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Candy Crush Saga updated with 15 new Divine Diner levels

King keeps rolling out new updates for its popular Candy Crush Saga free-to-play puzzle game. A new version is now available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 for PC and mobile, bringing 15 more levels to the game.

King says:

"It's time for an extra sweet Candy Crush Saga update! Grab a delicious shake with Tiffi and the Baroness in Divine Diner, our newest episode! It comes filled with 15 NEW LEVELS that will satisfy your sweet tooth, for sure!"

Download Candy Crush Saga in the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Candy Crush Saga

  • Delicious..
  • MyAppFree also updated today :)
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga also updated today :)
  • And Jelly Saga ;) Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • And india saga
  • Is it possible to "transfer" levels from W10 table to WP8 w/o FB (I dont have it)?
  • Yes. You need to backup the app data to the cloud from Settings on W10M and restore the data while fresh installing WP8.1. If you're talking about W10 PC then FB is the only option acc. to me and also if you're not willing to hard reset your mobile.
  • Then I pass, my W10 is tablet, forgot to mention.
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  • Cannot update. Starts downloading and gets stuck forever. Same with soda crash which I uninstalled and try to install again but cannot. Anyone facing the same?
  • I always face this problem,just wait for the next update
  • Also happen this on my L640 XL here is the fix for that problem, First remove SD card on Data Sense (do not remove physically) then try to download the updates again when its downloading/pending do not cancel, now restart your phone after that restart your SD card will be readed again as default storage for apps/games and your pending updates will continue to download...
  • Thanks mate it worked. Had to uninstall saga too as update didn't make it. But thanks to your advice managed to reinstall them.
  • it's been three weeks since I can't download and update existing apps on my 640XL.   I'm so pissed. have read many forums about how to solve this issue. But all failed. grrrrr.... thank goodness i did not buy the 950XL. Otherwise, I might have smashed it when I was very angry.
  • Actually my Lumia 640XL doesnt even allow me to login thru FB which is like "You need to start your game from Level 1" :(   Any Help in here, sorry if its kind of unrelated to this update...
  • Log in with your email
  • But what about all the levels which I have played already in FB?
  • I also had some update for the phone app. Dont know what changed though.
  • We need farm Hero's an bubble witch saga....
  • How many levels does it have now on phone?
  • Im stuck at 600th level .
  • I am at 1288
  • girls game
  • Bullshit...