Challenge your fastball with CanKnockdown 3 for Windows Phone

CanKnockdown 3 delivers the classic carnival game where you try to knock down a series of cans by hurling a baseball at them. The Windows Phone game is a challenging physics-based game that starts you out with sixty levels of play and an additional one hundred levels available through in-app purchase.

We have been playing CanKnockdown 3 over the past few days and found the Windows Phone title to be an enjoyable and addictive game to spend a little time with. The graphics are explosive and match the fun mood of a carnival or amusement park game nicely. If you are in search for an entertaining, casual game for your Windows Phone library, CanKnockdown 3 is worth trying.

CanKnockdown 3 presents you with a series of metal cans sitting on ledges, pedestals or stacked on top of one another. You have three baseballs to throw at the cans, with the goal being to knock them all to the ground.

The main menu for CanKnockdown 3 offers you the option to jump into gameplay, access the game's settings and if you swipe up on the main menu you will be able to view your gaming stats and find links to the game's social network pages.

CanKnockdown 3

CanKnockdown 3 includes sixty gaming levels with the free version, and a $1.99 in-app purchase opens up access to an additional one hundred gaming levels — in addition to removing the game's ad support.

The levels are progressively unlocked and scattered about several chapters. To advance to a new section of gaming levels, you will have to earn a set number of stars that are earned based on your scores.

The gameplay mechanics aren't difficult to pick up, but difficult to master. The three baseballs will roll across the bottom of the screen with your cans sitting in the background. To throw a ball, just flick or swipe up at the baseball. The faster you swipe, the more power behind your throw and the direction of your swipe dictates the direction of your throw.

CanKnockdown 3

Along with the plain, unmarked cans, the game will also toss out bonus cans to help you have a fighting chance at success. For example, you have an "extra ball" can that when hit will earn you an extra throw and an "explosive" can that could blast neighboring cans down when hit.

The fewer tosses it takes to knock down all the cans, the better your score, which in turn increases the number of stars earned. You can also earn bonus points by throwing your baseball with speed and knocking down the blocks that may be holding up the cans. If you fail to knock down all the cans, you can replay the level in hopes of improving your score.

Carnival Fun from your Windows Phone

CanKnockdown 3 isn't a very complicated Windows Phone game, but that does not reflect that it is a game without challenge. Simply put, CanKnockdown 3 is a fun game for those times you need help passing the time or just have the urge to enjoy a casual gaming title.

The graphics have a nice gritty feel that's reminiscent of a street carnival or amusement park. You also realistic sound effects that range from the ball hitting a chain-linked fence to the Carney cheering you on in the background that adds to the atmosphere of the game.

It will take you a little time to get used to throwing the baseball, especially when the cans are placed on elevated ledges.To improve your aiming point you can tap-and-drag on a baseball and roll it across the lower ledge the balls roll out onto. Once you get a feel for throwing the balls, the game will get a little easier but will still have the potential for kicking your butt.

The game does support low-memory devices and the CanKnockdown 3 did run smoothly from a Lumia 550. However, I did experience some minor lags while loading the game. Nothing earth shattering, but still noticeable.

Overall CanKnockdown 3 is a fun game, well worth having in your Windows Phone library.

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