Can't afford the NVIDIA GTX 1080? The 1070 is cheaper, yet still offers insane performance

GTX 1070
GTX 1070

NVIDIA is launching not only the insane new GTX 1080 that's set to provide gamers with an immense amount of power, the company will also be rolling out the more affordable GTX 1070. This second card is cheaper and slower than the 1080, but is still better than the Titan X, so even if the GTX 1080 is out of your budget range there's a card out there for you to save up for.

Instead of $599, you'll be shelling out $379 which isn't too bad when one considers the power these new cards can pump out. Although the card itself is slower than the 180 sibling, the 1070 does have 8GB of VRAM and uses even less electricity at just 150W. It actually makes for a more capable card that isn't over-the-top for playing current-gen titles.

You can sign-up on NVIDIA's website (opens in new tab) to be notified as to when the GTX 1070 is finally made available for purchase.

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  • This is the one I'm going to drop the money on at some point after summer. It will be a very nice upgrade from my current card and doesn't use much power at all.
  • wait for AMD, you will be suprised by the performance/price ratio just WAIT
  • I've seen this said by many people lately, and I probably will wait until then. Can't be long until AMD publish info on their new cards + prices. Still haven't got confirmed pricing for the 1070 in the UK AFAIK. Not in a rush to upgrade but happy to go with best Price to performance. Excited to see what AMD come out with
  • AMD is revealing their new cards in 2 weeks, so it's not a long wait. I'm personally going with a 1080 since it doesn't seem like AMD is targeting the high end just yet.
  • It is more likely later this year.    
  • Nvidia cards general work better than AMD. You are getting a better card when going with GeForce.
  • You're entitled to your opinion but what you said its just that. You can't just throw something anecdotal out there like it's fact.
  • Nvidias drivers are so much better then AMD's especially at a games launch.  If you like waiting for 6 months for a good working driver yea i guess go with AMD...   Intel and Nvidia all day every day :)
  • That's a myth. Even if NVidia has a launch day driver, it doesn't do jack
  • This used to be true. Nowadays their drivers are fine though.
  • There are not many DX12 games at this time or a lot announced but AMD has better performance on those than nVidia. I guess that if you plan to keep the card for 2 or 3 years, the decision might not be as easy. I hope DX12 picks up for more reasons than AMD.
  • Depends on the platform, I use a mixture of Quadro, FirePro and consumer variants of both companies and when Win 10 came out I couldn't use dual screen rigs with the Quadro because of drivers so I had to swap them over for the FirePros. RTG has taken measures in the last year to improve driver quality for their Radeon cards and bang for buck they tend to be better take for example the 390 series which offers pretty good performance for an old archtecture especially under DX 12. Yes nVidia leads under DX11, but AMD is not really a slouch either and it starts to dominate under DX12 due to the much talked about Async Compute which the 10 series from nVidia has a limited version compared to RTG's GCN arch.. To be honest there's little difference in the drivers for day to day usage especially in a commercial environment, for gaming it comes down to if it's a GamesWorx/nVidia sponsored game or not as they've a long history of playing hardball and use proprietary libraries. The 1080 card is an excellent card from nVidia, and it sets the bar for AMD to catch up to but that won't be until Vega comes out later this year. Polaris that's coming out is aimed at the mid-range and for AMD's overall goal to put VR capable cards in the hands of the masses from early speculation it'll probably land around the 1070 mark or a bit better. If it does that and undercuts it then it's a strong performer especially for where most of the sales occur.  The exception to all this waffle is Linux, and the RTG really has to step up to the plate here and improve their drivers which are bl**dy awful.
  • Haha. Not. NVidia's drivers have been a disaster for the past 2 years. Kepler users got the shaft and Maxwell users either started lagging behind equivalent paid counterparts from AMD or are simply way behind in DX12 performance
  • This is about the most ignorant comment I have read in a long time.
  • What i'm interested in is that Nvidia cpu usage is lower on rendering so less bottlenecking on older cpus
  • But the price comparatively is quite low
  • NOT REALLY TRUE THAT STATEMENT.i HAD AMD AND ATI CARD FOR THE LAST 10 -12 YEARS AND THEY WERE ALL FINE CARDS, YEH LOUD YEH HOT BUT THEY RAN GAMES WELL RARELY CRASHED WITH BAD DRIVERS AND WELL VERY RELIABLE, THERE was nothing broken about my experience with amd and ati , not with the 7-12 cards i bought lol.  Now i own a gtx 970 g1 gamer and love that card too, its super cold and silent so its a pleasue and yeh i prefer it by a mile to my amd days but that still doesnt mean nvidia worked better cause it didnt for many years.  Things always change and swap around, amd will get another day and at the stupid insane prices the 1070 mid ranged card is i wouldnt be surprised if it comes sooner rather than later.
  • That's what I'm doing. Specially since AMD said their focus isn't the high end. It should be something very competitive from performance/price PoV. Anyway, they most I would pay for a card is $350 my ideal is $250. Anything above that I feel like I'm paying a premium and since I mostly play on consoles... well.
  • Already own a GTX 970. I have no reason to upgrade to the 1070 and I don't really play video games on my computer anymore.
  • Agreed.  I used to always want the fastest card, processor, etc.  I purchased two 980gtx's, for two separate comps, last year and haven't really played games since.  I think I'm done with the whole upgrade deal.  Video games are quickly becoming irrelevant to me getting older.  I like them, no doubt, but the time isn't there anymore for these gigantic games.  Hell, the last game i played was the original Witcher about a month ago.  lol
  • A true gamer would find time!!! J/K I understand completely...however I just got back into PC gaming after Xbox exclusively for years since OG Xbox...I am enjoying it! Time is certainly a constraint...wife, child, work, and life...does get in the way of video games...
  • Same here, after years of console gaming, just got back to PC gaming recently, and playing The Division every chance I get.  However, I don't have the wife/kids aspect to deal with ;)
  • I get on kicks every couple of years, buy a card, buy a few of the games and play for a few months. My old 560 wasn't cutting it for Dirt Rally, so got a 960 for $164. That came with Rise of Tomb Raider, then I had to buy Doom 4. I'll be busy for awhile.
  • I'm going for latest Amd, it too has massive gains. Under dx12 r9 290x out paces NVidia. Even Vulcan works smoothly the test comes when doom runs Vulkan. So far 200fps on vulkan 1080 vs dx11 R9 295x2 at 150. I'm not overly impressed. I would like to see r9 295/ 290 and fury test under vulkan
  • The 295 is a dual GPU card so the fact that the 1080 matches or beats it in some cases is a pretty big deal. That said I'm waiting for AMDs announcement before I make a purchase. If they pull another "overclockers dream" (Fury X) and fail to deliver EVGA will be getting my money.
  • I wish Xbox one brought VR because i really want VR but I am not sure how to Upgrade my dell 8600 to make it ready. I am not sure the video cards would work in the machine it could just be me lol :)
  • HoloLens will be cool with the One.
  • Thats what i am hoping but it may never come to the one :(
  • Founder's Edition 1080 for me. But if they sell out before I can throw my chump change down on one then I'll wait for EVGA's GTX1080 offering.
  • EVGA makes some excellent cards and their support, I've heard, is one of the best. I personally use a 750Ti from them.
  • Yep. I've got the 780ti which still holds up pretty well.
  • My 760 is in desperate need of an Upgrayedd
  • I'm waiting for the non-reference EVGA 1080. I don't want to pay the extra $100 for the Founders Edition just so I can have the card a little earlier
  • Waiting for Linus to chain ten 1080s together.
  • I'm hoping for a 750 ti successor since I can't replace my power supply (stupid non-standard dell machine).
  • In the PC Gaming World it's smarter to go build-your-own custom rig than buying box brands. Upgrade what you want when you want.
  • "yet still offers insane performance" But... they don't offer that much over the previous gen?  This is all marketing bull that's annoying.  We've all read the reviews and, just like last gen, we're seeing an extra 10-15fps over the last card. We're being drip fed small increases and web pages go nuts for it all. Money.   It's all down to money.   P.s. Purchased a 980, this week, for £250 from ebay. Now THAT's worth the cash.
  • It's all about price/performance. The 1070 has roughly the performance of a 980Ti for $270 less.
  • From the reviews I've read the 1080 is outperforming the 980 (non Ti) by 30 to 60 percent depending on game and resolution. Remember this card is meant to replace the 980 not the 980Ti or Titan X but still beats all 3 in every benchmark. I'd say its a worthy upgrade for those still using 700 series GPUs. I'm interested to see what big Pascal and AMDs Vega will bring to the table.
  • It's been like this for years. Your never getting a good bang for your buck upgrading new every year (assuming the same performance/class level card). Every two years minimum. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • 2nd release in a row when Nvidia comes with competitive prices on their cards, at least the reference ones. This shows that the competition is working even though AMD has only 20% of PC market but it has 100% of consoles market. Fanboys will bash like raging baboons the other manufacturer but they can`t understand that we need both companies for a healthy GPU competition. What bothers me is that each time AMD has done bad in the release reviews but managed to perform very well over the years, we can still see charts with 290x or the refreshed version of 390x keeping performance up and we never hear anything about 770 / 780 / 780ti. This year both manufacturers seems to bring low power requirements on their GPUs and this is finally a breath of fresh air. No more heaters inside our PCs.
  • Nope. No compromise. Getting the 1080 then selling it and getting the Ti version when it launches later.
  • Here I am still enjoying my GTX 750Ti :D
  • Gtx 1070 has better performance than msi r9 390?
  • To be determined... I'm willing to go out on a limb and say yes though. Now will it beat Polaris 10 that is the question.
  • My GtX 550ti is only 50 bucks, but yet still makes me happy :)
  • What do you do if it's still too expensive? I'm looking for a decent gpu under £80 perhaps a high end r7 or a low end r9
  • My experience is this: if it's too expensive, take whatever you can afford and stuff it in a jar. Keep dropping in your extra dollars and cents over time, and the combination of time delivering price drops and your increasing savings will help make it happen :). And it's worth it. I just got a 970, my first "high end" card in I don't know how many years, and ZOMG it's glorious :P.
  • Thanks, that's actually pretty neat advice.
  • I want to buy a new 960 worth it,or i must wait until the summer?I mean if a new generation comes out the 960 will take some discount ,right?
  • 960 isn't worth it. 970 should be your baseline. Keep an eye on slickdeals. I got my 970 back in February for $249 brand new.
  • in my country the 960 costs (200-250€)
    and the 970 starts at(350) Posted from my NoteBook.
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. you are...
  • In the US, the 970 typically goes for $300-350, but once in awhile there are deals for around $250. I don't know how that translates elsewhere, though :(. In any case, my suggestion would be save up for a little longer, you'll be glad you did :)
  • I have 750 ti
    with skylake system
    ddr4 21333 cl14 8 GB) I didn't spend money for the gpu cause I heard the news for a new GPU genereation this summer so I wonder now.
    I cant afford to spend more than 250eand at my contry the 970 starts at 370e when a simple 960 4 gb at 235e
  • My question would be, is it better to get the 1080 or get two 1070s with SLI?  
  • My recommendation would be to go with a single card over an SLI setup because scaling and lack of SLI profiles can often hamstring you. So if you are seriously considering 2 cards vs 1 I would do a bunch of research to make sure all your games and programs will make use of the horsepower properly. Nothing worse then having and idle GPU.
  • This is exactly my question and current quandry to upgrading my 970. I will still wait until I see AMD's offerings later in the year but would be good to know if SLI 1070 is better thatn a single 1080 as the price difference is similar enough to make it worth it. Might just have to sell the wife and get two 1080's
  • Perfect upgrade from my GTX 970. Cant wait till it hits the market :P
  • I just got (and love) my 970, but even I'm tempted. Better than Titan performance for $370? Jesus. I only paid $250 brand new for my 970 though, so with any luck I should be able to break even and put that money right back toward the 1070.