Can't afford the NVIDIA GTX 1080? The 1070 is cheaper, yet still offers insane performance

GTX 1070
GTX 1070

NVIDIA is launching not only the insane new GTX 1080 that's set to provide gamers with an immense amount of power, the company will also be rolling out the more affordable GTX 1070. This second card is cheaper and slower than the 1080, but is still better than the Titan X, so even if the GTX 1080 is out of your budget range there's a card out there for you to save up for.

Instead of $599, you'll be shelling out $379 which isn't too bad when one considers the power these new cards can pump out. Although the card itself is slower than the 180 sibling, the 1070 does have 8GB of VRAM and uses even less electricity at just 150W. It actually makes for a more capable card that isn't over-the-top for playing current-gen titles.

You can sign-up on NVIDIA's website to be notified as to when the GTX 1070 is finally made available for purchase.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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