise interest and no developer interest, it's dead. "
    You're missing the point. It's not whether it's dead is does it serve a purpose? You're also conflating two different issues. No one is debating or discussing if the OS "has a chance" with consumers. That is finished. The topic of this article is simple: Has Microsoft ended (or is ending) OS development of the mobile OS? The rest of your comment is literally off topic.
  • Dirk's got a perrenial burr in his ass because an American company bought his beloved Nokia and promptly wrote it off when the acquisition didn't work in terms of sales WAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Pretty much
  • Nokia wasn't bought. Nokia is still a company. Nokia just returned to phones. Your comment is not only late 3 years, it's also just sad.
  • I'm not sure you're understanding my point though. Microsoft has ended the development of the mobile OS the moment they don't have anything to put it on. Just look at the last updates for W10M and you'll notice most of the things it got were not actually aimed at mobile, they were just a consequence of the unified core of Windows 10. When it came to things porting over to mobile (like the colour picker for the accent colour), you'll see they went missing. Things on Windows 10 that would require more code to adapt to mobile were simply cut. How is this not stopping the development of W10M? And as Microsoft completely redefined what they understand by "mobile", Windows 10 Mobile or any software aimed at smartphones is done. They now has a much more loose and broad definition of mobile. When Dona mentioned HoloLens as a mobile device, that pretty much paint a clearer picture of their definition of mobile. And Microsoft's own new definition of mobile means Windows 10 Mobile is not only dead, it no longer serves any purpose.   "Perhaps Microsoft is finished with Mobile as a branch, but it has what it needs of the code for other device categories." Even you in the article see it. So I don't understand how can you say W10M isn't dead. It is. Microsoft stripped from it what it needed and moved pass phones. Even the idea of a "Surface Phone" doesn't seem, to me, to make sense at all.   And I don't see how the rest is literally off topic. All of what I wrote was based on what you wrote on the article. You were the one bringing up Windows RT 2.0. 
  • THIS. There's no reason for Windows 10 on ARM etc etc if there's no apps and those were EASY to cumulate in Store over last years. But MS did everything to turn us away with forcing to rewrite apps. Now we even don't have market share argument ("W10 Mobile is there and so their users - your clients") to convince any of big brands to develop and provide support for app like we are for iOS and Android.  Remember that Dan and rest are just reporters so they clearly are not fully aware of current state of how much of this business works. It's even worse - Microsoft doesn't too! Surface success is nothing in this case because for most of the people it's just a laptop/tablet and not a 'UWP device' :/
  • I think 400,000+ active devices would disagree with your UWP statement there. I use UWPs all the time on both tablet and desktop. UWP doesn't need mobile marketshare, because it still has massive marketshare. The windows store has grown massively in the last two years. I think its probably more or less trippled. When people make statements like this, I kind of wonder where they have even been. Go look in the store yourself, do some searches for apps, windows store is doing better than its ever done.  
  • wow 400,000 active devices.   Phew...thank god for those....Its not like IOS and Android has probably BILLIONS of active devices for the developers to put their wares on.   The windows store is full of third party S H I T!  The First party apps are not there,  and the ones that were,  are leaving at a fast rate.  
  • If you think about it though, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do. Mobiles may be up to 3-4 gb, larger batteries and more powerful processors to run full windows 10, but Windows 10 vision is to run on ALL hardware platorms including IoT and wearables. Think a smartwatch, a smartring, a pair of smartglasses or your smart scales, or smart dehumidifier is going to have 4gb of ram any time soon? I don't. Windows Mobile should be repurposed for weaker devices, particularly things like watches so they can run cortana's new skill ecoystem when its intergrated.     So sure mobile PC's and MS like to call them, which will be able to make phone calls, will run windows on arm. But anything weaker? I don't see how the vision of wearables etc is possible without using the lighter OS windows 10 mobile, with some kind of UI changes and rebranding.  So myself I doubt its dead. I think, like their mobile platform being reborn into windows on arm, windows 10 mobile will be reborn as something like "Windows 10 cloud on arm", for connected smart devices. 
  • I don't think it's over, but they have to create something really new like perhaps Hololens and Surface Line, it's stupid to fight a war where you're certain to lose. Instead Microsoft has to focus on creating something really new and a Portable PC with Phone Call functionalities make sense. The Smartphones will die anyway...
  • WebOS is not dead. LG owns it and uses it as their smart TV OS. I have one of their sets, and both the OS and its available apps still get updates. 
  • Obviously I meant webOS as a mobile OS. It's the same thing. webOS lives on in LG TVs (I know that, all my TVs are from LG ;) ) but on mobile the operating system is dead. Same thing applied to Windows 10. It will obviously live on as an operating system on PCs, console, etc. But on mobile it's done.
  • Um, windows 10 mobile is not the same OS, as windows 10 on desktop/tablet. It only runs UWP apps, has a different UI, and a different chipset instruction set. And windows 10 is not done on the mobile platform either, only windows 10 mobile (which is being replaced by windows on arm, a more powerful operating system). I think your confusion comes from not understand that windows 10 itself, and windows 10 mobile are entirely different things.   
  • I'm surprised you think small screen, touch based apps will still be a major thing in five years. First thing that will replace that is voice based "skill" ecosystems like cortana witth microsoft bot framework integration, and the second thing is larger folding screen apps (for graphene based screens for folding tablets), designed with more complex UIs, and multitasking, and the third, intersection devices that can play phone, tablet, laptop, computer. None of which will be able to pull much from current small screen, touch focused apps. Being ahead or behind in a game with a limited lifespan doesn't count for as much as people like to think. Tech moves fast. The iphone 1 was released just ten years ago. Smart home devices just last year.  Current style apps will go the way of the feature phone apps. They'll be as useful as sybian apps are today. 
  • Wow, you really ARE drinking the kool aide, aren't you?   Even if all of that DOES happen, what makes you think anyone will know/care about Microsoft's version?  Wouldn't I be more likely to buy a Galaxy S15, for example, that does ALL of that plus runs my (by then) legacy Android apps?  Microsoft has completely missed the mobile revolution.   Completely.   No one wants to run Win32 junk on a 5" - 6" screen.  Windows 10 on Arm brings nothing to the table that interests mobile users.
  • A lot of the misinformation is because of the overall tone of recent windows central podcasts.
    But how come what's said here doesn't count? Or even here? Maybe if you all sit the hell back and let everything transpire without the unnecessary negativity, FUD, and hyperbolic BS you'll get a clear picture of what's really going on.
  • I agree with you. Let's look at the positives and what has been said that proves the "mobile is dead" crap wrong. After this article and what others have said I do believe that mobile will be reconnected to RS3 at some point.
  • The only one who knows is Mr "mobile first, cloud first". Go and ask him.
  • Their silence is creepy...
  • Really?? While I do feel at this point they SHOULD come forward and tell everyone what's going on (not like it will anyone here), Tell me what other companies actually are not silent about thier plans? 
  • As long as updates for "need apps" like WhatsApp and some MS apps keeps coming, it should be fine. Also the OS updates. That's for me heh :P
  • Hitler fled to Argentina, Titanic and Olympic were switched, Elvis is dead, Windows 10 Mobile is also dead.
  • Copying DJCBS doesn't make your comment look smarter.
  • guess this branch is to keep remaining supported Lumias alive for another year or so. since its taken off from main development branch, it frees development resources that dont have to worry about old devices anymore.
  • Sadly I've got to jump in march 2018 (once my windows phone is upgradable) if no new product has been delivered. Gotta go iphone, have been sitting tight far too long.
  • They can't even figure out what they want from Mobile. First they tout about OneCore and now they are completely abandoning it. This is truly pathetic. Feature 2 might just exist no to piss off their fans completely. You drop full support of Mobile, and people will leave entire Windows ecosystem, because mobile is so closely integrated into desktop. iOS is not integrated with Windows neither is Android. You switch Mobile OS, you start thinking about switching a desktop OS if integration is important.
  • Agree that they don't seem to know their Mobile game plan.  Their timeline for transitioning to "whatever pocket device/OS is next" is way off, as they're now losing (and frustrating) their loyal core fan base, after having already lost the casuals.  They're going to have a hard time pulling us back with the "whatever pocket device is next" after losing us here, and pulling back the iOS / Android casuals?  No chance. At least in the WP7/8 Ballmer days they seemed to have a feasible road map and direction, which they enthusiastically shared with us.  This silence is as deafening as Ballmer's enthusiasm, but in the other direction.
  • That lumia 930 is so gorgeous! I wish they were still sold in India.
  • What? When it's not one of the 13?
  • In a system lifecycle, product termination comes in the following order: End-of-Sales, End-of-Support, End-of-Life. End-of-Sales came last year, this suspiciously sounds like End-of-Support...
  • Dona made the very brilliant point in her talk with WindowsCentral: the end of the "rectangle" device is near.  Microsoft is gearing up for the NEXT form factor. I use Windows Mobile BECAUSE I prefer it to IOS and Android.  I use the continuum feature.  I use the dual-sim when I travel. So!!! Unless some company just totally reinvents "the device" I'm with Windows Mobile.  It works for me and I like it!
  • I'm fine with a 6 inch PC I carry around that rings when someone calls it. I just want MS to tell us what they are doing. The Silence has sucked. I also do not want to have to use an Iphone or Andoird phone. I REALLY hate the interfaces of both of those and never want to use it. If my phone is a pocket PC that looks like Windows 10 Tablet mode then that is perfectly fine with me.
  • "the end of the "rectangle" device is near." I just don't think that's true, though. Everyone here saying that "Microsoft missed the phone era, but that's okay because now they'll be on top of the next paradigm" is overly optimistic. Five, ten, twenty years from now, everyone is still going to be carrying around tiny rectangle computer phones in their pockets because the form factor is ideal: big enough to view content on a screen, small enough to fit in your pocket. Some variation of this could come about (foldable devices, projection screens, etc.), but the truth is that, even if that variation occurs, Android and iOS are still in the dominant position to shift over. They've got the users, the developers, and the apps. Microsoft's best bet was in late 2013 when they had grown Windows Phone from nothing to 5% global market share, including dozens of markets with double-digit share and ahead of iOS. Had they doubled down at that time instead of retrenched, Windows Phone--and therefore, Windows--would still be a player. HoloLens will be cool. Bots have potential. But the smartphone is not going away anytime soon.
  • Well its in FaceBooks 10 year road map, so again, its about first to market.
  • What I see is the current Windows 10 Mobile has been split off and will continue to be updated until the life cycle of current devices expire. When that happens there will be new devices that will have been released running full Windows 10 on ARM. Once that happens Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be required. There will then be 1 Windows for Intel & ARM. It will just be compiled for whatever processor. The need for a separate Windows 10 for Mobile goes away. This was the plan from the retrenchment. Give the fans devices that would tide them over until the big push once Windows 10 on ARM is ready.
  • Best speculation yet Grant! I do not expect my 950XL to ever receive Windows 10 on ARM.  I'll see just a few more updates on this new Windows 10 Mobile branch and that's it. However, I do hope that most new UWP apps released will also run on Windows 10 Mobile, although intended for Windows 10 on ARM. However, I don't expect we will see CShell on Windows10Mobile, so if UWP are developed using that for Windows 10 on ARM... well we might get left behind sooner than I hope. At build, we should learn more about CShell and it's relationship to ongoing UWP development. 18 months from now I'll be purchasing a cell phone that runs Windows 10 on ARM (seriously... there will always be  a cell phone running Windows regardless of what microsoft calls the OS or Device....) Windows 10 on ARM is just a 5th reboot of Windows Mobile (6.0 Professional, 7.8, 8.1, 10 Feature Release 2)..  Yes, I referenced the last gasp of each of the previous iterations. It's a reboot, becuase they've decided the absolutely mush have Win32 App support and must have CShell for visual interface considerations accross multiple device formats.
  • Do you believe that the Elite X3 might have a chance of getting that update;
  • Well I think windows mobile is death but windows on mobile not. Now will get windows OS in mobile equal to PC
  • I've been considering switching back to Windows Phone (for many reasons which I won't detail here). The only thing I want to know is: should I invest in a Windows 10 Mobile device now (Alcatel Idol 4S, Elite x3, etc.) or should I sit tight and wait for this all to play out? If Microsoft is going to try to shake things up and create a new "Ultramobile PC" category, that would be my dream device.
  • You'll be waiting a while, suggest you get a 950XL from Amazon to tide you over, better deal than an X3 and the Idol only has the T-Mo bands so you can't use it much if you travel a lot...didn't work for me on 4G in Japan, SKorea or Australia.
  • I've been on Windows Mobile since my first smartphone, the MX220. Med School actually forced me to Android, I was getting trounced in rounds by other students who used their apps to get pharmacological answers or diagnostic criteria, while I was left with a constantly updating (and therefore unreliable) web browser.  That could've been WP's niche: the medical community.  Full Office, dedicated apps for physicians, Surface Pros for charting, and being it was Windows based, a protocol for interfacing with the hospital's patient information system.  Encryptable, completely interconnected, and HIPAA compliant.  Would've been an amazing thing.  Ah well...  
  • Windows 10 Mobile is dead... Long live Windows 10 (on ARM) That's where I'm settled - for now. I admit I jumped on the 'maintenance branch" bandwagon and thought the worst. But as has been pointed out in this article there is probably a greater need to firm up the main RS3 code branch ready for accepting ARM (not mobile) family devices. So I'm back to 'glass half full' for now anyway. What happens at the hardware event and Build will hopefully shed some light. If not, we'll know within months when we either see, or don't see, new builds for mobile from this consolidated OneCore branch. So, as you were... No mast here to tie ourselves to just yet!
  • MS are not killing Mobile they are rolling it into full Windows 10 on ARM. Expect a device with 8GB of RAM and at least 256GB or storage running full Windows 10 on ARM that you can carry in you pocket & that will be able to make phone calls.
  • That's what i want but it will be a year or 2 sadly
  • even if this happen, they need to make sure big apps are at their store. so far I can see only few of them willing to develop the app (and some of them have annoying bugs).
  • Just ordered an android phone only because i have a few years till Microsoft comes out with a decent flagship for me then I'll come back. But im still using my Lumia 1520 everyday no matter what! 😊
  • Microsoft has to continue with mobile builds obviously. < allows them to build a base for something else perhaps, A full stop is ridiculous. But still Windows 10 Mobile is fading out till someone says otherwise with something in concrete. To people who are not willing to read alot about what is happening with Microsoft phones and Its future but love the MS phones they have, it all can be seen as one huge pile of confusion, something MS isn't doing right at all.
  • Only Microsoft knows what they are doing. Every day i will wake up here in Cameroon (AFRICA)hoping that windows central will bring us a good news that things have changed, but days after days it's the opposite. I've made the decision in February to stay with windows10 mobile, and after 3 years with a 1020, bought a 950xl. I'm starting thinking if I was not wrong. The sad news is that the os has a big potential, but I don't know why they decided to leave it behind.
  • Windows Cloud could be ARM based, and from that "ARM netbook" merge we wil possibly be in front of next Cellular PCs. Only hoping there will be some special adoption for L950/XL, Elite x3, Idol, etc, because those are really capable devices, not as old enough to be archived.
  • a developer opinion - it looks to me as an architectural decision - "CShell" absorbed important mobile features, but is probably not ready or stable enough to fully replace the mobile. It was strange to me that they kept the somewhat separate mobile OS push for this long as that's probably not good for either side of the story. This way they'll keep developing the CShell based OS and preparing it to fully replace the mobile down the line - and more as a PC, cellular PC (as that seems to be the name). While Windows mobile can keep it's own specifics for now as current h/w s/w tight integration is demanding that - will be dead down the line but probably inconsequential as by that time CShell variant will kick in and replace it with something better (sounds like that at least). Anyhow, you don't expect for Windows Mobile to survive like this in 3yrs, what's sure is that's going to be an entirely differen beast. And I don't think it's temporary, it's probably to stay for a while, they'll still be sharing some code (I guess) and just reorganize into one core when ready.
  • I agree with this as the most logical reasoning, based on the existing facts and based on what we believe to be true of Microsoft's strategy. However, Microsoft is fully capable of making what appear to us to be illogical or poor strategic decisions, so I can't really feel confident with the assumption. Still my favored speculation though.
  • I don't know much about what's really going on, but i really do hope Windows Mobile of some sort or another continues on. Just last night i was sitting on my couch looking at my Elite X3 and my Galaxy S6 ( that is use stickly for showbox now ) and asked myself why do i prefer W10M over Andriod. I know pretty much any app on windows i use now i could find on playstore, but then it hit me, I love Cortana and my Grove Music.  Sure Android has Cortana and Grove, but in my opinion, a very poor imitation of it. With W10m Cortana reads me my texts when i'm driving or plays my music when i ask her to, andriod...not so much. and as far as office apps, android has nothing on windows mobile.  no, i'll stick with my W10m for now as long as it keeps getting supported. Sure there are some pain points, but you either learn to live with the pain or numb yourself with what i believe to be a lesser OS. 
  • dorna khoodi la en pool vitu aatuven, ava molaya sappi thebedyaaa nu solveb
  • If Windows on ARM is going to be their next "mobile" push, and Windows 10 Mobile is being reduced to strictly business phones, then doesn't it make more sense to have the phone and PC development branches separated?  Seems like a lot more could be accomplished if MS wasn't forced to stay in line with PCs.
  • No W10 Mobile then no Windows platform for my company
  • One more blah blah may be blah blah not clear blah blah not sure blah blah blah article.
  • It seems perfectly logical to separate the two build threads if Windows on ARM will mean that there will just, truly be, only one version of Windows and it will just be the compiler and devices themselves that make the difference in features and functionality. THIS WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN FOR WINDOWS. It seems that what they are doing, is maintaining a separate codebase to continue to FULLY support Window 10 Mobile devices for as long as they can, as feature complete as they can, while still evolving the primary code base to do all the things they want to do with Windows regardless of the chipset compiled for. The reality that we all have to realize is that the devices currently out (with chipset versions prior to Qualcomm 835) will NOT run Windows on ARM. The earlier chipsets are not capable of a reasonable FULL version of Windows on ARM regardless of what any marketing demos were able to pull off previously. There will be one (hopefully final) parsing of supported devices based on chipset features and capabilities, but that is totally reasonable if they do it the way it seems that they are doing it, with a separate code base for the Windows Mobile devices until EOSL for those devices. This, is a good thing, but the FUD peddlers out there will have a field day with the 'X is DEAD' stories...
  • As a developer this seems like the most reasonable explaination.  Nothing out now will get upgraded (kind of like all the devices that never got Windows Phone 8 or was it 7) because Windows on ARM is going to require newer hardware.
  • In software development, this branch could mean nothing. If they're introducing drastic features to the main stream that might add risk to mobile, even for Fast Ring, it makes perfect sense to branch out to have better control of changes and hot fixes for mobile only. Also, makes sense when CU is not officially released yet. I think the problem here is that we have half transparency from Microsoft because they are still a business and they can't share every bit of information with the community. On the other side we take one word like "Feature2" or "branch" and then we make hell out of it. As pissed as I am for not seeing faster progress, I think we need to relax a little. Microsoft wants to succeed, but it can't move at the speed of the Windows fan.
  • My Lumia 830 strangely received the creators update last night.
  • Yay!
  • What I believe; Mobile and PC aren't identical enough as of now, that's why I think Microsoft separated the updates. For example, on PC you can change default apps, but on mobile you can't. After mobile and PC become identical enough in terms of looks and features, then Microsoft will make updates the same number again. That's what I believe and want to happen, but I won't be surprised if Microsoft abandons mobile. Also, I don't believe we will ever see a surface phone.
  • Maybe there are a couple of OS options they are testing out that take different paths. I would think this is most likely the case, if it's going to be abandoned why bother at all.
  • Feature2 temporary or Feature2 permanent: I'll take any of long as MS has an internal branch working on it...
  • It may not be dead yet, but it soon will be. The way Microsoft is treating Windows 10 Mobile, it might as well be dead already. Third party developers are certainly reading the signs and departing in droves. When Microsoft doesn't care about its own platform, why should third parties? I love Windows 10 Mobile. But, nevertheless, I ordered a OnePlus 3T. I might as well get off the sinking ship before it goes completely under. I don't particularly like Android - though it has improved immensely in the last few years - but as apps leave Windows 10 Mobile or aren't updated any more, there is little alternative. I like Apple even less, so that's not a choice. I actually dug out an old Android phone and installed an updated ROM just to play around. And, wouldn't you know it - voice control actually works very well in Danish. Meanwhile, Microsoft STILL hasn't rolled out Cortana to more than a handful of countries. It will be nice using a phone with software made by someone who actually cares about their own platform for a change... Now, If Microsoft had clearly communicated their future plans, I might have waited, but given the lack of communication, I see no reason to stick around. Windows 10 Mobile is probably dead after Redstone 3 anyway. It is essentially in maintenance mode already - notice how Night Light never made the mobile Creators Update?
  • I think MS is trying things out with windows phone. The lack of consistent OS strategy is a big blow to the growth of windows mobile. Full windows can run on arm. What does that mean? It means that MS can now run full windows on phone 📱 with a start menu similar to the current tablet mode. This strategy will make is possible for windows legacy apps to run in Continuum mode. I forsee a future for Universal Windows Apps. Current UWApps will benefit in the near future
  • This! Everyone upset over the looming death of windows mobile should recall the articles written about windows mobile being replaced by full windows. Also, I kinda keep mentioning this everywhere (sorry for being repetitive) - I think Windows on mobile for consumers could be like windows cloud, store apps only.. With a way to upgrade to full windows if someone wants to
  • exactly. it almost like old pocket pc era minus continuum.
  • windows 10 Mobile is dead accept that ! microsoft just know how to play with their fans   
  • Since each and every statement can have serious legal consequences for a company it really is not that big of a surprise that they are silent.
  • What if Windows Cloud actually encompasses Windows "mobile" devices? Windows 10 Mobile like Windows Cloud supports store only installs, and I'm thinking they will make the Cloud version work on ARM since that would actually make for good low cost devices for education. Could that with CShell actually lead to a new Windows 10 Mobile OS with continuum? Anything can happen! Also, it still seems unlikely everyone would want x86 windows applications on a phone, so it would make sense they give Windows Cloud on mobile phones, where a user can then upgrade to full Windows 10. Windows as a service. **Fanboy-ism intensifies** PS - I am disappointed with lack of support for many devices moving forward, but Microsoft did a more than acceptable job supporting us till now, it's okay. I'm not bothered by the idea that windows mobile could die, because I don't want a windows mobile, I want windows on a mobile. That is what most fans want, which is what the surface phone or whatever comes next could actually have, windows 10 / windows cloud on mobile. The grim people need to have some faith.. The surface pro 3, surface book, surface hub all came out of nowhere, I trust MS to deliver in good time :)
  • Great I'll have to pay 29.95 a month to access the clowd no thank you.
  • Huh? I thought windows cloud would be a one time purchase, not a subscription. But yeah I may be wrong so
  • in short slow death where MS doesn't announce. man i hope i went with apple or samsung instead of investing in windows mobile.
  • I don't know why you would want to stick with windows phone when you can get Microsoft apps and services on Android or iOS. Though the only main app I use is onedrive and bing has been my default search engine for over 2 years now.
  • Windows phone synchronizes perfectly with my PC
  • Assuming there will be a "Surface Mobile" 2-in-1 device with full Windows 10 on ARM (835), Cshell and Foldable screen, e.g., 5/8". i.e. PC in your pocket. (c.f, Nadella: This is a phone that can also be your PC) It also means the current Windows phones will not be able to run this new OS! So, maybe we will see some kind of subset/reduced version for todays phones; no x32 software and no Cshell.
  • Thinking the same thing! But I gave a feeling the pc in my pocket will run something similar to windows cloud with cshell/continuum and not full windows 10, because not everyone will want to run x86 applications on their phone (x86 apps are storage and background processes hungry). A version of windows cloud for mobile or something similar would make more sense - and it would be more secure. And as per current rumours and information, those using windows cloud can upgrade to full windows.. I think same could apply to windows on phone, thereby giving enterprise and power users what they want as well
  • The device you envision is at least 3 years away.
  • Is the "some settings are managed by your organization" message an error from the last update? I can't access a bunch of settings and sometimes can't see any settings. Also can't see some of my images. My950XL is not registered to an organization. 
  • Yep, same on my X3
  • Really? Thanks, it's good to hear.  Not sure why my comment got a downvote, lol. 
  • GPD Pocket > Great idea and it's indiegogo page says "$3,106,484 USD total funds raised 1522% funded on April 16, 2017 ". This is cool. Only if someone could add calling feature to this and detachable screen to take calls. On the other hand MS still to introduce calling feature on W10
  • I'm starting to wonder if we're just too myopic to see the massive engineering transition which is about to happen. Over the last two years, Microsoft has been cherry picking features from what was built in WP8/W10M and folding them into Windows 10 proper--the true OneCore--to support their future vision of one platform for everything. We've been so obsessed over what we have/don't have today in W10M to see what it will become--full W10 running on ARM. UWP guarantees that all of the apps we have today will still run on our "Ultramobile PCs" (as Jason Ward likes to call them) or "Surface phones" (as the rest of us of like to dream about) when they are released later this year or next year. The features we want--like the blue light filter, resizable floating Continuum windows, and more--will come to us as a result of running on W10 proper. The only drawback that I see to this materializing future is that it will be yet *another* reboot (WM6.5 -> WP7 -> WP8 -> W10M -> W10) across generations where older hardware will be left behind with no upgrade path. Microsoft did a very poor job (intentionally or unintentionally) communicating the "master plan" for mobile to us and nobody outside of the upper echelons knows why. Maybe it's planned to prevent competition from getting the upper hand and beating MS to market, maybe it's pure incompetence. Until the future is here, feel free to stick with what you have if it works for you, or jump ship to something that better fits your needs. We're all speculating until then.
  • I
  • W10mobile is just stayin alive through these articles.
  • Is it me or do comments today seem more positive than usual? :P
  • Without Windows10M, UWP is pointless. What Windows 10 Mobile now looks like is what I call a budget phone OS and What W10 on ARM promises is what I call a flagship phone (or tablet/notebook) OS. It makes sense if they focus on making W10M more stable and keep the key features for the flagships, as long as they have most of their apps in common there is nothing to worry about.
  • The one thing the article doesnt mention is the now very short list of devices that will recieve updates (be Supported) even as a Windows Insider. If you happen to be on an older device, functionality was removed in builds prior to the "Anniversary Update", and we have been informed that we will not quailfy for the "Creators Update". This leaves many users on a build that was released just prior to the "Creators Update", with known bugs, that will never be fixed. This has upset many hundreds of people loyal to the Microsoft Eco-System. If Windows Mobile is not dead, they are hammering a lot of nails into the coffin and some of them are missing and going into the brand and other products.
  • Nice article. Most things aren't guaranteed...what is guaranteed though is that W10M is dead if they dont put a lot bigger effort into it. And not just advertising and marketing. Who ever is in charge of Windows 10 Mobile is failing and failing miserably. The same glaringly obvious glitches, issues, and crashes continue to persist over and over. If he/she used the device for two weeks they would know what 95% of those are. This is ridiculous that this is on the brink and it is mainly on the brink because of garbage effort and garbage leadership. Shame on this CEO, shame on the manager of this W10M project, and shame on those who should have been keeping them in check. Disgusting. Someone is taking paychecks for work they are phoning in.
  • What is there to advertise or market? The Microsoft store sells one phone that hasn't been discontinued yet. Everything else is 18+ months old and just there til they run out of stock. There's no hardware left to run the OS.
  • I said advertising was not really its problem... Read again.
  • Christ, feature2 equals more retrenchment? Why doesn't MS have the balls to just kill this mess outright and right now instead of torturing us with a long, slow lingering death?
  • Why haven't you people moved on yet? What's holding you back if you're so dissatisfied? As for me, as long as my Microsoft Lumia 640 works I'll be using it and WHEN a newer phone from MS comes along I'll be buying it.
  • Samsung S8 in store next week.
  • Yup, bring on the new windows Mobile, snap dragon 835, pure windows stripped down and refined. Makes sense, which means MS probably won't do it LOL.
  • As far as I'm concerned Windows 10 is a mobile OS, Windows 10 Mobile is for business phones but "fans" were sold devices and subsequently spit in Microsoft's eye...whatever, it is what it is. If you want what the other guys have, go for that stuff kids. It's alright, Microsoft has stakes in all fields so go nuts! I'm happy where i am, stop making yourself miserable and make yourself happy, there IS a way 😁💖🗽
  • Visual Studio 2017 doesn't even compile for the current phones. It only has ARM, x86, x64. I had an app fail for the current phones in certification. I think that speaks a lot about the current phones.
  • If Nadella will or will not shut down 10 Mobile development soon won't make any difference, considering how huge is the exodus of users to rival platforms.
  • They will not kill Windows 10 Mobile until the end of the lifecycle of the 950. That is a little over 18 months time. I am happy with that because I am not due an upgrade for another year.
  • By that time we should have Windows 10 on ARM devices to buy.
  • The fork in the branches shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. For awhile now, many features have been added to the pc builds that were not added to mobile. The added time and stress of keeping it converged could possibly be why the people hub never made it to the creators update.
  • Now this is the way to write an article for the purpose of defusing the pent up stress mobile fans have been feeling. Plenty of solid insight. Lots of knowledge. Plenty of sources to pull from. Lots of logical projection. I think you guys could make airplane passengers feel safe up until the very last few seconds before impact. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes if there actually is an impact. I can't help but feel that Microsoft could send us a big fat wink that something good is coming soon. Letting rabid fans continue to foam at the mouth running around pulling their hair out, is not doing anybody any good.  
  • The "Feature2" thing looks a lot like WP 7.8.
  • If MS wants a presence in mobile then they will have it. 1% market share seems like doom and gloom but what if they never had a mobile os and just announced they were going to come out with one. Fans would be hyped and over the moon with a 0% market share, 0 apps and no devices. Hope, hype and stigmas are the only difference between the two scenarios.
  • Windows Mobile SHOULD die. Microsoft should just encourage developers to start developing for Windows 10, which there are so many more users of, and make it dumb-easy to convert their apps to smaller screen formats. Microsoft should also focus on encouraging these customers to use the app store more. Doing anything on mobile-only Windows makes no sense. Too small of a group of people using it. Even most people whining here wouldn't develop for a platform so small if they were developers themselves that want their company to make a profit.
  • My concern with all this ambiguity is simply having some sort of upgrade path. I see the potential future that Microsoft is trying to create for Win10. I already know my Lumia 950XL will not be part of that future so I am not so much concerned about W10M as a supported iteration anymore. However, I am still concerned with Win10 as a whole and not knowing more firm details of what MS is planning on the mobile front (smartphone-type, specifically) is unsettling.
  • anyone ask Bill?
  • Microsoft chooses enterprise. But all other mobile platforms are exist for consumer and business need. Why people will buy a phone only for enterprise use, where we all have pcs in our office.
  • This may be very good
  • Nice article Dan, I think if WinRT is being relaunched with the Windows 10 Cloud name aimed for education market and enterprise we can also think Windows Mobile can reborn few years later. My best wishes to Microsoft, Belfiore and cloud enthusiasts, I'm sure Windows 10 Cloud will beat ChromeOS for once and forever.
  • Well I'm still goin strong with my 950
  • You all should keep quite and let the guys at Microsoft do Their work.  You're all speculating and polluting your mind with the thought that "Windows 10 mobile is dead" and then you want Microsoft to comment on it. That's nonsense. Did they say that or have they stop producing it???????? Just SHUT UP and let them do their work. 
  • They have reduced themselves overnight to 13 supported hardware products, they have dropped functionality on older models that were USP, in favour of marginal apps (like 3d Viewer). They have annoyed a lot of loyal insiders with dropping them,a build away from a stable drop off point with no warning it was coming, no way forward and no way back. So whatever the future not exactly great from a top tech company.
  • This is a lot of words to answer "what is going on?" with "we don't know." Lots of speculation, and telling people who see this to "hold tight" doens't make any sense. What are we holding tight to, no hardware or a "retrenched" approach to software to go with that total dearth of hardware? Really, what we have to hold tight to is getting nothing, and that's about it. It's not something I would hold tightly to, it's something I'd set on a the table and keep an eye on. If they can't provide any vision for mobile developments at their next event, I'm going ot be forced to leave, it seems. If I can't get an improved phone, what am I to do, continue to live with 2-year-old hardware that has no certain software future? I'd rather "retrench" from the platform and make then earn the respect and trust of their customers.
  • I abandoned hope seven months ago when I went to an iPhone. All signs pointed toward abandonment, be it for smartphones as we know them or otherwise. The damage was already done; nothing they do now increases the damage. MS owes me nothing, and I owe it nothing. I'm saddened - no matter how it got this way - by its mobile demise, but life is that way. I've devices all over the house that operate W10, and I still do 95% of my computer stuff on a desktop. For me, a smartphone augments my desktop experience and gives me temporary mobility without being completely disconnected. Sometimes I wish another company wholly dependent on mobile had had the chance to take the operating system and run with it. Maybe after infusing Nokia with cash, MS should have let Nokia stand on its own and develop. If someone actually depended on it for corporate survival, one wonders what we'd have today.  
  • Meh! I will give my Lumia 1520 a couple of months to see if there are any updates/improvements on the way. Come September and the iPhone anniversary edition launch. Can't wait to switch and leave this unfinished and unpredictable OS.
  • with the recent announcement of only 13 phones receiving the next wave, is it possible that those 13 can be turned over to run Full Windows on ARM? Meaning can my 950 do it? (assuming MS has this working).
  • I actually don't care what the version of W10 it is: Mobile? ARM? CShell? Who cares? But what good is any OS without hardware; and any OS+hardware without apps?
  • It is dead. They can't make any $$ selling phones so makes sense they focus on W10 for other devices..
  • Microsoft doesn't need to kill W10M, it just need to let it die slowly and quietly. Apps developers, one by one, will drop their support, users will move to something else (even Symbian seems to be a better alternative), Nadella will keep dreaming about clouds and HP will suffer God's punishment for killing webOS.
    As a collateral damage, Windows' apps store will be forgotten as well, since there's be no point on being tied to that thing, because everyone can get their desktop programs the old-fashioned way: .EXEs
  • Looks pretty simple to me as a developer. Rs2 for pc and mobile are out of sync. You don't want pc rs3 work messing with getting mobile out. The easy engineering answer is to branch for mobile until it is released. We do that lots on projects to allow concurrent development along with finalizing releases.
  • No one has really touched on the subject to clarify, or at least i have not read. I use and will continue to us my 950. I believe there is a mobile play in the works. My 950 is operating beautifully (save my biggest issue with WM10 - phone numbers are not links in Mail and Calendar app). My question is very simple. CU for WM10 is coming April 25. So any builds up to that date are fixes/patches? I want to be on CU and stay there. Do not want to move to any insider builds after that for now. So what is the actual build for CU for mobile? I am currently on 15204. Is that CU? Or have i already gone past CU? Should i wait for April 25th, get the release of CU for mobile and then exit insider? Anyone can specifically clarify? Love reading all the banter and i am a die hard windows/MS guy but just a reg guy with an affection for tech. Need a Smartphone that works. Currently 950 is working really well!!!
  • Anything post 15200 is Creator's Update. It sounds like, just like me, you couldn't tell, either. I think many are annoyed/worried about is that there are almost no obvious changes outside of a few settings menu updates.
  • What if they phased out all the pre x40 lines in lieu of bringing cshell to all devices. Maybe instead of mobile It's all going to converge where even the x40 and x50 lines get some support for W10 ARM and a full desktop experience with the phone. That mixed with the integration of w32 apps and emulation for x86 on ARM in UWP meaning we have a larger market of apps. Just a possibility, but my Hope is strong for Windows.
  • Nokia Morph Windows 10 device with a desktop dock that I can hook up a dedicated GPU dock via thunderbolt 3 and my dual monitors and my 480X and I am happy. If the future of Windows 10 mobile continues like the lackluster designs of iOS and Android I will be disappointed. I want a massive paradigm shift in mobile not just thinner and a bigger screen with more millions of pixels. I want the future, not a competitor but a new device altogether that makes the whole industry rethink mobile, like people would say apple did with iPhone, even though I though my Samsung i700 was waaaay cooler than the iPhone at the time.
  • It is clear Windows 10 Mobile is more than winding down. Nearly all major carriers are no longer carrying any Windows phones - zero. Only Verizon still even sells any Windows phone, the Lumia 735. Small carriers mostly haven't carried Windows phone and they are not going to now with basically zero demand. If it's not clear that the platform is dead you live under a rock. The platform is dead if the general populous can't buy Windows phones. Just let that soak in - you cannot buy a Windows Phone from almost all carriers today. The phone is dead and Microsoft is thankfully, gracious enough to let it go slowly so it doesn't tick off the major fans unreasonably - they are trying to let us down easy. Nearly unheard of but it really can't be any clearer when you look at the forest (which is more like a small grove).  Microsoft is clearly not going to spend a lot of effort on a platform that is...... dead. It's dead. If you can't buy a phone it's dead. Sure there are a couple gasps' with WhartonBrooks, but face it. This will be the last of it. Oh yes, there's HP too but really, who's buy it. Have you seen any in your travels outside the tech world? Get a grip, Windows phone is dead! I'll be one of the last hold outs (still have an unopened Lumia 950XL) incase mine dies but Windows phone is dead. Now, is Microsoft still hoping to land a mobile platform that actually sells - absolutely, but they've largely realized they've got to make stuff for what people are buying today. Problam is huge, most developers are not going to develop for Windows Phones today. Why would they? It's not worth to cost, time or energy. Seriously! I'm an IT director, I would not waste any of my budget to write a Windows Phone app today. And there's the huge problem. Microsoft's only hope is to be there for the next maybe big thing in mobile. But I think they've lost it forever, apps for the forseeable future are very important. Microsoft has made too many major blunders that killed momentum at least four times for Windows Phones. Face the music, Microsoft is finished with Windows 10 Mobile for phones except maybe for a few small commercial verticle markets. The forking/branching of Windows is yelling the truth, we Windows Phone fans, me included, really need to let reality sink in. My last hope is that Microsoft will come out with a hinged two screen phone running full Windows 10 x86 or Windows 10 ARM, as I've said for many years eventually are PC will be a small device like a smartphone that becomes our one device. That day is coming. In some ways it spells doom because we will not need nearly so many devices - but that day is coming. It's kind of hear today but it's just the beginning. Windows 10 Mobile on phones is alive but Windows based phones are dead. Enjoy it while you still can.  
  • We should be encouraging Microsoft to hurry up and kill this thing. If Windows on ARM is the future, then it's time to introduce a device and let us all move on. I can only hope that Microsoft has figured out how to put Windows on a device that can replace your phone. My only reason for keeping Windows Mobile in the family right now is the fact that I can give my kids phones that I can manage in the same place as I manage their computers since they sign-on with a common MS account. If a new device can be both a phone and their computing device, then I will stay with the platform. If not, we will be forced to switch to Android or iPhone which means I'll have to setup accounts for my kids in another eco-system that I won't be able to police the same way.
  • Like I said. It may not be dead, but it is on life support. And the AoD has his hand on the plug.
  • I don't want a small-screened "pocket PC". I want a phone with a 5.5-6" screen that has apps. I use an Android phone, right now. I don't hate it; I don't love it. It does what I need it to do. But, I really want a Windows 10 Mobile device (I want an HP Elite x3!). I left Windows Phone because I had tons of problems with Windows Phone 8, and I just couldn't get past those issues (I was even exchanging e-mails with Joe Belfiore and others who were working on Windows Phone, at the time). Plus, the lack of some apps drove me away. Release some new Windows 10 Mobile handsets, and let Android apps run on it. That's all I want. I don't care if it can replace my laptop or not (Continuum), but if it can, cool. I just want a Windows 10 Mobile device that I can use like Windows Phone 7 - post Mango update. PLEASE, Microsoft!
  • Well said. My 950xl running insider slow release builds is my daily driver but with that said I am also shopping for a new Android device. I love the Windows eco system but I also need something that works and have apps I use daily. I have other devices I really can care less about a pc in my pocket a 100% working app filled windows phone in my pocket is what I really want.
  • Don't care . As long as MFST manufactures Lumia i will buy them and when the surface phone is out will have a serious look at it
  • ?
  • I am still optimistic, the fans are devoted which is cool.  Mobile is still being developed / maintained / rslease / feature2 or whatever people calls it I am surprised the amount of development, people, money microsoft spending on it   even some still think it  should be more. 
  • What's wrong with MS offering a mobile OS that just works as it should. There doesn't have to be any competition between iOS and android, just Ad it as a viable mobile choice and show it's benefits and allow the consumers to make up their own minds. All MS has to do is give the public an OS worthy of using instead of, ........ or...........
  • Finally I can say I didn't even care. I have Android now
  • It could be the end of this line for existing mobile users. Work for a surface phone might be continuing for Surface Phone and existing handsets are not invited.
  • The ANSWER will be in 2 weeks, so be patient or we need to wait untill Build, but i believe we will get an answer this year. I don't understand why peoples are arguing about that, if you think it's dead Move on, go to Apple or Android, if you go to Android i would suggest buying a Xiaomi, lol. No seriously i STAY, i use a broken Xiaomi 3 as my phone, i don't even have 3G on it, it think it's broken, but who care, even my 11 year old nephew has an iPhone, i don't care i still waiting like a stupid guy probably, but i still waiting for the Micosoft New Device and if it won't happen i will buy a Xiaomi phone or a second hand iPhone, and keep the money to buy a Surface Book and a crazy monitor with Project Scorpio, Over, no need to argue. Live your life, you have choices, do what you want to do and stop blaming Microsoft and Mr. Nadella (not Nutella), he does a great job untill now, so leave him alone.
  • Slightly off-topic, but seems like a logical place to ask for the opinion of others... Should I buy a Lumia 950 or 950 XL now? Background: Been an "Insider" since the program started. Had a 1020, but 12 months ago purchased a 650, with the aim of trading it in for a "Surface Phone" sometime around now. The sale on the 950s have been and gone, they are no longer on the Microsoft website, but they can still be found on ebay or amazon. For the last ten years I've always had a top tier phone, but figured the 650 would be good to last for a year. It's actually a really good phone, but I would like something bigger and more powerful. I could buy the HP, but don't really want to spend a relatively sum of money, just in case the fabled unicorn surface phone does appear sometime within the next 12 months or so. So....I'm debating whether to stick with the 650 and cross my fingers that some kind of announcement comes soon...ish, or I buy a 950 / 950 XL from somewhere. If buying a 950 / 950 XL which one would you buy? (Oh, and I"m in Canada) Looking foreard to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance
  • I'm just super frustrated about how Microsoft has been handling this. They never market I never see ads they limit their own consumers and no carriers have good windows phones.. Like Verizon would probably sell a decent amount of Lumia 950s if they A) were actually available on that carrier and B) if Microsoft marketed their phones
  • I am no geek, but understand how technology works and development takes place. MS may chose whatever nomenclature it wants to merge PC and mobiles together, but the users are very clear in their mind about what is a computer and what is a phone. Creators update is primarily for the former. So no problem with different team, which is different from the redstone one, for mobiles only. Also no problem if it is only for bug fixes and performance improvement rather than adding new features.
    However, that does not satisfy anyone who wants windows 10 on their mobiles. It only means that MS is not formally killing windows on mobile. That is not the same as saying windows on mobile is alive and growing. It is not. And unless MS does something to breathe life into it SOON, it will die anyway. So it really does not matter if there is a dedicated team, integrated team or maintenance team for windows 10 mobile. The mobile OS needs a new sign of life and NOW.
  • I guess my question now is, who really cares if WinMobile becomes Windows on ARM? Does that get us any more apps? Nope. Does it set us back again to a new and unfinished version of Windows? Yep. It's been 2 years on WinMobile 10 and it's just now coming of age, so this looks to be another couple of years in setback (not to metion some of us going through the setbacks of previous windows phones). So other than someone who doesn't have a desktop or laptop already (which is basically no one), none of us are really going to want a phone to be our main computer (in emulation mode) as well, other than maybe some business types - who will still be carrying around a 2nd phone for anything else they do not strictly related to work. There are even fewer UWP apps than WinMobile apps, so this really is a huge step backwards as the rest of the mobile industry moves forward, putting anyone on WoA even farther behind than we are now.
  • The only way they can improve that situation is having an Android app store on there....
  • I personally think its on life support, and I'm not surprised its not dead yet. I was a big fan of windows phone's, from my first 1520, 640 , 950 and now my 650. But now with M.S. giving the run around and no definitive answer on the true state of Windows Mobile. I just don't see a bright light at the end of the tunnel for W.P.
  •  Here is my simple guess : W10 & W10 mobile are supposed to be One (OneCore) but are, until now, dissociated (builds are different, released separately). Developers are at work to unify them so why would they use so much energy in trying to develop 2 versions at the same time ? I suppose they're hardly working to make the PC builds running on any device (Xbox, phone, PC, etc) while they slowly continue to upgrade the mobile version, keeping it alive only until the universal W10 is ready and replace it. Then, W10 will only take the place of the W10 mobile actual version. So, no W10 mobile is not dead, it's growing in the PC builds branch 😉 
  • It's kind of sad to see you guys try to read between the lines when MS has never been less clear about the future of mobile. Let's look at it from an enthusiast point of view: there are no new devices in sight (not just flagships, just ANY devices), those that exist are not available in many markets (ugh... Idol 4s, in the past there was HTC One), the number of apps is decreasing with more and more devs abandoning their apps or pulling them altogether, the marketshare is barely there (remember the days when it was about 20% in some of the markets?) the OS received only a fraction of new PC features with the latest update And the most important of all: MS DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING about the future of W10M. We only get suppositions and mixed messages. There is no consistent strategy (with all the restarts and retrenchments) and MS has a terrible history of sudden shifts in their mobile strategy. Looking at all that you can't feel optimistic about the future of Windows Mobile. I was thinking about getting a L950 XL the other day, but seeing what they've done to my L930 I know L950 will go down with the next update (if there is any). Oh, and did I say there are no new devices we know of being released in the coming months/years/eons? I've been an avid supporter of Windows on all devices for years now, but thanks to MS's approach to the ecosystem and the fans I am thinking about jumping ship. And it's really hard to discourage someone so much to make them move to an ecosystem they hate (Android). Chapeau bas, Microsoft, chapeau bas.
  • I totally agree with you. It smells to me like the BlackBerry story...
  • As much as I don't want to agree, I too am seeing the writing on the wall. I'm gonna hang in there for while, as I do love my 650, but if that device were to fail it would be a coin flip if I would return to W10 Mobile considering the bleak future :(
  • 😱 abhaaa...comedy
  • That is logical move from MSFT. Saw it coming.
  • My feeling is mobile has been cut loose permanently to allow unfettered development of full windows. There were recent recruitments for mobile decision so maybe this was to enable its separation from core code.  Not expecting any big new features to come for my 950, but I have confidence there will be some development happening for a while yet. I have optimism for a pocket full windows device coming...even though I probably won't be able to afford it :-(
  • I love my HP Elite. I can't understand why Microsoft can't do something that matches the quality and the feel.
  • One of your sources may be right. You shold just understand how source code is managed during software development. One of popular approaches lies in creating source code branches for features or feature sets. This allows developing and testing those features in isolation. As an example, when a large product is developed, there are several teams, each working on some functionality set. Suppose, a team needs to work on some new feature set, or needs to do some architectural refactoring of existing feature set. They create a branch from the Main code base (which contains stable finished functionality). Then, they iteratively add code to that branch, and ALSO merge all recent updates from the Main branch. The latter means they DO NOT abandon all new features being added by other teams, they just isolate their unfinished and untested code from others. At some point the team decides they finished developing the functionality set, and then they pass that branch to testers (if testing is done in isolation too). After testing is complete, bugs are fixed, the code is MERGED BACK to the Main branch. In other words, the product gets converged again. After that, more testing may be done to test the product as a whole. (What I've described is just one possible workflow, there can be many variations of the process) So what I'm trying to say is that branching the Mobile part of the Windows code base doesn't necesserily mean all further changes to the  "Redstone 3" branch won't appear in the Mobile branch.This also doesn't necesserily mean that Mobile branch won't get merged back into the "Redstone 3".
  • sad if W10M going to dead.   First time I used Lumia 840 with WP8.1 I simply love it. The fluid opening screen, the UI, the text, etc. But need to change to green robot because of some apps is missing.   Still hoping W10M can raise so I can change back to W10M.
  • Lol.... Microsoft is dead
  • Just when you thought Windows Phone couldn’t get any more dead…
  • I think they will move to Qual Comm based tablets that we will be using as phones.
  • I would not be surprise if win 10 mobile code gets re-used for wearables, as a drive for basic UWP touch apps and primarily, cortana w/ microsoft bot framework intergration (and her likely to rapidly expand skill ecosystem). Devices that size are still too small for windows 10 proper, even though phones have got there. And really all such a device needs to run is some basic UWPs and cortana. Touch is way to fiddly on devices that small, so really ideally you want voice for complex wearables, or gesture, rather than touch.   If it were me, that's what I'd do. No need to waste a perfectly good OS.  Theres a wrist strap on kickstart that projects calls via the finger into your ear, that would be perfect.   
  • People keep saying in wrong and they can say it over and over, but unfortunately I'm dead on. Nutella is not a smart business man, is making major mistakes now that will get blamed on the next CEO, and has set a fire to this company. But people wanted to keep apologizing for him. Should have been fired 12 months ago at the latest, and here we are in this mess and there still isnt any whisper of him getting fired. The board is willing to ride this company into the ground in exchange fire some short term stock hikes. Ironically, they will become the tech version of Nokia, and it will be someone else buying them and selling off things like Office, Xbox, etc until nothing is left.
  • "Perhaps Microsoft is finished with Mobile as a branch, but it has what it needs of the code for other device categories." I believe this is the case. It's easy to see how powerful upcoming devices based on some of what we see today. The new upcoming smartphones will be almost as powerful as todays average pcs. Microsoft's versions will be with an entire OS. What would make me happy since the app situation is like it is if Microsoft would give a shell for Android that would give phones those live tiles that I love so much. 
  • I was always a big fan of Windows phones i pass throught all of them 6.5, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 i was always with big hopes for this system, i loved it blindly, but i gave up, i have changed to a iphone 7 plus, and i can promiss you that i´ll never come back to Windows guys, this is to blind fans like i was, guys you must check the apps of on iphone they are beatifull, everything runs smooth as silk, check it out guys, Windows is millions of ages behind millions, in everything, i still think that in the OS Windows have somethings better, my beleave me that's not a lot of thing that are better some details, its a same that Windows came to this point, it was so diferente, with a lots of good ideas, but Microsoft looks like that, good ideas, but the public dont get them and take ages really ages to start to come, so to blind fans like i was give it a try on a iphone and you will see whats you have been missing
  • Not sure why some people are excited to see this platform killed. Just because you don't recognize the potential doesn't mean its not right for other people. I want a single united computing platform that makes all my devices the same. Microsoft is on to a really good thing, but I do agree with people who observe that MS is really botching this up.
  • Android does that today. You don't have to wait years for Microsoft to maybe achieve that vision. You can buy Android tablets, laptops, phones, TVs, watches, toasters, desktops, gaming consoles, treadmills, mixed reality goggles, car stereos and all sorts of other electronics devices. Microsoft is playing catch-up and failing miserably.
  • I'm wondering whether it's because MS finds that WM, in its current form, will not be compatible with the new "PC in a pocket" that's being developed.  WM may still be viable with upgrades on Continuum for those that support it; especially when HP put out new hardware.  The most interesting part of the Elite X3 series is the 'access points' that allow it to interface with covers that will probably carry extra devices/sensors/etc. that will allow the current form of WM to become an even more flexible device, much like a tricorder.  WM in its current form may be on maintenance protocol to make room for a device with telephony, designed for business over consumers. MS knows that those with iPhones and Androids in their pocket still have MS powered devices in their homes and offices. MS has already won the war. My $.02 - YMMV.
  • I think that if you have to post articles like "Is Windows Mobile Dead?" every week then you already know the answer to that question. This reminds me of the Crackberry site as it was winding down. The few "True Believers" left who refuse to move on and admit the obvious truth. Microsoft doesn't care about their own mobile platform. They see mobile in Android and iOS terms now, as does the rest of the world. It's just silly to keep this charade going any further. Time to let go.
  • Reading into all this, and the mention of something similar to Windows RT returning in the upcoming form of Windows 10 Cloud. Perhaps Windows 10 Cloud version is what will take the place, or be the next evolution of Windows 10 Mobile. I say this only because the biggest similarity between Mobile and Windows 10 Cloud is "Store Apps Only", and it's highly likely that Windows 10 Cloud will be one of the OS branches to run on ARM Processors. So does the next Windows 10 Mobile device get announced in some distant future as "Windows 10 Cloud with CShell, in your pocket."? Just a thought...
  • It's History of MS to ditch die hard users like this No matter like Windows RT if Windows on mobile emerges in future those who one shifted to another platform will never come back. ALWAYS PEOPLE CLAIM ONE THING FROM MS " let us know " what is going on so that right decision at right time can be taken before it's too late for consumer or prosumer
  • the title itself is a virtual oxymoron.
  • Nice write up Dan, but here's the thing: without new hardware from major OEMs to run W10 Mobile, isn't it effectively dead, just from an end-user standpoint?    It may not be dead internally, if at least some resources are occasionally allocated to mobile, but without new flagship hardware, it's moot.  I'm reminded of the old philosophy thought-question about a tree falling in a forest, and if no one is around to see/hear it, does it really exist?
  • I feel we are about to do another jump. With x86 emulation and advanced continuum, only new phones will support it and MS seem to want to not to focus on its old phones. This reminds me of the jump from 8.1 to 10. Hopefully it is better than the jump from 7 to 8.
  • Sorry, It's been life support since the great hardware pipeline stall when McLaren got canned and everyone on carrier contract renewal got left out in the cold. Then all hope was lost when 950X were priced wrong and flopped. Was 100% dead at that point.
  • Seriously is it so hard to admit that Windows 10 Mobile is dead?! I saw this coming when Microsoft launched the 950 and 950XL with "Continuum" a feature that's hardly impressive to differentiate Windows Mobile from other OS. Microsoft is out of ideas on Mobile, they know nothing about it save the Nokia Devices and Services team that was acquired. Today I'm happy with my Android S7 edge and iPhone 7 plus, at least I don't have to keep praying an app developer will jump on board or worse still if the OS will be alive the following day. The earlier you realise this, the better.
  • I think MS is purposely creating a branch that is maintenance mode for the remaining supported Lumias. If a SP is to be released, it will get the on-going branch still synched with tablets, PCs, etc. As such, Redstone is the release where Lumias come to an end and the SP brand lives on as a unified brand. Sounds good to me.
  • I choose to believe this fork have one purpose, to continue W10m support while W10 core and cshell are furter developed for mobile devices. New devices, new Windows, same apps and features. This I choose to believe.
  • Look at the language; Feature2? W10M is dead? Could it be that, with the development of WOA, they are gearing up for that full W10 integration across all devices. MS have lost the mobile war, that is being slugged out by iOS (tired, same-ol) and Android (What phone and system did you say?). All reports say margins are wafer-thin in the Android space beacuse of all the Chinese phones on the market. IOS is probably holding on to its fanboy space, but when the new phone is almost the same as the previous and the OS hasn't imporved since versión 3... The idea of a new revolution in the mobile space through continum and W10 on a phone must the marketing strategy that MS is following. The world is mobile. Save the enterprise sector, PCs are losing ground to kids on small screens. I imagine most middle-aged people, ie Me, are very much pc orientated. (note to self, invest in the optician and glasses sector) Software wise, Office is king, in a similar way wordperfect was. Openoffice is just crap. A poor imitation that has lots of integration problems and the basic fact that nobody in industry uses it. If they are pursuing a w10 on all devices strategy, it will be a pc phone, and yes, W10M is dead. If they have given up on mobile altogether? Fire them all, I say! Signed: WP fanboy.    
  • Look at the language; Feature2? W10M is dead? Could it be that, with the development of WOA, they are gearing up for that full W10 integration across all devices. MS have lost the mobile war, that is being slugged out by iOS (tired, same-ol) and Android (What phone and system did you say?). All reports say margins are wafer-thin in the Android space beacuse of all the Chinese phones on the market. IOS is probably holding on to its fanboy space, but when the new phone is almost the same as the previous and the OS hasn't imporved since versión 3... The idea of a new revolution in the mobile space through continum and W10 on a phone must the marketing strategy that MS is following. The world is mobile. Save the enterprise sector, PCs are losing ground to kids on small screens. I imagine most middle-aged people, ie Me, are very much pc orientated. (note to self, invest in the optician and glasses sector) Software wise, Office is king, in a similar way wordperfect was. Openoffice is just crap. A poor imitation that has lots of integration problems and the basic fact that nobody in industry uses it. If they are pursuing a w10 on all devices strategy, it will be a pc phone, and yes, W10M is dead. If they have given up on mobile altogether? Fire them all, I say! Signed: WP fanboy.    
  • Mis was never courageously fighting in that war. Its strategy was always half-hearted. It's as if they were expecting to lose even before entering the ring. I agree, heads should roll.
  • Hey! What is the app name "eleven twenty" on the 4th pic in the article? Thanks for answer!
  • I bet they are breaking Windows 10 Mobile out so it doesn't interfere with Windows 10 development. No point in keeping them together if W10M is going to be dropped anyways. In a few months they will just claim there are issues with merging them and further W10M development will be cancelled. It gives them an easy out for W10M.
  • Is this another reboot which I see before me? These days I get to use my elite x3 very intensively. What that achieved is that I saw what a desolate state w10m is in. It really doesn't matter on what branch it is on. Maybe they want to slow down and whip it into shape without being dragged forward with desktop version. Or, MS has a new toy, w10 on arm and that should replace the w10m, which will become obsolete.
  • I'm not worried about it. I stopped that long ago. I am just enjoying the ride now. Try not to obsess over it that will hurt you. Just enjoy your phone until it is either unsupported or becomes what we all have wanted it to be. I mean, why do you have the phone in the first place? Sure we all might be masochists for using this phone, boy the in real life comments I get for using this phone, oh kill me now, lol. I am enjoying the ride of Windows on phone. If you aren't enjoying it, you might need a break. Get android or IOS for a while and set your windows phone to the side. If Windows starts to get better, it will be there waiting for ya. :)
  • Best advice on here
  • Microsoft keeps speaking with a forked tongue. Everything MS promises carries a "maybe," explicit or implied. So the future os Windows 10 Mobile is not guaranteed but in the meantime they continue to sell Windows phones on the MS Store. It seems that the company is trying to squeeeze the last cent from its loyal customers, becasue I don't see anyone switching from Android to Windows. Microsoft should speak clearly to its loyal WM customer base, or risk losing us forever. Don't they care about their reputation?
  • Our devices will be soon known as the zombies of the phone industry, dead but not really dead.
  • Have a Windows phone and love it. It is the first smartphone that I bought when I went to smartphones. From 7 - 10 and what I saw was that 10 was created around Windows phone's approach. So now that so many are bemoaning that the phone ecosystem might go away they are not looking at the bigger picture of how Windows 10 mobile is going to come about.
    I have been saying for some time now 10 is the future of computing in it's infancy. I am older and have watched all the many different shows that have come down the pike on TV and movies. Star Trek introduced us to the idea of a computer system that you did not carry in your pocket or hand but spoke to and ever since computers have been around they have been trying to make it that way. In my view 10 is the first major step by a company to reach that goal. .
    While Apple is a device company and Google started as search company Microsoft stayed pretty much in the software field. When Apple brought out the iPhone and then the iPad it started the movement towards that style system in which computers were not going to be stand alone devices but rather an ecosystem of devices that ran one system so that anything could be accomplished without the consumer having to buy software but services which MS is doing right now.
    When you look at the 3 different companies out there in the consumer business you find that MS is the one who has developed the guts of computing through Windows primarily and is still the leader in doing just that. Apple and Google could have been doing it if they had decided not fight each other so much but their shortsightedness has cost them the lead in the one area that is the future. Google is playing a game of catch up in that regards.
    It is about what powers everyone who uses any device and not the device itself. It will be something as simple as a communication device that is always on that you don't have to dial that we are headed towards. Everything you do no matter where you are will be done on that device and speech will be a major part of using it just like the computer in Star Trek. Soon there will be no market for devices but the system that runs it will be the money maker and Microsoft has seen this and are working to get it that way. The internet of things is the future but not what it is like today as we speak. You will be able to connect no matter where you are even if you don't have your device with you is coming.
  • Windows 10 Mobile may not be dead, but it is certainly starting to smell funny. 
  • Sigh...Microsoft just stringing fans along.... No new apps (yea Microsoft apps dont count), no new models, No promotions, No new compatable devices (band 3 anyone ?), Sorry Jim, she's dead. No matter how Microsoft wants to suger coat it. It's just too bad too, the best looking OS by far and with a company who seems to care in their own way but, does nothing to show the consumers they care about them.
  • It's not just the OS that hints at a lack of interest for the mobile. The basic apps still receive updates, but there is nothing really new, some apps are lacking new feature and major improvements.  The Maps app for example still doesn't have way points on mobile, turn-by-turn navigation is less than reliable, public transportation was much richer in the Nokia era . Given that MS bases it's maps on HERE (ex Nokia), it seems to me that the app development has stalled. 
  • Much ado about nothing? To me, this is an organizational change within Microsoft.  More interesting is the Microsoft push for Windows 10+ on multiple chips. Relevant to this is Intel's new chip designs, where high-performance x86 and ARM CPUs could co-exist on a single chip package. Worth discussing by Windows Central, rather than talking to the trolls about the demise of Windows Mobile?
  • We have to see one certain point. New Cloud OS allows only Store apps. This means if Microsoft pushes education based new devices hardly and make a clever marketing, soon we will see lots of UWP apps. And phone/xbox devices also use them. This is the new strategy.
  • I wonder if Feature2 will be without features, kinda like the Creators Update contained nothing creative.
  • For every fanboy saying that MS does not sell crap! How about this one, the simply pathetic behavior MS had, selling a broken beta OS to real people while lying about it being stable.
  • That video is from December 2015!
  • YOUR POINT?????  It's still what MS did!
  • The build Won't load on my 950 XL, gets an error trying to download.  Feedback has been supplied by several people already on the error and by myself. I been trying daily to get it to download, but still see the Retry and error message. I have rebooted the phone, but that doesn't get the build to download.  Something is wrong with hte coding of the build is probably causing the problem, but appears nobody is working on it.
  • I hate Nutella!
  • All the recent MS stuff is interesting... slightly unsettling, perhaps (as a happy Lumia 950XL owners, and tentative insider).  Just happened across a few bits of info I found interesting.  First (barely related) I saw an article/interview with Steve Balmer about his beta release of Among other things he said, when he wanted to really find out what a company was about, he'd go read their annual 10-K.  In the "Business" section of Microsoft's most recent 10-K, the opening paragraph is these two lines: "Microsoft is a technology company whose mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our strategy is to build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world." [emphasis added] Second thought: This sounds like a company that clearly cares about mobile computing... NOTE: that does NOT necessarily mean "Windows Mobile" in current form.  Third, I cam across a Business Insider article/interview with the Hololense leader (Alex Kipman) ( who (1) views hololense and mixed reality-type computing as eventually being the death of the modern smartphone as we know it, and (2) is enthusiastically supportive of Satya Nadella as a visionary who is product driven.  All of this, taken together (and combined with recent news from FaceBook), makes me think (1) WindowsCentral should focus more on mixed reality (if there's news to be found), (2) the death of mobile (certainly windows mobile) as we know it is likely, and (3) mixed reality poses a potentially awesome future. Caveat that, though, with the conviction that I ABSOLUTELY do not envision wanting to replace a slim, sleek device that slips into my pocket with a large bulky one that hangs out on my head :-) Really interesting to watch all of this evolve/progress. 
  • I'm bit skeptical about Microsoft's new direction. At present the two best flagship Windows 10 Mobile devices aren't made by Microsoft. They are OEM devices made by HP and Alcatel. I think they're trying to do something that they've been doing for long in the world of PC, i.e., they want to pay more attention on licensing their OS to OEMs than developing their own devices
    Even if Windows 10 Mobile survives I fear slowly Windows 10 Mobile is going to be as fragmented as Android.
    I trust Lumia devices because they're built by Microsoft, they were rugged, had superb components. But I'm not sure about these 3rd party OEM devices. HP is no doubt good but I don't have any faith on the quality of devices made by Alcatel, Funker and Lenovo (503LV). I tried a BLU Win HD LTE which was touted as the competitor to Lumia 640 LTE and Lumia 550, but truth be told I was appalled by its horrible build quality and pathetic camera.
  • Subhankar,   You do realize they destroyed the entire mobile devices team right?   NO more microsoft phones.   kaput!  done! NADA!  No more!
  • Personally, I do not trust Microsoft anymore. I don't buy their rumors, their promise, their next big thing. I love my Idol 4s but I am just hanging in there. I am learning Linux and eventually I know I will end up walking away from this company and It's empty promises.Yeah, I know Windows 10 can do a great many things. But I just need a reliable computer.
  • Why mess with linux,  get a chrome book and android phone if you just need a reliable computer.   You can do anything with chrome you can do with linux,  plus its smoother and cheaper to use.  
  • I kinda wonder if the reason why the Creators Update for Mobile was so lackluster is that they didn't have time to get everything built for it and Feature2 is their way of getting all the missing features from the mobile version into it, which would explain the "temporary deviation" theory. On the other hand, Microsoft's website lists the end-of-life support date for W10M as January 9th, 2018. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Yeah
  • Well, at least for me, it appears that Windows Mobile is now dead. I have a 950 that was giving me issues and a 650 where the Garmin App was almost always crash without opening. Therefore, I picked up a Honor 6X and, although I prefer the Windows Mobile OS, I am extremely pleased now with the speed at which the apps work on my new phone. Garmin and Facebook open instantly, as well as Firefox and other stuff.