Camera comparison: HTC Titan vs HD7

A reader has notified us of some photos uploaded that show a visible difference between the camera in the HTC HD7 (opens in new tab) and the monstrous HTC Titan (opens in new tab). The HD7 features a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash, while the Titan sports an 8 megapixel camera with F2.2 lens, dual LED flash, and BSI sensor for better low-light capturing.

You can view the original images on Flickr - Titan (opens in new tab) / HD7 (opens in new tab).

Thanks Peter for letting us know about the images!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Can you provide a link to the photo comparisons if you have it? I am getting tired of waiting on Nokia and am leaning more to HTC after using the HD7 for a couple of months. The biggest draw to a Nokia device will be the camera, but if the Titan's provides the quality I want then my choice will be much easier to make.
  • Updated the post with links to the photos.
  • Thanks. A huge difference! Nothing like the N8 from Nokia, yet again nothing is....yet.
  • I think pictures from the Titan are nice, but average for good camera phone. The N95 would take a better picture. HTC camera optics have just sucked in the past, so for them this looks a lot better. My N900 which wasn't know to have a great camera looked better.
  • I am sorry, i am getting tired of this people who keep saying the N95 makes better pictures. Are you **** or what?
  • nice!
  • My Focus is dead, and I'm deliberating over the HD7 and the Titan. I was leaning toward the HD7 since I can pick it up free at AT&T until 10/11, and money is a factor. Why oh why did you post this? ;)
  • Wow, pretty big difference. That ups the Titan on my list even more. I really wish I knew what the **** phones were going to be on Verizon so I can get something soon, I'm dying here.P.S. I love the nerd cave there with lightsabers, goblets, all the D&D books and Sting!
  • Not surprising, as the HD7 camera is pathetic, and a complete embarassment next to something like the iPhone. The white balance is completely wrong, exposure is poor. Photos are invariably dim and blue.
  • It's about damn time HTC stepped it up
  • HTC just moved up the quality chain a bit with this new camera hardware. Glad to see it truly makes a solid difference. Might not be Carl Z. level, but it's pretty damn good. Probably the 2nd best cameras on a smart phone now.
  • You're welcome, all. And I do like my nerdcave... look right and you'd see the projector and the cinema screen and the blu-ray rack plus the sofas, look left and you'll see rows of bookshelves. I am a geek and a nerd, and quite happy that way, thank you :) My wife prefers me that way, too. That's my young brother Tim, by the way, posing in his first ever online modelling job. He's much more handsome than me.I can also confirm that the Titan takes much better pictures in decent light as well, and handles moving object better. Sure, if you're waving at the camera in the kitchen you'll get some blur around your hand, but compared to most cameraphones, it's a great improvement. It's no DSLR, but then, if you expect it to be than you're being a little over-optimistic.
  • The difference between the two images looks to be due to white balance settings differences more than anything else.IMO, HTC cameras are terd cameras in comparison to Nokia. Sorry, HTC fanbois, I know you want to think they are great devices but they have always been lamo w/ the exception of GREAT form factors. Love my TP2 for that. Hopefully, Nokia brings more form factors as well, instead of just
  • If you read the text, you would have seen that the camera has a BSI sensor. So its ideal for low light.
  • The pictures aren't as good as I hoped.
  • The white balance is better with the Titan. Another observation is that the Titan took the shot at 1/25th at f2.2 with the ISO set at 625.The aperture and shutter speed didn't register on the HD7's EXIF but the ISO was 800. I'm guessing the HD7 shot this at 1/25th at f2.8.Not sure if it's the BSI or f2.2 lens but overall image quality will be better when you don't have to push the ISO so hard. Images will be sharper, less noisy (grain)and you should be able to get better prints.Definitely looks like HTC is taking a step in the right direction.